Even more sensation! Aydin Coban’s victims!


There’s only a certain amount of times I can use the word ‘sensation’. I always try to share everything with my readers, so here’s the communication from the dubious Victim Number One. I’ve highlighted the bits that make me distrust it all with ** **

Dear Philip,
I had forgotten I had even posted that comment. Wow.
Yes it is true, as I am currently involved in the trial ongoing in the Netherlands. I have not sent you another message.
I wish there was a way to explain my situation without revealing my identity. I am still a minor so I do not want the public to know who I really am. I do not want what he did to me to be public knowledge. In the trial, the American victims are being referred to as a code number. D-1, D-2, etc. There are over 20 just in the U.S. alone.  ** Easy to find out – it’s here on my blog **
I recently got off the phone with my Dutch attorney, the prosecutor, and the victim services agent. Coban, as you may have known, has gotten a new lawyer and we were discussing how this will affect the trial. Mostly boring stuff, but the judge is not going to allow him to draw out the trial by changing lawyers. ** It’s reported **
I am not going to try to convince you of anything, but I will tell you my story. I contacted the police about what he did to me, and then we met with the FBI agent covering Coban’s case in the U.S. in my area. At the time they did not tell me it was him. I reported him in October-ish of 2014 and he was arrested that December. ** Dates totally wrong – Coban was in prison **
They then told me his name. After asking the FBI agency repeatedly, they sent me a photo of him. He is not a very pretty guy, but I have not seen a photo of him online ever.
I was 14 at the time he sexually abused me. ** Wrong terminology ** He did much worse to young boys as well.
I am not sure what else to say, but if you have any more questions or anything let me know.

Well, I do not doubt he did what the police said he did. They told me that when they seized his computers, they found many different programs to alter voice, etc. etc. The FBI agent also mentioned how it was hard to read the reports from his computer as he had so many different conversations going on at once. He was good at what he did, haha. ** The FBI wouldn’t say all these things **

He was a typical 4channer, but the thing that worried me the most was that I posted nude photos of myself in 2012 on 4chan as a stupid childish mistake. He contacted me with my name, mothers name, address, and other personal information in 2014. ** Wrong date again ** I wonder how he was able to get so much from me when I never mentioned anything about myself in conjunction with the photos. Just stuff to ponder, always freaks me out.
The FBI did tell me that he would pretend to be a young boy to gain young boys trust, convince them to strip naked on camera, and then use the photos to blackmail their fathers into sending him large amounts of money. ** This is funny. The person has mixed up the news reports.  The alleged blackmail technique was to say to the male victims who were adults that Aydin (pretending to be a minor boy or girl) was going to tell his own father. Think about it – pretending to be a young boy to trick young boys isn’t a thing that’s done **
Luckily, he did not ever contact my mother. He just decided to torment me.
At first he was very mean to me, ordered me around and made me do all kinds of horrible things to myself to show how I would not tell the police. I was quite terrified of him, and I did not want my mother to find out and think I was a whore (or take away my internet). So, I kept it a secret from everyone. Eventually, he became nicer and nicer to me. I tried to not think about what I did for him as bad or sexual, kind of a way to stop the hurt ya know? Some days we would do nothing but chat and have good conversations. His English is impeccable, so I did not think he was Dutch. I thought he was an American. He only would allow me to refer to him as “Master”, and did not let me know his name or see his picture. When we did skype, he did not use mic or camera. Only I did. I think I might have developed a mild case of Stockholm Syndrome, just to try to justify what he made me do in my head. ** A rather complicated way to explain why his face was never seen **
When he started we would talk every day, but by the end of it he would only message me for sex about once a week. He always promised me that he would eventually just leave me alone and I would be able to live my life in peace. Now that day has come. I sometimes wish that he was being tried in a country that had the death penalty for child predators. After everything that happened to me and so many other innocent boys and girls I want to see him suffer.
When I did go to the police and they had all of my accounts, they said they may try to pretend to be me and talk to him or something of that manner. They promised me nothing bad would happen, but he retaliated. ** In 2014, while he was in prison ** One of my biggest regrets was keeping my Tumblr. I did not think he had access to it, but when I made a new email account and attached it to Tumblr, I got and email from him that just said something along the lines of “Found you” for the subject and “Boo!” for the email itself. Scared me shitless, I cried so hard that day. That was in October I believe? Not sure really, I try and block everything about it out as much as possible.
It’s one of the main reasons I don’t have social media.
Now I look back and have no doubt that he is a monster. I do not doubt he was Amanda Todd’s bully, as he used many of the same names with her as he did to some of her other victims. Facebook also reported him as well, LOL.
Sorry for such a long post, as I started typing I just could not stop. I feel like I am venting on you.
I feel like the dates might have been wrong ** oops! ** as there is a long delay sometimes between info from the Dutch police to the FBI to the victim. Everything takes forever!!
So – make up your mind. Hoaxer? Victim?
For me, the dates are wrong right away (Aydin was in prison in 2014). Plus I doubt that the cops would say that much about what was found.  And so many of these kids are barely literate that writing in sentences and using punctuation always makes me suspicious.
Why do people bother with this shit? The Todd lunatics might fall for it, but not me.
I am getting another person writing. That one seems much more viable.


2 thoughts on “Even more sensation! Aydin Coban’s victims!

  1. i dont know. im really confused.

    the blackmail scheme makes no sense as the second the parents are alerted, the scheme is dead

    posted nude pics on 4chan by accident?

    this could be a victim who is very confused and not self aware, or someone just pulling your chain

    i dont know

    • Posting noodz anywhere is foolish – posting them directly to 4Chan is insanity. This is someone looking to get on the bandwagon, I think. There are a bunch of people who go round attaching themselves to stories – the best example being Tara Murphy and her kid Kenzie.

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