Aydin Coban Victim Number One – Julia


Well, what do we have here?

This – allegedly – is one of Aydin Coban’s victims. This isn’t just pulled out of a hat – she’s on the victim list currently being used in Holland. Quite an early date of December 2011. Note that I think it is appalling that the cops allow this to be publicised – next time I’ll release the girl’s name, you idiots. So much for confidentiality. I had to obscure information that would identify her.

Do we notice anything? It’s aimed at a school in Old Tappan, New Jersey. The twitter location says OldTappan but that, I think, is meaningless.

She appears in the court proceedings in Holland. Blimey – is there nothing I don’t know?

** Note: I originally thought she was actually appearing at the court **

The thing in common is that many of Aydin’s names had c4 at the end – zackc4, tylerc4, marcc4. Trouble is, this style of blackmail is quite common.

We have a slight problem. Pay attention. Nothing is cut and dried. Facebook cannot directly link one identity to everything. There was a phone number linked to a suspect account that was from Aydin’s area. In another instance, they read the EXIF data from a picture sent to one of the victims that originated in the Dutch time zone.

However, with these corresponding pictures.




Meanwhile, k000dy doesn’t appear on the Aydin identity list, but k0dddy does, and tylersike123 is right at the top of the list.

Is this three examples of the same person – marc, tyler, and zack? It all points to someone being very active around late 2011, early 2012.

Good grief, I might have to revise my Aydin Coban story all over again.

Don’t say I don’t share my information!

More information may follow as I go through the list of victims to see what I can find.



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