Confusion reigns


I’m really stymied by the plethora of information that there is around Aydin Coban.

Usually, I can at least make some sense of the entire procedure, but the volume of accusations being thrown at Aydin Coban is too huge and contradictory.

There’s the initial announcement from Amanda that supports one theory.


And then there’s the RCMP email that implies ‘new material’.

full rcmp

But there’s even more confusion. The Facebook accusations include at least two odd names.


Good grief. Kody Maxson. Where did that name come from? Are you seriously telling me that some guy in Holland would randomly choose that name?

But then the Alice Mcalister identity is even more confusing, because it was this identity about which Carol Todd wrote:

‘I also wish that I had continued the conversation with ‘Alice McAlister’ instead of ‘ignoring and not responding’.

It was Alice Mcalister who sent the messages warning Carol Todd to keep Amanda safe. Can it really be true that Aydin was simultaneously blackmailing and giving out warnings?

The list of fake Facebook profiles is enormous – simply enormous. If Aydin Coban was all these people, then the amount of work he put in must have taken up every minute of his life.

And that’s what makes it so incredible. The sheer scale of the connections to Aydin is mind-boggling.

The Facebook accusations mention that their suspect was active on Stickam, Omegle and BlogTV. There’s a huge temptation to think about our old friend r0ra who appears to be still in Ulft.

‘Identity: Oscar Haro Oolders

Online Usernames: izq – Izquierda – r0 – r0r44 – rora-anon

    Location: Wethouder Van Akenstraat 14 – Ulft – The Netherlands
    Age: 36
    Birthday: 22-05-1979
    What do we know about izq?
         Izq is ‘friends’ with Rose (= Jordan) & Sebby, probably Bebe (= loveu) too.
         Izq OWNS Peyton.
         Peyton is – probably – under surveilliance by the police (atleast we hope so).
            Still this is doubtfull, since she continues to give naked shows to pedophiles (including Izq   ofcourse).
         Peyton & izq say to be in a long distance relationship with eachother.
         Izq doesn’t mention anything about blackmail, neither does Peyton.
         Peyton dislikes izq, and wants to slap him in the face, so she said.
         Izq is active on, /RoundTable , and his own private rooms on tinychat and chateen
         He is also accused of recording a twelve year old girl who killed herself,
            so some anon’s on anonib and other chan’s would think he is a murderer as well.
         Izq is known for having recordings of really young girls and boys(kids) so young they don’t even have pubic hair
         Izq loves talking about himself thrives on attention and thinks hes god
           the pipe coming out of his garage is from his so called pizza oven
           he’s 16 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year online so it’s highly unlikely he has a job

This pedophile has been recording and abusing kids sexually for more than 10 years now (and still doing it)’.

So where’s my head at?

I’ve dealt with Facebook, and they didn’t seem that clever. All of my Facebook accounts were wiped out due to the barrage of complaints for writing the same things I write here, yet they were clueless – asking me to tell them what accounts I actually had.

The Facebook dossier has correctly identified Julia in Old Tappan (btw the cops would be in BIG trouble if I released her name which they have leaked, as the papers are labelled ‘Highly Confidential’ ffs), someone in Kentucky (the cops might even be in trouble for releasing enough information to trace her, too), the Norwegian girl in Kongsberg, and possibly someone in Florida. There are direct links from that dossier to them in real life. What is confusing is that one account on twitter (Juliaxxxxx) managed to get picked up by Facebook, as did Skype and MSN accounts.

How the Hell did one twitter account with one tweet register on the list?


The Facebook dossier has extracts from Amanda’s Facebook statuses (her 1133266618 Facebook id) from late 2011 – they really seem to have covered everything. The RCMP would have seen all of this, but they must have followed a prevention routine rather than trying to trace identities.

Taking all the Facebook security information to be accurate and true, it could well be that Aydin Coban was a multi-headed hydra operating out of Holland, but the Kody Maxson and Alice Mcalister identities cast doubts. It might be that Facebook have picked up every instance of blackmail/predator type remarks and piled them into the one report.

Oh well. We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Confusion reigns

  1. Philip. I am a fan of your work. Thank you. Don’t be discouraged, yet. I have information regarding this you should hear. Contact me.

  2. How old is the info on Peyton, r0ra, etc? We already know the police were in contact with the Ramsey family early in 2011 but she’s all grown up now and an online adult entertainer. The last I heard of r0ra and Sebby back around 2013 was that they’d had a falling out and couldn’t stand each other, or something to that effect. I was under the impression that Bebe was the admin for chateen and similar predecessor sites, but this is unconfirmed.

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