Aydin Coban and the Facebook Detectives


Good Lord, this story is confusing.

Is anybody paying any attention? Well, I don’t know. I’m trying to get in touch with Julia (Victim One as mentioned a couple of posts ago). I left slightly too much information in my first posts, so chances are she might well have been contacted already. Will anyone care? I get the impression that Julia (like so many others) has moved on. Most of these people loved the attention at the time, and will love it even more, especially that being a Victim is today’s in thing.

The Facebook dossier (upon which the entire Coban court case is founded) gets worse and worse, and trying to make head or tail from it is a pain.

Let’s try to explain.

Firstly, they’ve taken Amanda’s status update as Gospel. Yes, seriously. As you can see from Amanda’s recollection of the story, she got a message aged 11, placing (according to the dumbass Facebook cretins) Aydin’s first online existence as anywhere between November 2007 and November 2008.

It’s so preposterous that I will repeat it: Facebook, on Amanda’s word, say Aydin was around in 2007/8.

We know that Amanda wasn’t 11 years old, ffs. Let’s get this into perspective. Amanda says she was approached when she was 11 years old and forced to flash. In 2007/2008. In late 2010 (two or three years later) she flashes in a BlogTV chatroom. So from threat to flash would be almost three years. Good grief – one day they will interview Bianca (her partner in crime) and we’ll know for sure what happened.

So the Facebook cretins are wrong there.

But wait…..there’s even more bonkersness.

Facebook haven’t forensically linked Aydin Coban to Alice Mcalister and Austin Collins, or even Tyler Boo – they have taken Amanda’s word for it. Jesus, it’s so stupid that it makes me angry. Facebook have even admitted that the Tyler Boo conversations were ‘in the style of’ Aydin Coban – not that they actually originated from him. It’s all such a joke.

OK. More explanations:

Tyler Boo arrived on the scene. He said something like ‘Remember me, I got your door kicked in’ and so on – information gleaned from the extremely efficient Amanda gossip grapevine. So, of course, Amanda makes the link to all contacts in the past and of course, Facebook make the same assumption.

I’ll be back to expand on all this garbage.

Meanwhile, I’ll chase a few things up. I suspect that if I mention a few names to certain people, thing will get exciting.


3 thoughts on “Aydin Coban and the Facebook Detectives

    • is that your new blog? going by this “style” theory, they could charge aydn with a number of blackmail capers, as they all pretty much use the same style

      if they cant connect the postings/messages to his ip…he didnt do it

      • It’s time to get in some stocks of popcorn and wait for the trial to start. I’ll stick with my theory that Aydin Coban is guilty of something. As the Amanda Todd hooha is not going to be in the court case, and they’ve apparently dropped most of the international charges, it will come down to a few cases of online nonsense and if it appear that he was trying it on after things happened online (hence all the charges of manufacturing have gone). Then it just comes down to sentencing.

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