Coban, Coban, stole a pig and away he ran


Latest news:

I wish this court case would get a move on.

According to OmroepBrabant (who are milking this story for all its worth) the keylogger information is being questioned yet again.

Peculiarly, it looks as if activity recorded on Coban’s computer by the police has remained confidential to them, so Coban’s lawyer has asked about how any defence can be built against unknown evidence.

Clutching at straws a bit, the lawyer is still trying to claim that keylogger information is illegal, but that won’t stand, I think.

I thought that a keylogger recorded every keystroke, but maybe I’m wrong, as it says that screenshots were captured after mouse clicks, which might make sense.

Whatever happens, this all makes Coban’s trial look somewhat different. The keylogger was placed on Coban’s computer in late 2013. (Oddly, they had to place another one later on as the first one failed, possibly due to detection by a security feature). Therefore, it looks like any credible evidence must be after late 2013. Also, I’m guessing that if the keylogger found nothing they would not have proceeded, so there must be something to condemn him.

They’ve dropped international charges, and they’ve dropped kiddy porn charges, so we’re back to Coban being a bog standard blackmailer, rather than a groomer.

I have to apologise to some readers. To be honest, I lost real interest in all this months ago so I haven’t paid attention to what was going on. I was hoping that the Coban trial would be done and dusted by now.

I’m hoping that Julia will get in touch so I can clarify some points. She’s the only person who can be genuinely traced through the system. I’ve done a bit of research and she’s not overly shy – the type who would have been annoyed to get blackmail rather than frightened by it.

Maybe more news will come in today.

2 thoughts on “Coban, Coban, stole a pig and away he ran

  1. im still confused

    unless the person doing the blackmail was just blowing smoke, he was using a linux emulator and therefore, no keylogger or tracking program installed on his windows computer would have worked

    im currently interested in the case, because im kind of enjoying watching this keystone cops investigation and prosecution

    most of the major charges have been dropped

    his defense has not been provided with the evidence against him?

    great system the dutch have

    • Haha! Everyone’s confused. I have so many theories going on, but I just can’t make any of them stand up to testing. It flummoxed me that the ONLY connection from Tyler Boo to Austin Collins to Alice Mcalister was because Amanda thought they were all the same person, and that Julia Batterman was linked as well. I have a sneaking suspicion that the reports are written by someone who thinks that are a proper detective, but who has got it all wrong. It reminds me of the Anonymous approach – issue so much garbage information in the hope that some of it might be correct.
      I reckon the ‘making child porn’ has been dropped because it wasn’t him making it, and there’s no proof (of course) that he made the people do it. Probably the same applies to distribution.
      The keylogger must have found something.I’m guessing that they wouldn’t have gone ahead with the prosecution if they hadn’t got something as proper evidence, but it could be along the lines of ‘you watched porn,so you must be guilty of everything we say’.
      It’s VERY weird that the story seems to imply that the cops entered Coban’s home. Didn’t anyone notice?
      Anyways – not long now and then we’ll maybe know a bit more.

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