Julia Batterman – Aydin Coban’s secretive victim

Note: I have contacted the Batterman family and they have not responded. I decided to leave her name here because it shows just how stupid/dangerous the media is to allow information to be made public about the victims. If I hadn’t left a name here, people would have thought that I was making it all up. I think that idiots will think that in some way I knew about Julia and didn’t in fact see confidential information, but that that’s just the usual nonsense. If Julia or her family want this taken down, then I will.


The powers that be – God bless ’em – have publicised the names of Aydin’s victims. Roos, Clara, Chantal, Kaitlyn, Shannon, Kelsey….they are all out there in the public domain!

I find this sort of publicity mindless and crass, as it leaves the victims open to a certain amount of attention from me, and it allows the possible re-living of nightmares and trauma. I think it’s a disgrace. Unfortunately, there will be the usual people who doubt that any of the victims will have been exposed by the authorities. After all, the papers were marked ‘Confidential’ and meant for attorneys and police only. Therefore, as usual, I am forced to go into a bit more detail.

Julia Batterman.

According to the confidential information, Julia Batterman was performing on various sites….well, we know this type of story off by heart by now.

She was known as xjewelsxx.

According to the information supplied, Aydin Coban (using another identity) got in touch with her on multiple occasions including this example that I first showed in edited form.


Julia Batterman is now known as julesallegra, Jules B Allegra, julesallegraxox and has her own website http://www.freaksandfreeks.com/ whilst she is studying.

She will not be appearing in the Dutch court case, but will feature if Aydin is extradited. She currently refuses to comment on her involvement with Aydin.

And in case any readers think I am making this up, pause a while to think. Yet again, I’ve supplied information that no other person has found. Yet again, it can quite easily be verified by getting in touch with Julia or any of her family, or by asking the authorities in Holland and the USA. If I were Julia or her parents, I would sue for betrayal of privacy.

I suspect that Carol Todd is already in touch with Julia, as they kind of have common interests. If not, then I suspect that Mrs Todd will rush to tell her not to talk to me. We’ll see.




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