Aydin Coban is Miranda.Todd.39

In May of 2011, Amanda had to quickly get offline.

Hey, follow back:( its amanda you followed me before i had to delete my twitter from a stalker trying to kill me , please:(

(For now, we won’t discuss why Amanda races back to be online).

It’s taken me one Hell of a long time, but I finally know why. In May of 2011 Amanda got this Facebook profile made about her (Miranda.Todd.39).



I think it’s her old BlogTV display from December 2010. In fact, I’m almost sure it is. About two seconds before she lifts her top. I feel quite sorry for her – to be haunted by all this for so long must have been terrible considering (as far as we know) she did so little in comparison with others.

I can’t think why I’ve left this out of the story for so long. And there’s probably much more.

By the way – Miranda.Todd.39 is meant to be….yes you’ve guessed it – Aydin Coban!

2 thoughts on “Aydin Coban is Miranda.Todd.39

    • Jesus fucking H Christ! Not sure what’s going on, but the Miranda Todd Facebook profile seems to have disappeared.
      Either someone has set it to private, it’s been deleted, or it’s been reported to Facebook who have deleted it.

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