Aydin Coban – is there no end to his criminality?

Crikey, this Aydin Coban story is peculiar.

Aydin charges

This is his charge sheet, and I was confused by ‘oplichtingen woningen’ and ‘valsheid’. This means basically ‘housing scams’ and ‘forgery’. And ‘verdovende middelen’ too. Of the 39 victims, 34 are minors (girls) and 5 are adult males.

God knows what the scams and forgery are all about, but I guess we’ll know soon. And as an added bonus, some guy called Henry – another victim – will be interviewed on TV tomorrow night.

Still very confusing. The poor translation of part of the text says:

Next Friday will go to 34 other minor women and five adult men who would have been victimized. It involves people from the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Australia, Norway, Canada and the US Aydin C. is suspected to have tempted to do sexual acts women for the camera’.

This doesn’t match reports that say the international charges were dropped, and if it does involve someone from Canada then the Canadian Press have been extremely quiet about it. I have to put this down to even more bad reporting, because surely this would have been reported elsewhere in each of the countries?

Even more odd is that not many of the victims are minors any more – most are over-18 if we are to believe that the list goes back as far as 2011 (Julia Batterman is a verifiable 21 year old).

Good grief, I’m back to guessing again. Will we even know who actually appears in court, or will they all just be anonymous? If that’s the case, then reporters can go mad and tell the public any old toot.

The TV show should be interesting (can’t wait to see Henry) but the big show kicks off on Friday.

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