Kody1206 is Kody Maxson is Aydin Coban



So….Kody Maxson is Aydin Coban? Things truly have gone full circle.

The top screen is yet more Aydin Coban info on Dutch TV. Note: kody1206@live.com

Who is Kody1206? Come along, pay attention.

Well – he could be https://twitter.com/kody1206

But he’s much more famous than that.

He’s here:


he’s there:


he’s everywhere:



He gets picked up at http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/tracing-kody-maxson-the-online-blackmailer-alleged-to-have-tormented-amanda-todd

And he fills the comments on Carol’s blog:


And blimey

“Peyton: no one else has gotten this much attention by doing so little, her drama with Kody1206 has become the talk of BlogTV, the cam site of the year”. It goes on to say that Kody1206 is “famous for his blackmail of Peyton, streaming her videos on BlogTV and TinyChat and threatening her in public.”

This is so crazy.

Al least we know now that marc4 is Marc Cameron.

Now for a very funny coincidence – is this me? (Brightonsbest).


I leave you with this for now.


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