The day before the big day

Who does have all the facts? If only all the facts had been shown right from the start, all the palaver would have been avoided.

Gosh, it’s all getting a bit peculiar. I wrote a draft this morning that said ‘The Aydin Coban trial starts on Friday, April 29th. That is unless some new twist happens, which I doubt’. So….off to the movies to see ‘Eye in the Sky’ and by the time I get back Aydin’s lawyer has dropped out. What the Hell happens next is anyone’s guess.

Aydin seems to be accused of a lot – passport forgery, rent scams, blackmail, drugs. You name it, Coban is involved. Or not. Who knows?

With all the Press misinformation and embellishments, it makes it hard to know what is really going on. When the Court speaks of victims, does that mean just victims of rent scams, or the whole lot? It seems odd to mix all the charges into one case.

I don’t know if it’s trial by jury. That would make it an entirely different scenario. I’ll wait and see.

Originally, I thought Friday would be boring, with just an announcement of all the list of charges with anything interesting being left for next week. But now that the lawyer has quit, then what?

Anyways. Slightly strange. The Miranda.Todd.39 Facebook entry has disappeared. So we’ll try the same trick with this one:


IWill Sendit is…….Aydin!! It’s getting rather boring now that everyone’s Aydin. btw – it’s a boring, empty profile used only to send Facebook messages, so don’t get excited.

Or let’s try this one.


Dylan Polo is…….yawn……Aydin. From August 2012 this time. Another empty profile.

News just in: Facebook is entirely Aydin Coban. lol.

4 thoughts on “The day before the big day

  1. i dont understand the dutch judicial system. i believe that he has been in jail for 2 years on charges…but those charges wont be made public till his first day in court?

    and im sure his atty stepped down because the government is making it impossible for aydn to mount a proper defense

    even if he is what they say he is….this is loony toons

    • I should read the book, but I can’t be bothered. The foreword is written by Jerry Langton, who actually got in touch with me back in 2014 – ‘Philip, I might be writing an Amanda Todd book. In the research stages now. I’d love to talk.’
      Nothing came of it.

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