Aydin Coban – boring latest news

Going by all the accusations, it wouldn’t surprise me if Aydin Coban is the guy on the right.

Today turned out to be very boring. The dumbass Dutch are still messing about, and the court case has been adjourned until 13:30 on Monday (which is a holiday in the UK).

If I can stop being lazy, maybe I’ll put together the contradictory Press reports that still have Amanda being tricked to flash for one person, that still get the number of victims mixed up and so on.

I’m permanently perpetually perplexed by the omission of this picture:


I think this must have been the very first appearance for Aydin Coban, simply because Amanda is so young. But we never, ever see this picture anywhere, even though every other picture of Amanda is quite luridly displayed in the usual mock-shock TV way. Oddly enough, this picture is supplied by someone called Dylan (Dylan Polo, perhaps?). The girl on the right is Bianca Nitoi, another hapless victim of Aydin’s cruel criminality. Or not.

I watched a TV documentary that featured Chris Fear. He’s worth checking out. I hate all forms of vigilante-type activity, but blimey, he gets the job done.

I’m still getting nowhere fast in my research. Marc Burrows, Dylan Polo, Marc Cameron….all there but with no information. Alice McAllister has disappeared, as has Austin Collins (or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough). The Austin Collins character picked the names of a family – Shae Collins, Katie Collins and Austin.

Even weirder. The aliases include ‘brightonsbest1’ and ‘bestfamilyinbrighton’. I live in Brighton.

I wish I knew Dutch. All I know is that it looks like some guy called Henry was conned in a rent scam. I’m guessing that he gave a deposit to someone (allegedly Coban) only to find the address didn’t exist.

OK. Now for some more speculation. The Press originally said that Christian van Dijk had been fired by Coban because he didn’t want a ‘poppetje’, then it implied that there was some breach of trust. I’m not sure if C. van Dijk was making too much use of the Amanda Todd infamy.

Malewicz took over, but protested he didn’t have enough time, and the Press have also implied that it’s also a sort of protest against government cuts in courts.

Maybe both lawyers realise that they will definitely lose.

Whatever. It looks like Monday will see the choice made – whether to go without a lawyer, or postpone the court case even longer. And don’t forget – if it’s anything like English courts, there’s bound to be an appeal if it all goes wrong.

I’m still confused by the fact that if it truly involves people from the UK, USA, Outer Mongolia and Planet Mongo, why has no other country reported it at all? You would have thought that if there were 20 victims from the USA, someone would have picked it up in the news there? That’s why I’m thinking that all the victims must be Dutch. Trouble is, if each victim remains anonymous, the Press can say what they like. We’ll have to wait.

Have a good weekend.

14 thoughts on “Aydin Coban – boring latest news

    • Hmmm….I’m still wondering if it’s just going to be some sort of lynch party. It’s an enormous amount of evidence they’re looking at, and surely it’s like 39 different cases he’s got to be found guilty of.
      Carol first praised the Bill (because people did) then changed her mind (when she realised that people were against it). She’s good at saying what people want to hear at the time.

  1. sorry for making a 3rd post, but…..if you want to know how backward and fucked up canada is, google “richardson family murders”

    remember….young teenage girls only “make mistakes” and arent responsible for acts they commit

    unless a 23 year old goth is fucking them

      • its worse than crazy, it points out the hypocrisy of both the justice system and the public
        oh, and her name is jasmine. canada and its stupid gag rules dont stop the internets

        jasmine was being fucked by a predator. her stupid ass parents didnt immediately turn him in. why? i dont know. guess they were clueless about what their daughter was into and the laws of child molestation. sure, she may have come up with the plan, but she most likely wouldnt have carried it out, without the scumbag being there.

        the public screamed for her head

        yes, she committed a horrible crime…but it wasnt a mistake…because they used emails where it looks like she came up with the idea (never mind that she was being banged by a guy who claimed that he was a 300 year old werewolf and she bought it…cuz that doesnt show magical thinking…does it )

        and yet, in the todd case, amanda helped to create child pornography…knowingly and wittingly….but she made a mistake or was coerced or whatever

        im sorry, but if people are going to insist that child pornographers are as bad as murderers….be fucking consistent

        im mad because thanks to asinine shows like “to catch a predator” and the online aholes that go out of their way to entrap morons with chats and then publish the edited chats so one never sees the entrapment, but you do get to see the guy on the other side, have given many parents a false sense of security…hey, i dont let my daughter go into chat rooms

        ya, thats how that 13 year old cancer survivor was lured out of her home by a sociopathic college student and murdered….cuz the parents didnt even know of the existence of the chat app she was using. and because she was being bullied in real life (fucking aholes) she craved whatever attention she could get.

        just like parents dont know that right now there is an app that their kids use on their phone that predatory pedophiles know all about and are using to do what they do.

        and when the fbi and interpol figure that one out…there will always be another…never mind that they still cant seem to shut down the sites that have thousands of vids of underage girls and boys

        (btw, im using pedophile as a general term)

        im pissed that the social justice warriors have turned amanda into a saint (despite the many times they insist they dont….cuz children make mistakes) and have embraces carol for her brave stance….and yet all keep pointing to online predators as the problem, when the problem is right in the home and in the seats of power, where politicians keep making knee jerk laws that do not actually protect children

        and it doesnt help when today’s feminists run around screaming rape culture and making everyone believe that almost every male that walks the planet is a potential predator

      • Hush…don’t mention feminists. They are a BIG problem because they close down all rational debate. But then the MRAs are just as bad.
        As I’ve said, and you also say, the problem includes everyone – predators, parents, teachers, the girls themselves, media and so on – but concentrating solely on the Big Bad Wolf version is what they want.
        Don’t get angry, though. Like you say, get rid of one chatroom and another takes its place; try warning parents and they are too idiotic to do anything; try warning the girls and they are too dumb too realise. But bear in mind – these cases like Amanda’s are extremely rare. That’s why she remains so central to the stories.

  2. Fascinating Blog, Sir. Thorough and well researched. I’ve been on it for two days now (few hours each day, not 48 straight hours….lol)
    And I must say one theory keeps popping up in my mind. I am starting to really wonder if maybe this girl pulled an “Andy Kaufman” and is really still alive. Many odd behaviors from family and friends. The way the mother keeps saying “RIght?” to the interviewer on 5th Estate whenever he makes a leading statement. The way the other girl in the interview with Shyla keeps her eyes locked on her whenever she make her very vague statements and then always says “Right.” IDK maybe it’s just me but the Mom seems almost too laid back whereas the Dad seems truly emotional but I digress. I absolutely believe the CBC are suppressing the fact that AT was hyper sexualizing online in front of nearly 200 people and not once but MANY times. I know they are trying to avoid the embarrassment of looking like Good Morning America when they put Jessica Slaughter on their show only to be shown later that that girl needs serious help and created her haters so she could play the victim while stalking the BOTDF singer at the ripe age of 12…..
    Anyway, without rambling on and on in this comment I will say I am enjoying your Blog and will continue to read and comment. I think you should definitely keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for commenting. I’m guessing you might be reading the blog as it appears, which is in reverse chronology. At the beginning I did theorise that it was all fake for the same type of reasons that you have noticed. The mother is way too calm. But then Norm seems to be the opposite.
      In the Shylah and Tess interview, I think they know that they are part of the story and are afraid that one or the other will give the game away, e.g. they both knew exactly what Amanda was up to. Still never a mention of Bianca Nitoi, but I guess that day will come (just in case you don’t know, Shylah, Tess and Bianca were best buddies and Bianca was in Amanda’s earliest cam performance).
      If you are reading the blog from the top, I apologise in advance for all the filler posts that I put in just out of boredom!

      • Well actually I did start in reverse, but I got so swept up in your research that I quickly scrolled to the first one and then went in order. So yeah maybe it is from having seen that one first or early but that’s also why I made the comment. I keep mentally coming back to that with everything that follows. You mentioned how they never show the picture of her and Bianca standing there flashing, and how little time gets spent by ALL these media outlets on just how often AT would go online and flash and do sexual things. IDK I am, like I said, new to this thing but very glad I found your blog this early. I was initially watching the CBC junk pieces and even before I came here I was mystified by how calm Carol seems to act and how suspicious those girls act (definitely like they got are afraid of getting caught at SOMETHING….)
        Later last evening I found the suicide note AT allegedly wrote indicating that her mother is an alcoholic and her father a “druggie”..I notice how that line appears to have been added later (on the line between two other lines.) and more and more I wonder why after all this time the mother or father can’t just be seen on TV admitting to their failures as a parent. I mean watch the Megan meir parents. They can’t get through a single paragraph without breaking down. But Carol has not once shed more than a customary tear here and there. ….just fishy man. Really seems to be more than just two parents embarrassed about their failures. They never say how they found her dead, how she died, what it’s like for a parent to bury a child, all the things a sincerely grieving parent says…funny enough at least Jessica Slaughters old man made a complete ass out of himself with the whole “consequences will never be the same” line…Amber’s dad hasn’t ONE TIME said “I’m gonna find this guy and kill him myself” or anything like that as far as I have seen so far. And I noticed Miss Bianca seems to be a model now or something….that’s nice and ironic I guess…
        anyway thanks for responding Mr. Rose! I will keep up and keep researching this myself and commenting!

      • I wouldn’t necessarily trust the suicide note – there’s too much fake stuff out there. The AT case is incredibly complex, because you can believe the parents were idiots, or that Amanda was very clever, or a bit of both. I tend to switch from ‘Amanda was beyond help’ to ‘It’s all the parents’s fault’.
        Carol’s non-grief is extraordinary. She could have been in shock, she could be dosed up on happy pills, but eventually it’s almost impossible to find excuses. For me, the oddest thing was that Carol described herself as the equivalent of a mother of a rockstar. My best guess is that Amanda was such a burden that the suicide came as a relief. She would have absorbed a huge amount of emotional outlay at the expense of everyone else. Meanwhile, Carol really has basked in any limelight she can find.
        Norm seems about the only genuine part of this story.
        There is some slight reference to a funeral. It looks like only close people went (around October 27th I think). The only problem is that I have a feeling it might not have been in a church, which is odd. Considering the details that everyone has about Amanda, the cremation history is non-existent.

  3. I think he may have gone by the name Ricky Miller also.
    That was on Facebook the account has been long deleted prob back in 2011.

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