Aydin Coban, Amanda Todd – who’s the bigger villain?

More weird shit off YouTube.

So what’s the topic for today? ‘Was Amanda Todd a clever liar or just off her rocker?’. Discuss. Or ‘How much of the Amanda Todd story is true?’.

It really would have helped if somebody could at least have tried to tell the truth right from the start. Now, we have a story that has become so complex that any vestige of reality left the room ages ago.

Is it possible to describe what has happened without writing 700 pages of explanatory text? I can have a go.

From what we can deduce, Amanda Todd was pretty much crazy. Words like ‘learning difficulties’ have been used. People don’t like to admit that kids can be psychotic, manipulative, deceitful, so maybe I’ll just use the word ‘disturbed’.

So..Amanda Todd – a disturbed child – goes online at any date from 2007 onwards. She becomes addicted to the attention. She’s not – as far as we know – very nice online, building up quite a lot of enmity from the start. Arrogance is probably a good word to throw in here.

At some point, she starts flashing and this is where the whole mess kicks off. She says it was when she was 11 years old (2007-2008). Her video says she was in 7th Grade (2008-2009). All the known evidence points to dates much closer to late 2009 (her 13th birthday, when she could have joined BlogTV Juniors) and the real events are much closer to December 2010, when the cops arrive.

From December 2010 there are ups and downs that don’t fit together well.

The cops arrive on December 24th, 2010, and major ructions occur. Except not for Amanda, who shrugs her shoulders and calls it all ‘No Big Deal’. She supposedly refers to blackmail at this point, but again we face discrepancies. Three weeks later, terrified and blackmailed Amanda is on UStream broadcasting to all and sundry again and complaining that there are moderators.

From December 2010 onwards Amanda is known by, and involved with, what is loosely described as the Capper Community. Not only that, but every kid in Vancouver and beyond knows what she gets up to behind closed doors, as her nickname ‘Glowsticks’ shows so clearly.

So we know she’s in trouble post-2010, but Amanda – being ‘disturbed’ – carries on…how can we put it?…misbehaving. She gets more online trouble around May 2011 from the person known as Miranda Todd. She claims a stalker is out to kill her, which is her making it all into a drama, but her Internet access is wildly cut at this point – everything of hers including YouTube, Facebook and twitter is destroyed.

And then it’s all over? Not quite. The Internet addiction comes back and within days the terrified and blackmailed Amanda is back online re-building all her old connections, and still….ermmm….misbehaving.

As she is still online and misbehaving, she’s open to more trouble, which seems to peak around October/November 2011, when she is told off by the RCMP in the famous ‘there’s only so much we can do’ email, members of the public send reports to cybertip, and she is approached (allegedly) by Tyler Boo and Austin Collins (allegedly both Aydin Coban).

(It’s also at this time that Amanda asks to return to live with her mother, Carol, who refuses to have her).

The online trail vanishes after November 2011, but her story gets far worse. By this time, the disturbed child has now become pretty much a broken child beyond repair, but unfortunately she gets into even more trouble in the real world. If she’s at CABE by now (dates I’m not sure about) then she really is in trouble. CABE is a school that is essentially a holding-pen for all of Vancouver’s most damaged children. Not a safe place for Amanda.

We get Renan Tarras; we get Value Village; we get the fight in the playground; we get drink, drugs, the whole palaver.

Then fast forward to that video in September, 2012. The one that really puts the kibosh on any attempt to get to the truth.

What happens after October, 2012?

That’s when it all starts getting into a mess. The story is a journalistic wet dream. Cute girl, innocence, debauchery, online porn, predators, paedophiles, suicide and tits. The perfect recipe for online mayhem.

And the truth goes out the window.

People fall for the ‘one picture’ tale and the grooming by a pretend teenager in an intimate web encounter. And why shouldn’t they? It’s what the Press says, it’s what Amanda says, it’s what Carol Todd says. It’s what people want to hear.

It takes weeks and months for all the rumours to come out. It’s not really until the 5th Estate documentary that people finally have to come to terms with the likes of BlogTV and that Amanda was performing for hundreds of viewers.

However, Amanda Todd has reached a strange post-mortem Sainthood. A disturbed, mentally ill girl’s story has become an established legend of perfect innocence led astray by Evil (which has to be a man).

So the story drifts along for a while until all of a sudden we have AYDIN COBAN. The Devil Incarnate, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Aydin Coban. What a gift for even more bad journalism.

So what happens next?

Out of nothing, Coban suddenly becomes the World’s Biggest Predator. And to top it all he is Amanda Todd’s stalker. Not just Tyler Boo. Not just Austin Collins. Nope. Just about every predator on the planet, and the guy who – way back in history – first got Amanda Todd to show her tits. His charge list is stupendous.

Can this be right? Can it be slightly right? Totally right?

To be honest, my research (and everyone knows by now I research to the nth degree) can come up with nothing but speculation, albeit speculation based on information and knowledge.

What does the evidence look like? Well, at first it looks convincing. We’re led to believe that this one predator operated out of Holland and that there are definite connections to a few kids all over the world. We know of Julia Batterman from Old Tappan for sure. We know (well, we do now) of Gemma Mackie from Kilmarnock in Scotland. Then there’s the dodgy Kaitlyn, Shannon from Florida, Linda from God knows where, Roos from Kongsberg, Norway, maybe even Becky Haskins. Then, as Marc Burrows, we can suspect that he was after somebody from Stamford, Connecticut.

The entire Facebook list provides a complete profile of blackmailer behaviour and bloody Hell whoever it is looks persistent. Marc Burrows has obviously tried to scam someone down in Stamford. It’s a pretty good trick – set yourself up as someone going to the local school, get a bunch of people as friends, then blast out whatever it is you want. Marcc4 (Julia Batterman’s blackmailer) has gone down the line of straightforward threat. Kaitlyn’s story is a bit bizarre, going down that road of odd abuser/victim relationship. (I won’t even try to explain the abuser/victim idiocy that goes on, except that many of these girls can be their own worst enemies).

It’s absolutely cut and dried. Or is it?

You’ve guessed it. Of course it isn’t cut and dried.

This is what it suspiciously looks like. It looks like Facebook have floundered, but I can’t work it out for certain.

First things first. Whoever compiled the Facebook file has allowed themselves to be carried away, and this is where the stupid Amanda Todd Nonsense Factor destroys everything. Basically, people are so taken in by the myth that they are prepared to believe anything, to the detriment of fact-finding. They are also over-keen to believe that Amanda was conned into performing by an evil predator. Therefore, all sense was put to one side.

The Facebook investigation team had seen Amanda’s announcement in November 2011, in which she stated that she had been tricked when she was eleven. She also stated that the person who she first encountered way back in 2007/2008 was Tyler Boo and Austin Collins. Instead of trying to verify this, they assumed she was telling the truth. They couldn’t find a link, but her word was enough, so they added EVERY one of Amanda’s contacts for good measure. That’s why the list of identities is so long and diverse.

So where are we at?

We have a Facebook investigation that is tainted by belief rather than fact. That spoils the whole picture. Whereas we might have believed that Aydin Coban is Tyler Boo, we might even have believed that Aydin Coban is Austin Collins, we can’t stretch the imagination to include Alice McAllister and Kody Maxson. All based on Amanda’s dumbass Facebook status update.

What makes it even worse is that the link to Tyler Boo is even weaker. In the Facebook report, the best that they can come up with is that the Tyler Boo messages were similar to other messages allegedly emanating from Aydin. No definite link, no ip link, no certainty, just the completely circumstantial evidence.

Any more peculiarities? Blimey, it’s almost endless. The fact that Amanda Todd is not mentioned in the charges (it’s all down to yet another crazy decision because one of the victims is Canadian); the fact that Aydin was allowed to publish his ‘I’m innocent’ letter from prison; the fact that all the FACTUAL evidence was gathered from late 2013; the fact that Aydin Coban extorted for money; and so on and so forth.

So where does that leave us? In the middle of Nowhere in NowhereLand, that’s where. If Aydin Coban is everything he’s accused of, then it’s a fantastic story indeed. Without any lawyer, he’s at extreme risk of a biased judgment against him. When it comes to cases like this, prejudices can come dangerously to the fore.

I have to admit that I’ve a sneaking suspicion that he’s partially guilty. There’s every possibility that he’s a dumbass blackmailer, simply because although it seems complex, it isn’t really. Setting up identities online takes five minutes, there are hardly any checks or controls, so the fact Aydin has so many aliases isn’t a big shock. The girls hand out their personal information quite easily, so tracking them down is no big deal. Anyone could go online tonight, find some teenchat hellhole and claim a victim.

However, as soon as I say ‘partially guilty’ I have my doubts. The range of his activities is too wide,and the holes in the Press coverage are too large.

Anyways. Hopefully, we’ll get somewhere next week.

Tomorrow I’ll give a pictorial timeline of Amanda’s history, so we will see that things are not quite as clear as people think.

Meanwhile, I’m cutting things fine. I have asked the Batterman family to comment and I would lay a bet that they might get in touch with the cops. I know that various people watch this blog and every time something contentious happens complaints are sent far and wide. Not that I’m fussed – I find it all a bit of an adventure.




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