Amanda Todd’s BlogTV chat



Although these have been already published earlier in the blog, the names were redacted for certain reasons, so here are all the names in full. For newcomers who might be blissfully unaware, cutiielover is Amanda Todd.

BlogTV Conversation Log. Server Date: 12/5/2010 8:32:15 PM, Client Date: Sun Dec 5 19:26:25 GMT-0600 2010, Room: cutiielover Live, Checksum: 1314457

Welcome to blogTV’s chat:
– No nudity / sex / copyrighted materials
– Follow us on twitter:
– You must abide by the blogTv_Terms_of_use
– Need help? Read the blogTV Tips_&_tricks
Have fun!
pkyboy1: sexy
cutiielover: im not like that anymore.
boxfrog: sigh
crazeboy123: what were u like
cutiielover: a slut
crazeboy123: oh
kontiky: lol… i kinda like sluts
crazeboy123: wwhat made u change may I ask
kontiky: idk why
You have entered the cutiielover Live
show by cutiielover. cutiielover(14) is from Canada .Dundundunlol: she is a slut she still is 1
cutiielover: all my friends found my pic
Dundundunlol: she bated on cam to ppl
cutiielover: and sent my boobs out to everyone in my city.
Dundundunlol: other nite
kontiky: maybe because im a guy…
Dundundunlol: slut
ZapsThosePests: Hey Cutie, whats up?
crazeboy123: oh daaamn
Dundundunlol: still a slut
jakethai: are they still ur friend
cutiielover: no
jake9898: just because u like sex or mess around doesnt make u a slut… but yea… just gotta be careful who u trust
cutiielover: iim moving out of the counrty now.
jake9898: come to america!!!
kontiky: lol…no
crazeboy123: well you are super hot

BlogTV Conversation Log. Server Date: 12/18/2010 2:50:59 AM, Client Date: Sat Dec 18 01:44:58 GMT-0600 2010, Room: cutiielover Live, Checksum: 2209434

XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: tell
jason1996c: nope
RyanJanns: no u arent flat
MrPickleHead: we have the hottest girls here in canada
youneek: you are smexy, be serious?
abstractingthereal: flat? i don’t think so
steve16ca: TINY SUCKS NOW
milksnake: that looks nice 😉
vspec: can’t tell with shirt on
vyruz: nice boobs
AmuroLite: by the time you hit 300, you’ll have a waiting room. usually being a tease helps though.
xxFxxAxxQxxUxx: so lets see something real sexy<<<<<
jason1996c: what size bra do u wear
SkylerX: with that shirt its hard to tell but i don’t think falt
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: 32b?
SkylerX: flat*
Carp3tMunch3r: put on something really esxay and tease us please
ZapsThosePests: next to the disk symbol is a another sysmbol you can use to switch rooms
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: i was close
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: lol
SkylerX: C is nice
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: -blames it on the dark shirt
jason1996c: C is perfect
abstractingthereal: 31g
steve16ca: only ops can switch rooms?
leftrightleft: i remember you coming in and just telling people to make you a tiny xD
youneek: 32 C is not small at all
jason1996c: nice
SkylerX: they match your undies
Carp3tMunch3r: lol
abstractingthereal: out of focus
scarlet_soul: can we see spome more of your cut eunderwear?
Carp3tMunch3r: shirt with no bra under?
scarlet_soul: *cute
Carp3tMunch3r: thats wuld be hot too
SkylerX: 11 more for waiting room
ZapsThosePests: 12 more then a waiting rom
cum-again: YA
RyanJanns: yeah
Redirtroad: yea
milksnake: sure
ZapsThosePests: ALWAYS
milksnake: 😀
scarlet_soul: yea
SkylerX: k, give us the link
steve16ca: what will she do???
jason1996c: ok
MrPickleHead: hell yeah
abstractingthereal: haha
youneek: then you wiil get a waiting room for sure
Shocked: yes!
abstractingthereal: www.
ZapsThosePests: but I am already subscribed
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: ^^ put it in your title

BlogTV Conversation Log. Server Date: 12/18/2010 3:06:54 AM, Client Date: Sat Dec 18 02:00:46 GMT-0600 2010, Room: cutiielover Live, Checksum: 2336076

cristian007: mod in the room
cum-again: FLAGGED 4 PILLOW
cum-again: LOL
scarlet_soul: we should check your hot ass :p
leftrightleft: are you going to show again when he/she gets on?
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: how is 151 chatters possible i thought it was 150 max
jesse95: means mod is in the room
cum-again: MOD
Carp3tMunch3r: u could pull down the front of your PJs as far down as you dare JUST done show any bush
KevinG95: she is shaved
youneek: whenever it’s 149, or 150, a “hidden” mod is in the room
youneek: 151*
Carp3tMunch3r: o my mistake, im used to working with carpet
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: how bout 151 tho
AmuroLite: prove it!
SkylerX: yeah blogtv mods are nazis
cum-again: IVE SEEN 152
leftrightleft: prove shaved
cristian007: show you shaved
Carp3tMunch3r: how far down can u pull your PJs???
ZapsThosePests: 151 or more confuses me
greentree2: blocked
KevinG95: would you pull down as far as you dare ?
Smiling_Buddha: 151 is possible wen an op or the b-caster goes into waiting room and returns
youneek: yah, 152 is two mods in room
cum-again: DON GET BANNED
youneek: you’re not shaved
leftrightleft: she has a bush
vyruz: show
drake4ever: need to rub and put mic next to hear
krazy_monkey: lower the cam a bit
AmuroLite: prove it, prove it.
scarlet_soul: there’s an ausi girl stripping on another channel lol
Carp3tMunch3r: 153 means all the mods r there cuz its superfriggin HOT
badboy-15: shes just sitting there
scarlet_soul: no mods
realbadboy: lets go to tinychat
drake4ever: no noise means shaved
jesse95: link?
SkylerX: i have a room you can use don’t get banned
scarlet_soul: they got 600 viewers
ZapsThosePests: let the stripper get banned
jesse95: dont you love it when guys say there’s a girl strippin and they dont link the f’n room
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: he had a boner
jakeskater: who?
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: lol
cristian007: show your shaved?????
youneek: not linking room is smart
youneek: more viewers = more chance of ban
badboy-15: ur going to make me blush aren’t u
cum-again: WHO GOT 600? LINK
scarlet_soul: that other girl has awesome tits :p
ZapsThosePests: haha, the one you told us about!!!
Carp3tMunch3r: i had a boner earlier
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: hayy dont be ashamed… it happens
Recognise any of the names? I’m told that cum-again is our old friend r0ra who keeps commenting nonsense on the blog, and ZapsThosePests is featured in the Daily Capper news.
But as if that’s not enough, some other kind person has supplied information regarding Dylan Polo (who is meant to be Aydin Coban and is found on Facebook as Dylan.Polo.98).
*His Name Is Polo, Also Known As Dylan Mess
*Said He Lives In Europe, In The Netherlands
*His Old Skype Was Intothedylan, And Another One Is Dylanmess1
*His Original Site Was, And It Appears That He Reused That Name For One Of The Rooms On His New Site
*His Dad Owns Some Kind Of Hotel Company, So He’s Filthy Rich
*Has Been Said To Use 2 VPNS, And Uses Proxies
*The Site Name Starts With An O, Q, A Or C, Then It’s 4 Letters And Most Likely Ends With Chat
*It’s Europe Based And He Advertises On Some European Social Network Like FB
*He Uses Flashcoms Software For The Chat And Cams
*Has 500-700 People Spread Over Several Rooms At It’s Peak
*Users Can Make Their Own Rooms
*The Site Is Purple Green And White All Over
*There Have Been A Few Threads On 4chan’s /Soc/ And About It With People Trying To Find The Site.
*He Most Likely Made It In November Of 2012
*These Are Screenshots Of The Site

*If You Search “Polo” On That Is Where I Found Most Of The Info.

24 thoughts on “Amanda Todd’s BlogTV chat

  1. The information regarding Polo is curious. The screenshot shows something that is NOT Tinychat, but I have no idea what it is. (The reference to someone named Kami seems familiar but it might be a coincidence.) I DO know that there were and likely are cappers running their own video chat sites. It was rumored that chatzppl was such a place, and chateen is another. There are others I don’t even remember anymore. I recall this one Canadian man in his 30’s in the Vancouver area experimenting with starting his own site despite claiming in a Daily Capper video he was quitting. The guy was quite revolting.

    The links to anonib are obsolete – it ceased being an image sharing forum long ago and morphed into a porn site, so the links to threads are dead ones. The place is now an adult video cam site.

  2. you know, a few months ago my high school ran this anti bullying thing. i heard about this whole amanda todd thing and thought wow one mistake and she had no friends and killed herself? but after finding this and reading quite abit of your older posts, i have come to find out that that was far from the truth. i just wanted to say thank you for finding the truth, even though i probably wont ever need to know this…But did i learn some lessons from this? Sure. i learned to enable my child to the point of suicide so i can create attention for myself and become a star (kidding).

    • Thanks for commenting, and thanks for reading the blog.
      To be honest,the Amanda Todd myth serves a purpose for getting people concerned about bullying and online stupidity, so if people believe it and then tell their kids to behave or change the way they act, then that’s fair enough. The fact it misses out so much about the combination of bad parenting and a crazy kid is what annoys me slightly.
      But you’re right. Any sane person doesn’t really need to hear all her story to know all the rights and wrongs.
      Just don’t tell any female friends that it’s not all true – they’ll hate you. Go with the flow and say it’s a tragedy on a global scale and they’ll think you are lovely.

    • r0ra is meant to be cum-again, but that’s all I know.
      Aydin Coban has one name linked to BlogTV and other places, but I’m not 100% certain what it is.
      The only other name I recognise is ZapsThosePests (from the Daily Capper).
      Haha! According to the list. Aydin Coban is also ‘secretdave’. And who the Hell is Under?
      A little help would be appreciated.

  3. silly perso. AC actually is in that blogtv room, though. your skills as a stalker are as warped as your grasp of basic english grammar.

    • Haha! It irks me that I might have to be nice to you, as I need more background info. Stop being such a tease and tell me who you think AC is. By my reckoning, it’s one of the longest names (based on an edited name that I can’t make out but I know is quite long).
      While you’re there – do you know anything about Dylan Polo? poloregs? regspolo? He’s supposed to be Aydin.

    • Sebby? OK. These names stick around – it’s like half a dozen people were around in 2012, they were all Dutch, and created half the world’s screencaps.
      Can you give me any more info about a girl who everyone thought was Hawaiian? Or if not her, any info on AcidCat’s Icelandic girl?
      Is Aydin AcidCat? If he is, then the name AcidCat is not included in the Aydin Coban identity list.
      Kody Maxson is supposedly Aydin Coban. Any help, here? PeyPey supposedly stitched up Mr Maxson as being the guy from Surrey, BC.

  4. cum-again is dutch yes and he also used the nick duppie on blogtv and yes AC/acidcat or any variation of that (here is a screenshot of pey banning him from her livestream room on 2011/3/25 i recall a hawaiian girl wasnt her nick like butterfly something? i recall the icelandic girl she did some shows for our group, on livestream or ustream. and yes acidcat was there. as for kody, hes a jerkoff and a fool but not a blackmailer. pey has said many times he never actually bm’d her, that whole blogtv and now youtube thing was just her taking revenge cause he ignored her or some drama like that. hey, ask her.

    • I’m told that cum-again is you, r0. How come Kody’s name appears in the Aydin Coban list, but there’s no trace of anything like AcidCat? Did he just use Kody’s name?
      Anyways – Canadian and USA folk are all still in bed, so I’ll have to wait and see if anyone from there joins in.
      Blimey – poor old Amanda never really stood a chance, did she?

  5. well its me, then. i dont really care either way. i find this blog interesting because of the perspective it provides on the amanda todd situation. yes it is a fucked up ‘scene’ that im not proud to have been a part of but theres a also a lot of misinformation out there in the form of vice dot com style churnalism and crocodile tears claptrap from camp todd. its a shame pey no longer feels the need to comment on all of this (hell, she was amandas blogtv room operator at some point) because she went through most of the same abuse and their cases are quite similar (bad parenting, webcams, pedophiles, law enforcement). alright time for a quick run, yay for this weather.

    • Aw, come on, r0, stop being so enigmatic. Now you tell us that Pey was Amanda’s BlogTV room operator after all this time.
      OK. I think AcidCat is a red herring – it’s just pure coincidence that the initials AC are there, and the name isn’t in the frame according to the list of all of Coban’s identities. There’s not even one that could be linked at a stretch. Coban (if all the identities are true) uses a mixture of World of Warcraft type names, random names, the names of his victims, and proper names like Marc Cameron and Marc Burrows. The only real oddity is the ‘bestfamilyinbrighton’ one.
      Anyways. Whatever is said about Amanda, the hooha seems disproportionate to her traceable activities. It looks like any blackmail attempts all centre on her BlogTV capture in December, which was hardly worth bothering about. All the attention she got just seems way too much.

      • Ask him about BlogTV’s unholy trinity, Peyton, Morgan, and Lauren (AppleBapple). Believe it or not, all three tried hero’ing. Morgan ended up getting perma banned from BTV for lighting up weed and drinking vodka. AppleBapple created some hero videos in YT but then disappeared, only to re-appear many months later as a completely over-the-top weed addict (pics available) allegedly in the company of some rather bad friends (and supposedly doing cyber shows again, but this is not confirmed). Even Morgan finally succumbed to the lure of live sex and ended up doing a video, screenshots of which later appeared on an imageboard somewhere.

      • I guess that someone like Pey must be earning a fair amount from her performances. It must be easy money until everyone gets bored or everyone has the videos (she’s already on Pornhub so can hardly sell her videos as they have all, rather ironically, been capped). It’s a pretty grubby way of earning money. But hey – you and I know that worrying about all these people is pointless.
        Like I’ve said to r0, we’re going off topic a little, though. I know that Amanda’s story has benefited from a ton of spin and the additional suicide story, but I’m still puzzled that there are only three known incidents of her online, and the first two were trivial and like I’ve said, I can’t understand why so much effort was made by Tyler Boo/Aydin Coban. Mind you, I can’t really understand any of it to be honest.

  6. point is there wasnt just ‘one blackmailer’. in the same way there wasnt just ‘one time she showed’. im sure this notion crushes the medias perception of amanda as some kind of angel but ffs i saw her masturbate in her bed for ~50 people in some dialogoo room several weeks after that silly blogtv flash. the whole todd suicide thing had more to do with her irl drama anyway. about AC, he disappeared from chateen (he used the nick a_c on there) around the same time the media reported about AC having been arrested. yes he was dutch, and yes his blackmailing antics were well-known about in the capping community (and highly frowned upon by 99.9% of cappers – which is another thing the media doesnt seem to want to understand, incidentally). finally, about pey being op in amandas room, this is from an ancient aim conversation between us and okay enough rambling, ta.

    • You get mentioned a lot here and you mention marktus and acidcat. And even Kody makes an appearance. H***** M**** Moller was the Icelandic girl (hmaria95) on Livestream.
      I love the ‘seanishot: so where do u see urself in 5 years pey?’
      hmmm….not exactly there yet.

  7. Why don’t you do a special report on Quagmire aka Michael Berenson and has anyone seen Scarlett?

    • There’s a ton of stories about Quagmire and everyone else. and it would take years to cover it all. I’m really only interested in either Aydin Coban’s past or what Amanda did.

  8. hmaria95, that was her. marktus ran the skype group that invited her from sonewhere (prob blogtv) to livestream. ac was in that group, as was i, and some 7 or 8 more people. funny thing about farmer sean is that hes actually a young guy (albeit fat). he shot himself in the foot (literally) some years ago pic was on his twitter. kody was prob a fake, i dont think ive ever seen him on chateen. dailycapper has been there though after pey and i invited him, lol. small world…

    • There must have been a ton of kids like hmaria. It might be a small world, but you manage to feature in most of it. Oh well.
      Anyway. I’m drifting off target here. I would like to know more about poor old Amanda. For someone who seems to have done so little, her infamy is enormous. Three incidents over less than a year hardly seems a big concern and that’s why I find it hard to believe that a blackmailer would pursue her so much – a lot of effort for very little return,I would say. And I still can’t find much evidence of Coban.
      Where is Dylan Polo? Marc Burrows? Tyler Boo? kaitlynsmaster? And now we have to wait even longer to find out.
      Thanks for contributing,though. I wasn’t sure if Amanda had actually finished in December 2010, but if you say she was doing stuff after that it’s at least some confirmation.

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