Amanda Todd wasn’t on her own



As the Coban trial continues, it gets more shocking. Apparently he had 204,000 porn pics on his hard drive, he was in trouble with the Grijze Wolven. As most of it is in Dutch it’s a pain to work out the details. Add in the thing about 7 gay Australians and it starts getting too weird.

Meanwhile I’ve reissued these pics from the catalogue. The clip is actually far worse than this can show and makes the BlogTV episode look mild. It’s really this clip that puzzles me most as it’s so far away from the ‘it was a brief flash’ storyline and involves another kid who was very much part of Amanda’s scene but never gets a mention.

Because of this clip, Amanda’s BlogTV shows and so on, it’s tough to match the current narrative of one action followed by years of torment.

Just in case anyone thinks this isn’t Amanda, then OK, you’re entitled to that. Just ask Carol Todd though – she’ll remember that Amanda had a pair of trousers (or ‘pants’ as they are called in the USA) with ‘CHEER’ written on the bottom. And she’ll recognise the soft toy. And Amanda’s old bedrooom.

It looks as if there are a few latecomers to the blog, so rather tediously I have to re-visit old news.

5 thoughts on “Amanda Todd wasn’t on her own

      • the ever changing story..why?

        i would like to know why there are no laws against being on online vigilante

        why the guys at 4chan were not held responsible for naming the wrong perp, and keeping his name online

        why there are guys out there who pose as kids and allege they are catching child molesters, then are allowed to post the vids, with the guys faces and names, before trial…and basically destroying their lives…for what amounts to thought crime

        this is very reminiscent of what happened during the 80s, with many people being accused of satanic child sex abuse, only to discover that they were all innocent…after their lives were destroyed

        this all scares the crap out of me.

  1. i didnt even pay attention to the pics you have posted

    you gotta be fucking kidding me

    the one pic (and im sure there are more caps you cannot post) destroys the entire narrative

    and why arent the dutch authorities just letting aydn cop a plea?

    • I was tempted to write more about the Bianca/Amanda video. It’s escaped attention mainly because of the presence of Bianca and you’re right – posting any links would bring down the wrath of everyone on me and to be honest I think I’m pushing my luck.
      Will we ever know about Aydin? European law differs from the USA as there’s nothing much like plea-bargaining. And remember – there’s still a chance that Aydin may well be totally innocent, so any plea would be pointless. After this ‘music career’ bullshit, all the stuff about Aydin is sounding more and more unbelievable.

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