Carol Todd – Saintly Mother or Self-Obsessed Exploiter?


As regular readers know only too well, I think there is something very odd about Carol Todd.

There’s a fine line between crusading campaigner and lying nutcase. Her behaviour has been extraordinary and I have to hand it to her – she’s done a fantastic job in creating the Amanda Todd myth whilst simultaneously building up her own profile as ‘rockstar mom’ (the title she gave herself). I have to admit that I quite envy her. She can spout any amount of vacuous nonsense and she’ll get a round of applause, whereas I’ve been seeking to explain about the myriad of problems surrounding Amanda’s story and get shot down as a liar and criminal.

Here is the latest rather incredible development in the ever-changing Amanda Todd legend.

Hope is the message of My Name Is Amanda Todd

“She sang her songs and put them online and people commented and it got hard. One individual promised her a music career; that fellow is now sitting in jail in the Netherlands. What Amanda loved the most, he took advantage of.”

And it caused her suicide’.

From what twisted imagination does this come? Only Carol Todd’s. We’ve had the story that Amanda was tricked by an intimate one-to-one webcam tryst. Easy enough to believe until the BlogTV episodes were publicised. But now we have a new addition. Some person (Aydin Coban, who is now some sort of superhuman, super-evil Everyman) promised Amanda a music career, ‘took advantage of her’, e.g. made her perform on BlogTV for hundreds of people on several occasions, and that’s what caused her suicide. Not drink, drugs, sex, a broken home and a mother who virtually ostracised her for two years. No. It’s all down to that pesky Aydin Coban. How convenient.

That’s quite a story for even the staunchest Todd supporter to take in.

But wait. There’s more.

‘Carol was a bit skeptical when the idea was first raised in the winter of 2014.

“I was still in protective mode. I was still in that bubble of grief,” she said. But now that it is coming to fruition, she’s on board.’

Protective mode? Bubble of grief? Can that be the same bubble of grief that led to Carol publishing so many very private pictures of Amanda, that led her to almost immediately start selling wrist-bands and t-shirts, that led to her commandeering the Snowflake Walk so rapidly, that led her to even suggest an ‘Amanda Todd Cookbook’ in 2013?

These are Carol Todd’s own words from 2013.

‘The highlight of the day was finding out that Amanda Todd was the 8th most trended topic on Google. When Googling her name, she was in the top 3. Whitney Houston and Kate Middleton were in first and second spots..Then to have her so darn popular out there in the e-tech world.  Really now… my Princess Snowflake did all that!!!’

‘‘I was so surprised to read that Amanda made it as the 2nd Top Newsmakers of 2012.  I think it was in Canada by just reading the content.  She beat out the NHL hockey strike as a news item and that was going on way before 10/10/12.  That’s my Princess Snowflake!!’

‘‘If Amanda had overcome her sadness, this would have been the first Christmas in 3 years that she would have spent with me.’  (Although Mrs Todd was supposedly Supermum, Amanda was missing for a long time).

‘‘The one big fear over the two week Christmas/New Years holiday was that the world might forget about Amanda Todd.’ That’s an odd thing to worry about in the depths of grief.

‘‘Each day, I probably get at least 6 new followers on Twitter.’ She is preoccupied with HER fame, HER followers on Twitter. Because, as we know, Mrs Todd is the world expert on raising children.

‘Sometimes I feel like a ‘rock star mom’’.

‘‘The same goes for being a parent.  It was never an easy job but I felt about it the same way as I did about my profession.  I loved the challenges and the connection of being close to my kids.’ Except Mrs Todd wasn’t around from 2009-2012, remember.

Many people will seek to excuse Carol Todd. Believe it or not, I try hard to find to find something good about her. However, given all the evidence, I cannot forgive her for her role in Amanda’s tragedy and the lies she has perpetuated.

I can’t forgive her for this:

‘‘So, looking through all the pictures of Amanda and her friends, I was happy to see her in good times, fun times, drunk times and even stoned times. Yes, she told me about the times she ‘blazed’. I commend her for being honest with me. There are still alot of her friends that find it hard to talk to their moms and/or dads. Amanda’s blazing was just a small piece of her life and problems. As we all say ‘We (as parents) pick our battles, and that wasn’t one I was picking.’ She wasn’t operating machinery or driving a car. So it wasn’t such a big one to me. Also, my friends who are parents and are around my age, what exactly did you do when you were in your mid-teens? I know that I wasn’t exactly honest with my parents and I did things that were quite similar to what teens do today. Did you? Now be honest with yourself… LOL!!!’

The above comment is from Canada’s Supermum about her daughter – a young girl aged 14/15. Amanda. Drunk. Stoned. All written off with a LOL. Much like all of her online existence.

To me, it’s disgusting parenthood. For Carol, it’s worthy of adulation.

Congratulations, Carol Todd. You deserve everything that’s coming to you.




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