Amanda Todd bullied to death by boyfriend’s parents!


Just as you think that the Amanda Todd bizarreness can’t get any more bizarre, it goes to Bizarre Max.

What’s the latest gem in this ongoing saga?

‘After that, Amanda was bullied no matter what school she attended. It was too much when even her boyfriend and his parents went on the attack’.

Where the Hell did that come from? It has to be Carol Todd releasing a snippet of information like that. She desperately wants all the people involved to suffer, but she can’t actually just come out with it and give the list of names. So instead we get a hint – boyfriend and his parents. I can’t see where else this would have come from, and it is really strange that it’s cropped up so late in the story, and on the Entertainments page of a newspaper. Normally, it would have gone completely unnoticed, but not by me, of course.

So who’s the boyfriend? My money is on two names in the frame – Renan Tarras or Brandon Reid. But which one?

Renan Tarras is a twerp. We have a rather odd rumour that he was involved in an accusation of rape from Amanda, but surely we can write that off as being totally untrue? Mind you, nothing can ever be written off as untrue in this old malarkey. It’s possible. If Amanda did accuse Renan of rape, I guess the parents would have gone berserk, especially with all the other palaver going on.

Brandon Reid? Hmmm…..that, too, is possible. His name fell out of the story ages ago, and I took it out of some of the blog entries just so it would be forgotten as irrelevant. But now, surely, it’s fair game to bring the Reid family back in as unwitting guest stars?

Before long, there won’t be a person in Creation who hasn’t been blamed in some way (except Carol, of course). Blimey, we had every young kid in British Columbia blamed for it, then we had every capper in the world blamed, we had the cops, the school, the mental health authorities, me …… and now the mystery boyfriend’s parents.

The quote comes from the Toronto Star:

And just in case it gets censored by the Todd Stasi:


As usual – I bring you the news that is news.

Edit: One day later, a different version online:

4 thoughts on “Amanda Todd bullied to death by boyfriend’s parents!

  1. Mr. Rose, you disappoint me. I was hoping you were about to link Amanda Todd to Bigfoot. Maybe next time? LOL

  2. she stood up to cyber bullies? aydn is facing charges connected with amanda? she is a hero? her life is inspiring? she loved social media?

    she loved showing off her body to get attention. she had no clue how to use social media. suicide is not inspiring.

    the amanda todd story is a mix of heathers and world’s greatest dad, with carol playing the robin williams character.

    this world is nuts

    want inspiring kids who have sadly died. i can show you a list of kids who have died from childhood cancers, who, despite knowing that they were probably going to die, went out and advocated for more monies for research, or made vids telling kids that despite losing all their hair, they were still beautiful…and many other things

    those kids are inspiring

    and now everyone in canada bullied her? give me a break

    this world is nuts

    • Don’t get too annoyed by it all. It’s all totally, totally bonkers and simply undermines all the other kids who are brave. But hey – we all know that good kids don’t make the news. And besides – Amanda is pretty, so automatically gets the sympathy vote.

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