Amanda Todd – still exploited

I’ve written about this video before.

What amazes me is not just the gullibility of the viewers (take that for granted) but how/why Carol Todd allows this video to a) exist and b) be used for commercial purposes and income.

Does it really amaze me at this point? No, not really. Ever since the story erupted, Amanda has provided income for everyone from Chia Videos to MeezyMurderFace, and publicity for people from Elise Estrada to Evander Holyfield. And please don’t kid yourself – Amanda’s name is attached for publicity masquerading as sympathy.

As we know, this video is from 12th January 2011 which in itself should come as a shock because it’s three weeks after the cops ‘kicked in the door’ to warn Amanda to keep away from webcam performances.

Anyways – the original is here.

And it’s not worth asking yourself why, at about 9 minutes in, Amanda should complain about moderators.


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