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Good grief! There is at least one other person out there still interested.

I was sent this link:

It’s Amanda’s old isabella100555 YouTube account.

Anything to be gleaned from it? We have the August 18, 2007 start date which, if memory serves me right, must be the earliest occurrence of Amanda online, making her aged 10, nearly 11. That does tie in with the story.

The rest is a bit vague. It shows she’s 13 when she last described herself, and as usual she’s given away contact info.

There’s one comment – ‘You gotta do some of that sexy dancing you were doing on blogtv!  ‘. Don’t be put off by the odd dates. When it says ‘3 months ago’ or whatever, I think that’s from the time the info got archived. I have a feeling that the isabella100555 identity got killed off either some time around late 2010/early 2011 after the BlogTV/cops-on-doorstep fiasco, or that it may have lasted through to May 2011, when Amanda was told to clear every bit of her existence after getting into more trouble on Dialogoo.

Anyways. The person also sent me some great perplexities which may or may not be of interest.

Here you can go across and see an oddity:

Amanda Todd

updated her profile song

Jun 19, 2014 at 09:21 PM

How much fakery is going on? It could be that someone has gone to great efforts to replicate the myspace account, but who knows?

So just to confuse things even more, YouTube has recorded Amanda’s playlists for foreverdaddysgirl101 and thesomebodytoknow as having been updated in 2014.

btw – I can’t seem to get any access to further comments from the channel – the computer seems to just hang if I click on ‘next’. And subscriber/friend lists just return a 404.

Oh well.

So I send thanks to my latest contributor.

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Latest news

  1. Ive been following your website on and off for a few years now,
    mostly because I was interested (almost obsessed at one point) with knowing who you were and what exactly was driving you to do this….(because I dont really buy this whole truth thing – but I dont buy this you did it thing either).
    Even though I don’t take your side of things at all, you are usually pretty smart about things and how the internet works…
    ….when going to the myspace you can see that many things have been moved over and stated “migrated from classic myspace” when clicking the tab “mixes” (whatever that means)
    clearly myspace has done some updates and continues to move over old profiles to their new format, and have dated when they did this. This doesn’t seem like an active profile thing at all. Almost all random old profiles have that similar date if not exact date. You either cropped out the word migrated or found one random spot that didnt use that word when listing a date and tried to draw attention to it for your benefits.

    …so, who are you? 🙂

    • Yes, I know what you are saying. I discussed it with the sender and to be honest I could not be bothered to follow it up because so few people are concerned these days. Don’t get fussed about whether or not I manipulated the info – just know that I simply showed the links . Surely you can see that, from the tone of the post, most of this isn’t worth any effort to trick anyone.
      Thanks for dropping by. X

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