And so it moves forward…..

I was going to do a long post about John Shuttleworth, one of the UK’s greatest thinkers, lyricists, and a majestic organ player. However, there are…..wait for it…..DEVELOPMENTS!

The great Carol Todd is crowdfunding a visit to the Netherlands so she can attend Aydin Coban’s court hearing. Will she reach her target? Will she ever get there? Will she pop in to visit me on the way? Will she be going with Norm?

It looks as if Aydin is due up in front of the beak on January 25th. God only knows what will happen. I could hazard a few guesses – he will be released because he’s already done time, there will be problems about the evidence, it will be just another appearance pending more investigation. Who knows? I’m not sure why Carol Todd finds it necessary to attend, as the court case doesn’t actually involve Amanda’s story any more, and as of today the Canadian Press has shown no interest in her possible trip.

So….only another couple of weeks before we hear yet more iterations of the neverending story that is Amanda Todd.

Can I milk it for any more palaver? I expect not. My hunch is that it will all be a big let-down, with no surprises and just more nonsense trying to pin every Internet crime on this one guy. I’m hoping that he will just be found guilty of something, then set free due to good behaviour and the fact he’s already done a couple of years in clink. That will then kick off the extradition (if there is ever going to be one – seriously, don’t hold your breath). If Aydin does ever make it to court in Canada, then the case will be a doozy, but I suspect that the RCMP idiots will fudge it all by saying that he has already been punished, he’s guilty of everything, and there’s no point in taking it any further. I’m really hoping thay don’t do that, as the entertainment value of the court case is worthy of a ton of popcorn. Can you imagine all the heroes and villains being dragged up to give evidence?

Anyways. As usual, I’ll be bringing any news to this blog as soon as it happens. Maybe I should try crowdfunding my own visit?


Addition: It’s interesting (or not, depending on your view) that the crowdfunding initiative started by Carol Todd is – yet again – based on a certain amount of economy with the truth combined with gullibility of the donors. Most of the donors think that a) the court case actually involves Amanda and that b) Carol Todd will have some contribution to make. Last time I looked, the donations have slowed down with just a handful of virtue signallers having donated. Basically, they are funding yet another holiday and publicity stunt, though it’s failed miserably to gain much attention in Canada.

OmroepBrabant – a dumbass Dutch news outlet – along with a couple of others have tried to sensationalise it all with the usual hackneyed ‘she was tricked’ malarkey.

For me, an oddity is that according to the news girls from the UK and many other places were involved. However, all this has failed to register outside of Holland and Canada.

Originally I thought this was just another quick appearance in court, but it looks like it’s scheduled to fill at least eight days.

I’ll bring you more news as and when it happened, but at the moment everyone seems to be thinking about water sports for some reason.


4 thoughts on “And so it moves forward…..

  1. not ot. we got ourselves another amanda todd
    Katelyn Nicole Davis
    this one chose to livestream her suicide
    guess all the good work by mama todd and her pals is really paying dividends
    of course the social media community is all in on this one, posting every vid she ever made
    makes me sick

    • Holy cow! I looked at that – it’s very weird. She mentions Slenderman in her blog. Of course it feels untrue, but it seems legit.
      It doesn’t fit in with some usual stuff e.g. it’s certainly not a spontaneous thing. It’s not a cry for help either. Did she really live in such poor conditions? And what about the rape accusations?

      • dont know enough of the facts of her situation to comment. she may be another one of those kids who fell through the cracks. do know that it is really perverted to post and view her suicide. will not be surprised if there are copycat events
        but todd and her cohorts are failing as they totally misunderstand the problem.

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