The blog that never dies

Oh well. It looks like this blog may get a slight new lease of life this month as the trial of Aydin Coban starts on January 25th.

Carol Todd will be there, but she might miss all the action, which is weird. The trial is set for a length of eight days and Carol is going over in the first week of February. She’s raised quite a bit of money on her crowdfunding which I must admit I was surprised by. She must have more fans than I thought. Still, it’s not without at least one criticiser who objects to paying for Carol’s other half. One has to ask where Norm is, though. It’s like he never existed.

As usual, I always doubt Carol Todd’s motives. She’s always ready to hijack every possible moment to make it all about Amanda and I wonder sometimes if the parents of other victims are sick and tired of it as they don’t want their own children to be seen as being in the same league as our dear Cutieelover.

It’s strange that Aydin Coban has already been pre-judged by everyone, even when it is highly unlikely that he has anything to do with Amanda. The trial doesn’t feature her, and it’s a really big stretch to bring him in to the history. So far, Carol has managed to avoid any real questions from the media, but as time goes on there’s much more of a risk that someone may at least raise the BlogTV incidents. I believe that Carol is so blinded by the myth that she thinks that nobody will ever dig a bit deeper. That would explain why she doesn’t seem worried by the extradition, but she should know that a court case won’t be like an interview with the Vancouver Sun – it will look into every detail and rake up a huge amount of stuff that may not look good.

If Aydin is released (which is a possibility) extradition might be tough. I’m not sure that the Dutch officials will find someone innocent or deem that they have been in prison long enough already then just hand him over to what is essentially a lynch mob. But I have a feeling that if he’s not released and is found guilty of various crimes then the RCMP and others may say that’s enough. It would be hugely convenient to accept a guilty verdict in Holland, and then just close the case with an assumption that he was involved with Amanda. I’m also guessing that the Canadians would accept that. They would dismiss the Dutch as being too lenient, say it’s all a terrible miscarriage of justice, rave and rage for a few weeks and then move on. Seriously, it would be better to go that way than to bring out all the details in a Canadian court.

I might restructure this blog. To be honest, I’m a bit too lazy to bother but I expect that viewing figures will rise at the end of the month. For me, it depends on whether or not the trial gets much publicity.

So we’ll see. This could be the biggest anticlimax ever. In a way I sort of hope that Aydin will confess to being the killer predator villain that everyone wants him to be. At least that would be an end to it. Yet something tells me this won’t happen, and the story will drag on and on and on………


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