Aydin Coban’s identities

The Coban trial has started. Some of these aliases have been mentioned –  mainly that Aydin was online as Katey Meow/Miow.

At the moment it’s quite confusing. Aydin is accused of just about every online crime available. He’s supposed to have extorted gay men which is feasible but the breadth of his online behaviour just seems too astonishing. Part of the story is puzzling me, as they seem to be making up patterns of extortion that don’t sit right, e.g. the victim is approached but not extorted until years later. My opinion is that they are trying to say that it is true that Aydin could have been on the scene when Amanda was 11 and he just kept on and on, whereas I think it’s much more likely (if it ever happened at all) that Aydin was just your average Daily Capper type.

Anyways, we’ll see what happens. I have repeated earlier info below.

BTW – if they keep to the original schedule all this will take some time.

Latest: still quite confusing. Mentions using clips of a porn actress (Lily Luck) to lure men; 1.5 kilos of drugs in his house; a huge amount of stuff on his hard drive; contacted 70 girls in 5 minutes on Habbo Hotel (!!!!!); active from 2008. Difficult to know how much is for real.

What makes it all the more surreal is the contradictory Todd story that doesn’t match the events, because we know that Amanda wasn’t enticed online, she thought the BlogTV event was no big deal, she wasn’t on her own in at least one of her appearances, and she was online with ‘new material’ in early 2011. All that has been doubly and trebly verified by me, Norm and the RCMP. Amanda was called an online ‘celebrity’ by her fans – you don’t get that for a one-off webcam flash. The Press have done a lot to hide all this – there’s not one example of her cheerleader escapade with the other person. At some point this will be shown, at a big risk to the Todd myth, but that won’t happen until the extradition.

Message for Carol Todd: seriously step back and think. Once this case gets to Canada, everything will come out in public. Do you really want that to happen or do you still want fame so much that you’ll let your daughter’s tragedy continue? Just for once be honest – if not with the public, then at least with yourself.

Anyone recognise any of these names? They are all meant to be Aydin Coban. It’s not a complete list.


MarcCamerons@hushmail.com, marccameronssss@yahoo.com





kelseyrain1, kelseyrain2, kelseyrain3, kelseyrain4, kelseyrain5 – all @yahoo.com


katiecollinsusa, shaecollins, austincollins – all @yahoo.com






















Dylan Polo

Austin Collins

Marc Camer

Tomas Coco Pops

Sietse Goossens

Sidnuh Merclans

Kelseeh Rayn

Jaydeh Germanuh

Brandns Fathr, Brandoons Father, Brandon Tay, brandonmylife

Kyle Hymen Norito

Lars Merckin

Kody Maxson

Martin Canton

Kaitlin Frye





Marcelinda McTomas

Olive Kubi

Mirandela Sintaford

Terliyam Hefter

Linda Aylim

Tedyubak Matkela

Secretdavee, Davey Sucret

Cody Cena

Pena Arianna, Arianna Pena Patterson

Mary Clifford

k000dy, k0dddy2

Ashley Canterr

Jordan Stolar

Megan McBrown

Gemmaduck Mackieearphones, Duckami Mahckie, Marc Mackieroni Gemmaro (Gemma Mackie = victim, I think)

And that’s not the entire list, but it will do for now. So…..any clues? Any recognition?

Apart from a couple, none of these register anywhere.


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