Aydin Coban in trouble

aydin coban


Well, the second one looks a bit like Aydin on a bad hair day.

Anyways. Things are not looking good for him. I can only speculate that he will have to simply try hard to deny that the computer is his, go down the path of saying it’s all a police stitch-up, or claim insanity.

From Omroep Brabant.

A British undercover agent was used in the case against Aydin C. He posed as an English girl who had prolonged contact with the suspect. Two minutes after such an IM conversation was completed, a team of Dutch police raided the bungalow Aydin C. Oisterwijk where he was alone at the time.

So far there’s been an English girl, a Scottish girl (could this be Gemma?) and also an American girl (Julia Batterman?) brought forward in the evidence. (My only thought about this is that it’s odd that the story hasn’t got much coverage in Scotland, England or the USA). I’m not sure if the girls are actually there (I think not) but there is video evidence that has been blurred to show what went on. However, there’s no mention of whether or not these are BlogTV type captures or one-to-one, and there’s a slim chance that Aydin could claim that these were from Capper sites like stickamvids.net .


Above: Aydin Coban allegedly in action in 2011. Was she today’s American girl in court?

The latest news differs slightly from earlier information. Before, the information only suggested that all the contacts were made via the same router. Therefore it was feasible that anyone could have used the router. It was also suggested that the police could not gain access to the information on Coban’s computer because it was encrypted. Now the police are saying that loads of stuff has been located on the computer so it surely has to be game over for Aydin.

He seems to have employed most of the same tactics as the 4chan/Daily Capper types and to be honest he sounds like a match for our old friend r0ra.

So what more is there to say? At the moment Aydin is staying silent, saying that it will be all down to the summing up of his lawyer when, I guess, he’s questioned. Unless he has some sort of incredible defence strategy, I really can’t see that he can escape a guilty verdict. Apparently, his room was also bugged, which provided even more evidence. Maybe he’ll try some sort of invasion of rights plea, but I can’t see that working. It’s just odd that he seems quietly confident (his published letter showed a certain amount of ease) but that’s no guarantee of anything. In recent trials in the UK (Rolf Harris, for instance) the perpetrators remain completely unaware of their guilt.

I find it odd that a guy who is supposed to be some sort of online computer genius got found with so much stuff to incriminate him, but that, too, can be put down to an element of arrogance. The 204,000 pics is a stupendous amount to have, but then again who can account for obsessive nutcases? And the gay guys in Australia is a mystery. Blimey, add the Grey Wolves into the mix https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grijze_Wolven and there’s a load going on (Aydin owed money to them, I think). Will Aydin say he was forced to do stuff to pay them the money he owed?

So let’s have a guess at what will happen as it stands.

Aydin Coban must be found guilty unless there is a dramatic twist.

Given that he had a kilo and a half of drugs in his bedroom (even by Dutch standards that’s a lot), that he tried all sorts of other scams and that it’s likely that the known victims are just the tip of the iceberg, and that now we know that all the evidence is on his computer and not just from a central router, surely he must be looking at a good few years in prison? If he’s given 5-10 years, he’s served 2 and a half already, he could be out in two or three years with good behaviour, which would mean (I guess) that he would then go to Canada for the Amanda Todd trial. Or would he be escorted over to Canada for a trial when still in custody?

There’s much more to come if the original schedule is anything to go by.

Aydin charges

Addition Friday 27th:

No appearance in court today.  More news here:



The killer called himself Kelsey Rain or Tyler Boo, Mel Rain, Kody, Mark Cameron or any of the other chat aliases sound even more innocent, like “A Cat Lover” or “Meow Awesome. More than thirty minor teenage assumed that was hidden behind a peer name, and chat back. They were eventually encouraged or even blackmailed to ‘sex shows’ on webcam.

The man who previously according to the Public Prosecutor (OM) is responsible, the 38-year-old Dutchman Aydin C., is three years in custody. Wednesday began in the secured court in Amsterdam-Osdorp includes the merits of the case against him, now 72 offenses. Most of it is about a group of 34 teenagers from the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Norway.

vulnerable girls

With them always happened the same broadly. They were by Kelsey, or whatever his name was, urged to “join”, “play”. They pulled on webcam in good faith in their outerwear. They were often vulnerable girls who were not popular at school and find a girlfriend or just to have something older boy thought before him. “I thought, well, everybody does it, and I know that person is not,” one of them said to the police, it appeared at the hearing Thursday.

Later they were then confronted with a nude, a screenshot – which would be distributed among family, friends and acquaintances. Unless they undressed in front of the webcam, groped, brought in objects, time after time.

“Get a grip, I’m 13,” one of the girls responded yet. Since the blackmailer did not care. It had, or would their lives be “hell”. He was the “master”; He addressed them as “sexy little slut.”

Victims – sometimes only 11 years old when the contact began – were not present in court. The vehemence of the facts also led to caution in the courts, which refer to all girls with numbers. For that reason, it was OM another Argus: a video of the Thursday wanted to show the process of the perpetrator had to be adjusted to be less traceable to specific persons.

One of the victims of the accused would be Amanda Todd. The 15-year-old Canadian was so depressed by the blackmail that she committed suicide in October 2012. A few weeks before she became famous with a YouTube video in which she told her story.

But not dealt with the case of Todd is in Amsterdam – which should, at the request of Canada, held later in that country. Her name is or more times, as quoted in a threat: “You know what happened to Amanda Todd?”

Last word

Thus, there appear in the whole business lines intertwined: aliases that pop up in countless records, Facebook accounts that are linked to each other, e-mail and Internet accounts that have been used more frequently. They all seem to lead to Aydin C. They listened impassively two days to the statement of facts. He denies “all allegations” and invoked his right to remain silent. Answers will be implicit in the argument of his lawyer, he promised. He himself will speak only after the ‘last word’ get – at a time in the process when no backwards or research possible.

Two years ago, in early 2015, showed C. hear from him: when he wrote an open letter in which he pleaded his innocence and accused the police and judiciary tunnel vision. That is probably also part of his defense: in police statements he spoke about one Murat and loans to Turkish far-right Grey Wolves group.

C. would not be behind all aliases but are tricked, then that happened extremely refined – or he put himself this extensive network of smoke curtains, with great knowledge of encryption and digital technological shortcuts. On a partially encrypted hard drive, found his detention in a Brabant bungalow were 204,000 images and videos, of which 137 are classified as child pornography. Also found the detective on the disc 5.800 bookmarks with names, a database of victims and the people around them – names that correspond to those of the victims. The process will continue until early March.

Also read: CyberWolf in Oisterwijk , the city where C. was arrested in early 2014.

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