Sensation! Aydin Coban’s blackmail victim speaks out

I’m getting really lazy. This is just a repeat of an old post (slightly amended) about which I had my doubts but now maybe I have to think again.

OK. Zero out of ten for the headline. I should have written ‘You’re not going to believe what happens next…’ or ‘This will shock you..’ like all the other dreadful clickbait titles.

Anyways. These are – allegedly – examples of Aydin Coban’s interaction online from early 2012. The first one is edited just so there’s no way of tracing the source. You can take these any way you want – with a pinch of salt because it could be anybody writing, or as a genuine example of his technique. As always, it’s all a bit weird.














The following is now seeming to be much more like a genuine connection to Aydin. I guess that Ida might be the Norwegian girl:


While I’m at it, I might as well provide a few more old pics of Aydin at work.


Marc aka Aydin





That last one is most peculiar. According to the court records, not only is Aydin Coban Alice McAlister (who contacted Carol Todd) he’s also listed as the infamous Kody Maxson, which brings everything full circle to:


And that, in turn, takes us to Viper2323, which takes us to the Daily Capper, which of course has to link us with r0r44 aka r0ra aka Oscar.

Then of course it’s on to Peyton.

No wonder I have a tough time trying to work out who’s who and what’s what.


2 thoughts on “Sensation! Aydin Coban’s blackmail victim speaks out

  1. this is all very confusing without seeing the evidence
    if the vast majority of the pics and vids on his computer were not child porn…why is this noted?
    has nothing to do with the case and is not illegal…unless screen grabs and caps of victims, which would make it evidence
    really not sure why they ever labeled him a computer genius. everything they are now claiming he did to try and make himself secure, can and is done by the average joe on the street.
    anyway…thanks for keeping us all updated

    • For most people anyone who has a fake Facebook account is a genius. I’m guessing that Aydin is a basic capper who just thought he would never get caught. I just wish they would hurry up.

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