Aydin Coban trial continues

The Aydin Coban trial carries on. Tweets can be see here:



Aydin looks seriously doomed.

With all the evidence against him, it’s almost impossible for him not to be found guilty. It’s frustrating because he is asked to comment but remains silent, though he appears to criticise the court for accusing him of things he couldn’t have done. I can only guess that he is still trying to say that a) he wasn’t anywhere near the ip address at the time of the crimes and b) the hard drive is not his. At this point, I can only assume that he is going to go for total denial and leave it to the court to decide if he is guilty. When found guilty he will just claim innocence and serve the rest of his jail term. It would be interesting to see what a jury would make of it, but again my speculation is that it wouldn’t help matters.

So far he’s shown the absolute match for the capper/blackmailer community. BlogTV got its first mention today. So he follows the path that we all know about – some kid goes on BlogTV, various ‘shoe on head’ nonsense follows, they flash and then all Hell breaks loose.

I’m not so sure that all of the identities belong to Aydin. The victims say they were contacted by more than one person – Marc Cameron, Tyler, Zack, Cody, Kelsey and a new name – Randy K – that doesn’t appear in the files. I’m wondering if this is a group of cappers with whom Aydin was associated. As we’ve seen in the cutiielover history, if these kids were in BlogTV rooms in front of 150+ viewers, there was a definite pack behaviour at work. If Aydin downloaded any BlogTV shows, then these names are likely to show up on his hard drive and make it look as if he was a participant.

There’s a confusing point. It looks like some of the girls did whatever they did online and then got contacted much later.

So far there appears to be very close matches between the stories of the victims and Amanda Todd’s story. In my doubting mode, they are almost too close, and two points bother me. Did the blackmailers copy the Amanda Todd story (copycat behaviour would be easy enough given all the publicity) or have the girls embellished their own stories?

Readers will wonder why I still have doubts about how some of these things work, but it stems from all the anomalies in the entire Amanda Todd history. However, what I will say is that I feel vindicated in my ongoing belief that a truthful examination of the Amanda Todd tragedy would have been better. The presence of BlogTV, Omegle, Tinychat, UStream was, for the most part, all brushed under the carpet in the building of the ‘one mistake’ myth. Had the Todd story not been blighted by all the Kody Maxson tripe on one hand and all the denial on the other, perhaps things might have been resolved. Instead, it seems to me that the RCMP and most other people involved were so scared of admitting the existence of BlogTV and others and the dark world that Amanda was in, preferring to promote the ‘innocent angel’ myth, that they missed a trick.

I must admit that the RCMP don’t look good in all this. Here is their response to Amanda’s plight:

full rcmp

This was from late 2011 when Amanda was in trouble for the second time. The key words here are ‘new material Amanda has posted of herself since last year’ (which never got reported in the media) and ‘there is only so much we as the police can do’ (which got reported over and over again).

Constable Andrea Schadeck (who was looking after the investigation) doesn’t seem highly qualified.


Anyways. Back to Aydin. At this point he’s as guilty as fuck. The prosecution seems to be building up layer upon layer of inescapable accusations. But still…..there’s an element of doubt in my mind. I can’t quite pinpoint it, but it’s there.

How does Aydin slot into Amanda’s history? Again, because everyone is shilly-shallying around the actual events, it’s difficult. People want to think that Amanda was tricked and misled by one evil demon from the age of 11 onwards, but it’s not that straightforward as we all know.

Maybe I’ll get round to working out how everything fits in, but for now it’s just a matter of wait and see.




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