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Nothing happening today, so another lazy post.

A few references to the Cappers from way back in history.

From the Daily Dot:

“As the Daily Dot reported Monday, Amanda Todd’s oblique connection to the group can be found in two videos, dating from Dec. 19 2010 and Dec. 10 2010. Importantly, the capper crowd didn’t seem to know Todd very well. The first video, which announced her appearance on the scene, calls her a “mystery girl” and wonders if the video might have been recorded and set on a loop.

A mysterious BlogTV girl named Amanda is said to flash her tits randomly at low view counts when she “feels horny.” She flashed twice this Thursday, the second one when she had over 90 viewers. Her account, which is named b33 has lasted for over a year and according to the stats she has over 33 live shows under belt … After she got off BlogTV chatters voiced their suspicions that Amanda was actually a video loop. Her repetitive unvaried movements and lack of sound certainly seem to support that suspicion. As does the fact that she disconnected before the chat, as one would do when one was changing from one loop to another.”

Way back then, I left this out of the blog as it seemed unlikely that Amanda was actually b33, but who knows?

And of course people were certain of who the real criminal was:

There has been a surprising lack of any coverage by the media so far, but I guess that it will all be waiting until Carol Todd turns up in court next week. I must admit that I find that a bit dodgy, as it adds a whole different feeling to the procedures and runs the risk of turning it into an emotional drama centred on Amanda, particularly as she is not involved in the current case. On the other hand, maybe it will be welcomed by all the victims as it adds dramatic weight to what seems to be an inevitable guilty verdict.

Carol’s blog shows a translation of some of the stuff.

Unless there is a miracle, it really looks like case closed on Aydin Coban now. Though it will be extremely tough to trace him all the way back to the initial appearances of Amanda online, it looks like he played a definite role. The reason I seem so reticent in condemning him straight off is that it doesn’t all fit well. As we can see, the fact that he is meant to be Kody Maxson throws it all up in the air. Carol Todd seems to be aware that it’s not as straightforward as all that too, saying in her blog somewhere (and in the media, I think) that it wasn’t just one person who brought her down, it was many.

The Dutch Supreme Court is announcing the result of Coban’s appeal against extradition today. I’m hoping he will be extradited as that will truly open up a can of worms, not only because the whole gruesome story will come out but also because the RCMP will have a few questions to answer about how badly they tackled the whole thing from December 2010 onwards. One of the things that has been mentioned in the Dutch court is compensation, ranging from a few hundred euros up to a few thousand, so will the RCMP have to pay for their mistakes?

What I’m not understanding at the moment is the shortage of interest in the case. An English and a Scottish girl are involved, but that’s not been picked up by anyone here apart from a brief article in the Daily Mail. There’s also another Canadian girl involved and at least one from the USA. At some point, the Press reported that the case wasn’t going to be international, but it makes me wonder why Amanda has been omitted and it also makes me question why the Dutch allowed Aydin to publish his ‘I am innocent’ letter.

The other thing I’m not getting is the time scales. Victims are saying that they flashed or whatever in 2008 but weren’t contacted until 4 years later. I don’t know why that would happen, unless Coban simply went back and re-visited old Capper videos.

I leave you with an opinion from one of Aydin’s victims. It’s completely trustworthy as I have verified it with the files that are in the hands of the the Dutch court. In fact, I think she’s already been quoted in the proceedings.

“ There will be hundreds and hundreds of girls who got blackmailed in the last few years, and every one of them would like to be able to blame Aydin Coban.”
I’m sure that is true. I believe that many of the girls want closure, so they will be quick to pin the blame on anyone they can for a cathartic emotional release, though they don’t actually have all the facts.
Especially because, yes, blackmailing is common amongst 4chan users.
I don’t see myself as an innocent victim, truly.
I wasn’t “seduced” into doing any of the things that I did. He contacted me afterwards. It was simply illogical actions I made in my youth in the year of 2010 as well, actually. He contacted me in 2012.
I also believe he did the same with the majority of the others (contacted them afterwards). I doubt that he was able to court young girls on a solo basis, but I do not believe that makes his crimes any less severe.
I could be wrong, but wasn’t Amanda streaming on web chat sites like Stickam/YouStream which broadcasts her video to multiple viewers at a time?
More than likely, she was swept up by the attention from a variety of people and her information was released afterwards which was used for blackmail; that’s my theory. That seems to be extremely common.
They’re so young; they don’t have a solid grasp of the concept of repercussions of actions because they don’t have the past experience to know and learn from.
I do not think an extremely young person (especially if they are undisciplined as in Jessica Leonhardt’s case) understands the concept of if you do A, B and C will happen because of it.
They don’t look into the future to reason that something will happen to them afterwards because they haven’t really experienced anything significant yet to learn from.
It goes without saying, children shouldn’t have unmonitored internet access while communicating with much older strangers whom can adeptly manipulate an inferior mind.
Though, in Amanda’s case, I may be wrong. He may have had different ways of going about it which are each unique to the victim. I say that because something that confused me when reading your posts was that he allegedly blackmailed people so that he could extort money from them.
If that was true, why was he contacting very young girls? Unless, he only extorted money from a select amount of victims… or he lied to throw people off of his trail, or so that he did not look to be a pedophile in the eyes of other people, though I do agree he is the type of person who enjoys being imprisoned.
Yes; the images were sent, and I did contact the authorities. He sent them to the school board and a select amount of my Facebook friends list (he said that if I did not cave in to do the shows, he would send the photos to the remaining amount of my friends list) which got me into a hindrance with the police for producing child pornography.
The authorities took control of my online accounts, destroyed the computer I used to produce the material, and they notified me that the account he used to contact me was accessed via the Netherlands and that they found this out from Facebook (this was in 2012), but that it was unlikely that they would be able to locate/arrest him.
I don’t know if I’m remembering correctly, but I think it had to do with laws as well as a lack of capability.
I began homeschooling after the events.
The FBI contacted me in 2014 of January; they came to my home, told me the person behind the Facebook account in which he used to contact me was in police custody and proceeded to fill me in on the details of the case.
I too was skeptical that it was truly him until they showed me the mugshot. They offered to fly me out to the Netherlands free of charge, but I declined.
A quote from him,
“just 9 days ago i got one arrested and shes now forbiden to use internet during the entire proces, her dad got arrested too cos he happened to have weed in the house, lulz.”
And when googling his Skype name, I found this thread. Clearly, he was not lying about having multiple victims.
It seems to me to be an act of sexual deviance; he seems to derive arousal by the act of having control over somebody “dirty” or weak and extorting pleasure from the emotional pain it causes.
He even made a Skype account to contact me with my name in the blank: “___’s master”
I also think he is a legitimate sociopath. I believe he is masquerading as an unassuming, quiet man; the type of person you would not expect.
I too agree sending a photo of himself is extremely foolish; I genuinely begged and pried it out of him every day until he did. Initially, he only sent a photo with half of his face and a paper with my name written onto it.
He would always accuse me of manipulating him in order to gain information, and it was obvious that being identified was something that invoked fear.
I believe the reason for why he befriended me was for a power play. Half for control, half for loneliness.
It is ridiculous, but he made me a deal (due to the fact that I was not agreeing to do the shows?) that is that if I befriended him, he would “let me off the hook”. He is clearly mentally ill.
I theorize that it was his way of regaining control; to gain something, because I did not seem to distraught when he sent the images to my friends.
Yet, he got it into his head that I was prying for information and sent them to the entirety of my friends list under a different aliases.
He stopped talking to me when I confronted him.
Then, he would proceed to come back under different aliases and send them to my friends list every few months. It stopped abruptly in January of 2014.
He admits that he hacks the neighbors Wi-Fi in the messages he sent me, and in his open letter, did he not claim that the router belonged to one of his former neighbors that was used to contact Amanda? That “anyone could access it?” Also, he revealed to me that there are 30,000 houses in his vicinity.
I do understand the skepticism as it is not very convincing; it’s solely my word. It could have been any 4chan user that contacted me in your eyes. If I located the photos of himself, it would be a different story in that regard.
I never knew of his literal age until the police told me he was 35 the time in which he was arrested.
I will try to locate the photos he sent to me.”
Now please people, at least give me some applause for bringing you exclusive information again.

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