Round and round we go.

Sheesh this is all so confusing.

I’ve been going back over some of the content of this blog, and it looks so weird. But then, it really is all too weird. In context of all the conflicting information that was flying around, it wasn’t surprising that it looked all so crazy.

So I’ll just quickly show some parts of the jigsaw.


This was a warning from Alice McAlister way back at the end of 2010. Alice gets mentioned in Carol’s blog:

“I also wish that I had continued the conversation with ‘Alice McAlister’ instead of ‘ignoring and not responding’.  I wish that the person behind the name ‘Tyler Boo’ had never existed.  I wish Amanda were alive.  Sadly, none of the three things can be changed — EVER!!”.

So Alice McAlister gives a warning that Amanda is in trouble and runs the risk of being blackmailed, which is fair enough. Then it turns out that Alice McAlister is (allegedly) Aydin Coban.

Then we get Austin Collins and the infamous Facebook account. He’s meant to be Aydin Coban.

Then we get Tyler Boo who is friends with Amanda on Facebook. He’s also Aydin Coban.

Alice McAlister, Austin Collins, Tyler Boo. All the same person. All Aydin Coban.

These pics are, as far as I know, in order.





Note that the above story is contradicted in Amanda’s tragic video, which tells us she was flattered. From one press piece at the time: “The horror began when a predator took advantage of an overly trusting 12-year-old. A pedophile who stalked young girls with webcams called her “stunning, beautiful, perfect,”.

Followed by what now seems to be an appalling response from the RCMP.

full rcmp

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