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A mixed post today.

Aydin Coban’s story is getting worse and worse.

“Aydin C is in jan. 2012 veroordeeld in België voor onder meer fraude. Hij kreeg 1 jaar cel. Of hij gezeten heeft is onduidelijk.”

Aydin C is Jan. 2012 sentenced in Belgium to include fraud. He was given one year sentence. Whether he has been unclear.” (This looks like he had changed a job permit/construction license – nothing pervey).

I don’t know what to make of that. Has he been in prison before? If it’s true, it puts him out of circulation for most of 2012, but still leaves it feasible that he was around at the time of Tyler Boo, which was late 2011.

His house was bugged, and he was listening to music with lyrics ‘Let’s dominate her..’.

He has five male victims – four English, one Australian. Nobody will have much sympathy with them, as they were allegedly enticed by an underage boy.

Carol Todd has arrived, but sits away from the Press.

The men were blackmailed and made payments to accounts linked to where Aydin Coban lived.

Aydin insists that the accounts belonged to a guy called Murat. The mysterious Murat is the guy who Coban knew, and who is supposedly the owner of the computer. So we can guess that Coban will claim it was all Murat. Whatever the plea, it’s extremely odd that Coban and Murat just happen to be in the same place, but then again being guilty just because your friend is a pervert won’t see him go to jail. Just who is Murat?

31,500 euros of Western Union transactions traceable to Coban. Coban disputes the photos that were taken at the cash points. He has a certain arrogance about him.

There are telephone records of Coban speaking with a Western Union point.

One of the men lost his job (but like I said, there’ll not be much sympathy).

There’s an odd reference to a welfare agency (one of the men was told he was paying a welfare agency?).

Emails found from Mark Cameron (aka Coban) with instructions and links to victim’s Facebook account.

There seems to be a fuss because all of this is new evidence.

We get some personal details about Aydin. He has three siblings. Turkish parents, not a practicing Muslim. He only has contact with his mother.

Bought cars. Started a business. Lost money….. Played guitar on streets for money..

Later works with computers, fixing stuff and building websites.

Lost a load of money invested in Turkey.

C. borrowed from the Grey Wolves money. Murat. 8000 euros. He went anonymous life because he could not pay the money back and is afraid of Murat.

The mysterious Murat and the Grey Wolves again. This is quite some tale.

How is C. ‘life? He wants to be free and therefore lives as anonymously as possible. “The fewer people you know, the less trouble.”

Friends say that C is helpful. “He is very helpful and does not like to hurt others. He’s very quiet. “

Friends can not believe that C. is guilty. C. said to have been popular in school. He has had several relationships.

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I’m still looking for this to be picked up by anybody outside of Holland, but there is still surprisingly little reaction from the Press. I was hoping they would be more helpful and do some of the translating for me.

Anyways. We’re still stuck in the Aydin Coban mire. He sure matches the profile for weirdos online, and seems to be clearly linked to various crimes. But who is Murat?

Jeez, it would be great if he just owned up to most of the nonsense, or at least told us who Murat is or where he is. It’s difficult to know just how good the evidence is, e.g. is it convincing enough to deal with someone who simply says “It wasn’t me it was Murat” all the time?

I’m guessing he’s been told to take a “No comment” approach until the end, when he seems to imply that all will be revealed, but unless he has something extraordinary to offer, I can’t see him getting away with it.

I’m guessing that there will be another couple of days of evidence just to ram it all home, which will be boring. Nothing interesting will happen until the final day, which is supposed to be February 15th. I’m not getting excited. He’ll deny it all, blame Murat, get sentenced, then probably appeal. I’m not sure if he is meant to be found guilty of the whole shebang, or if each case will be treated as a separate entity, which will make it even more confusing.

Until then….




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