Aydin Coban is innocent


I was caught out. I expected the court case to continue tomorrow, not yesterday.

As I haven’t had time to check it all out – there were a ton of tweets – it does seem intriguing, but I can only give brief details for now.

We still have the mysterious Murat. Coban still says the incriminating hard drive belongs to Murat.

One of the main sets of identities – Kelsey  – isn’t to be found on the computer.

Some of the IP addresses can’t be linked.

The surveillance gadgets were faulty, leading to stuff that was out of context.

More odd is that some of the online conversations took place when Aydin was in clink. That could be a game changer.

The connections were supplied by Facebook. From the Amanda Todd list, it looks like they might have been lazy and just listed every single contact Amanda had as being from Coban.

I’ll try to get more detail soon.

Carol Todd mentioned me. Well, she said I was a blogger from the UK. She also issued an invitation to meet her in Amsterdam.

Just for info – people in huge countries like the USA or Canada treat driving 100 miles to the shops as no big deal. In tiny England anything further than a mile is a big effort. So although Amsterdam is only 250 miles away, it may as well be on another planet. Bear in mind that 10% of kids on an estate in Brighton haven’t been to the beach (walking distance). Mind you, Amsterdam appeals to Englanders because it has drugs and prostitution. Carol should feel at home there – it’s just like Maple Ridge, or Norm’s holiday home.

7 thoughts on “Aydin Coban is innocent

  1. Hi, i just stumbled over your blog while doing some research about Amanda and her story.
    I have seen a couple of documentaries about Amanda/Anonymous/Kody and Ayden. And i really think Ayden is the bad guy in this story. In your last blog you wrote that the name Kelsey is nowhere to be found, but i saw in a dutch docu (made by “zembla” part of dutch cable television, and known to make good documentaries) that the dutch police arrested Ayden twice. The first time they had him to let him go, because lack of evidence, but they did had access to his computer and installed a keylogger. The police could see that Ayden immediately got on his computer when he was released, and went to “habo hotel” with the nickname Kelsey…. how is it possible that they can’t prove that name? About the ip-adresses: i don’t know what Operating system Ayden had installed on his computer, but i assume it was Windows. Wifi/Ethternet cards have a unique number, called a mac-address. In linux it is fairly simple to spoof those numbers, but in Windows it is kinda hard to do. Each modern router and access point have a so called system or kernel log, the AP’s on that bungalow park too, and otherwise the end-switch has such a log. Did the police took a peek in those devices?

    Keep it up,


    • Thanks for commenting.
      This whole thing is extremely difficult to work out, partly because it’s so crazy.
      The reference to Kelsey was in the defence. Though tons of Kelsey ids were mentioned, none were found on computer records.
      I think that the IP address problem splits in two – that Aydin wasn’t at the places, or that some were not his.
      It is also weird that some of the encounters happened while Aydin was in prison.
      For me, I accept that Aydin is guilty. The next big question to ask is just how and when he fits into the Todd story. Was he there from BlogTV days or later? One thing’s for certain – he didn’t coerce/flatter her into the flashing, but I think people want to believe that.

  2. Hi I’m one of the victims in the case. Weirdly I feel that the Amanda todd case dosent belong to the story either.. just wondering.. why are you so engaged in this case?

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