What happens next….Part 2

OK, so it’s a bit of a poor choice of video.

Aydin Coban has been sentenced, which is no surprise. There’s news of an appeal, but that’s no surprise either, as appeals can be a gravy train for lawyers. The appeal also looks a bit feeble, going for the inadmissible evidence approach (the keylogger) rather than some sort of miscarriage of justice.

The reporting has been drivel as usual, with most media just doing a lazy cut and paste job.

What really interests me is how the extradition to Canada (if it ever happens) will pan out, and how Aydin Coban will be placed in the chronology. The trouble is that the scenarios are just too great to predict.

Will the courts go for the story that Aydin was the prime mover of the whole thing, that it was him who either approached Amanda when she was 11, or flattered her when she was 12, or caught her on BlogTV?

Will the courts insist that Amanda was online simply due to threats from Aydin?

The 11 year old story is too outrageous to be true, and the BlogTV events disprove all the flattery thing, so they will go for a history far closer to the truth and almost exactly the same as the story from the Scottish girl in the prior post. So Aydin will have appeared on the scene post-BlogTV as AliceMcalister and then again as Tyler Boo after the ‘new material’ that the RCMP reported in 2011.

I was going to write a longer post as now there are a few latecomers to the blog. However, explaining everything for them is too tedious.

My only question now is: where does this leave Carol Todd? Will she try to persist with all the variations or finally admit that things aren’t quite as clear as she lets on? I would guess that it’s a quandary for her.

Anyways. We’ll have to wait and see.

One thought on “What happens next….Part 2

  1. he was not convicted of viewing or producing child porn, just for the blackmail
    its interesting that the max sentence is 10 years
    in similar cases in the states the perps have gotten between 20-40 years as they include the child porn charges
    maybe that part of his hard drive was still encrypted and they had no evidence
    i wonder why his defense atty didnt use the same tactic that many are using in the operation pacifier case
    in that case, the fbi installed malware into multiple computers with an invalid warrant and then refused to divulge how they did it or provide the software for analysis
    as a result, the courts forced them to drop the case(s) with prejudice
    but i dont know the rules of evidence in the netherlands, so it might be different
    as an aside, my congress just passed a bill that is going to make it easier for guys like coban to do the nasty things they do
    if signed into law (and trump is a degenerate, so he is sure to sign) isp’s will now be able to sell an individual’s browsing history to anyone
    isnt that genius

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