Holey moley! Danielle Bregoli


Oh well. I thought I had done well to avoid all this kind of crap, then up pops Danielle Bregoli in the Guardian this week.

What can I say? She’s a role model. She’ll make a few bucks, have her fame, then disappear into the pantheon of Internet heroes.

It says a lot about where we currently are at regarding idiot girls online – up shit creek, basically. I always get that surprised-but-not-surprised feeling. YouTube, Snapchat and the rest allow her to display highly sexualised images of herself with no attempt at control, then that sensationalist Dr. Phil gives her major publicity (in his defence, I think he expected her to be ashamed, but it kind of backfired, but it didn’t stop a second episode).


It’s frustrating for all those social activists out there. Warning after warning, meeting after meeting, then along comes another kid to set it all back about 10 years. She’s got fame, she’s got fans, she’s even got her own range of clothing, and she’s been in a dumbass music video. The aspirations shared by a ton of young girls.

As usual, there’s a plethora of thoughts about this. Do we blame ma and pa? Looking at developments in the last few months, it looks like the mother has caught the same attention-seeking bug, and I’m guessing that there is some form of ‘management’ in the background, as Danielle has had what the media call a make-under.

I think we can blame media outlets. As usual, most of the media has jumped upon the story to create clickbait in that hypocritical way of theirs. Let’s face it, Dr Phil and the others know it provides good viewing figures for all the wrong reasons. Knowing her age, Youtube should drop all the videos there are, and the Press should keep well away from what is essentially exploitation of a 14-year-old, even if it is masquerading as some sort of do-gooder intention. As for Snapchat, it was really founded as the place to go for sexting, boasting that its time limit on photos would make sure it was all safe. Yeah, good luck with that, as that went out of the window ages ago.

I notice that, especially in the UK, people are saying that social services would have piled in to stop this. However, what can they do? Can they prove that all this is harmful? Danielle must be getting adult help here, whether that’s from parents of some sort of Svengali type assistance, but she isn’t breaking any law. Danielle’s shenanigans fall short of child porn regulations (on the Wild Child scale of Internet naughtiness, she’s about 5 out of 10 for shock value), so maybe they need re-thinking? When people are getting jollies out of watching a kid twerking on YouTube, there is definitely something wrong.

There’s also the progressive dichotomy. I have read dumbass articles stating that kids should be allowed to choose their gender whenever they like (to the point of being able to demand gender reassignment), yet when kids like Danielle do what they do, it’s all about being too young to be able to make a decision. I’m kind of expecting some dumbass Radical Feminist to suggest that it’s all empowering, that Danielle has the right to do what she wants, and it’s all because Patriarchy.

So here I am, giving even more publicity to this girl. Well, how about that? Catch me outside.


7 thoughts on “Holey moley! Danielle Bregoli

    • Haha! I think she’s got some kind of speech defect, she has a problem with her retainer, she’s retarded or on drugs or a combination of all four.
      This tweet from her is classic:
      Danielle Bregoli‏ @DanielIeBregoli Mar 17
      How did Ed Sheerans album go #1 in 100 countries when there are only 7? Asia, Africa, Antartica Europe, North and South America
      That tweet is so dumb that I think it might be faked.

      • That sounds fake. She doesn’t seem retarded. Apparently she is talking ‘hood’ or some such nonsense. I feel sorry for her. Her dad is AWOL & her mum is a moron. The fame & money will add to her issues not help. She’s doomed 😦

  1. ”I’m kind of expecting some dumbass Radical Feminist to suggest that it’s all empowering, that Danielle has the right to do what she wants” Damn, you are a complete imbecile. Seriously, if you wanna talk shit about feminism, please leran the differences between libfem and radfem. And uh, feminists preach sexual freedom for women, not children (for your disappointment)

  2. why does someone who abuses a child get long prison terms, but a its ok for a dr phil to exploit this child for ratings
    sad little wigger needs to be removed from her idiot mother’s home

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