Amanda Todd wasn’t on her own



As the Coban trial continues, it gets more shocking. Apparently he had 204,000 porn pics on his hard drive, he was in trouble with the Grijze Wolven. As most of it is in Dutch it’s a pain to work out the details. Add in the thing about 7 gay Australians and it starts getting too weird.

Meanwhile I’ve reissued these pics from the catalogue. The clip is actually far worse than this can show and makes the BlogTV episode look mild. It’s really this clip that puzzles me most as it’s so far away from the ‘it was a brief flash’ storyline and involves another kid who was very much part of Amanda’s scene but never gets a mention.

Because of this clip, Amanda’s BlogTV shows and so on, it’s tough to match the current narrative of one action followed by years of torment.

Just in case anyone thinks this isn’t Amanda, then OK, you’re entitled to that. Just ask Carol Todd though – she’ll remember that Amanda had a pair of trousers (or ‘pants’ as they are called in the USA) with ‘CHEER’ written on the bottom. And she’ll recognise the soft toy. And Amanda’s old bedrooom.

It looks as if there are a few latecomers to the blog, so rather tediously I have to re-visit old news.

5 thoughts on “Amanda Todd wasn’t on her own

  1. I have a question maybe you can answer. All this travelling Carol todd does. Does the donations to ATL pay for it all. Because she travels ALOT. And from ppl I chat with on social media who’ve donated and spoken to her she only works part time so she’s made a career out of her daughter’s death. And has anyone asked who YouTube is paying for all the views of her daughter’s video ? I just don’t believe her story any more. It’s as though she won’t let her daughter rest because god firvif she might be out of the spotlight. And her money train will end. What do you believe Philip ?

    • She does do a lot of travelling. I can only guess that in some cases her expenses are paid by whoever she visits, but these days it looks like more of it is done by Skype.
      She works part time as far as I know, but maybe her partner earns money.
      At the very beginning, there were arguments because someone had copied the original video and was getting more views. Carol gets any copy of the video deleted. I’m not sure who gets any YouTube payments.
      Early on, Carol tried every way possible to make money – wrist bands, t shirts, hats, and at one point she suggested a cookbook.
      I think there is a fine line between doing good and making a career out of it. The ATL must have received a ton of cash at the beginning but apart from one or two things, we don’t have a clue what has happened to the money.
      However, bear in mind that cash is split two ways as far as I know – the Fund administered by the Vancouver charity people, and the ATL.
      I believe that Carol is addicted to the attention she gets. Lately she has tried to kickstart interest, but it’s petered out. But just wait and see what happens when/if the Aydin Coban trial happens. It is a shame that yet again all of Amanda’s past will be raked over again, but I think Carol thinks it’s all about her,and doesn’t care about Amanda’s memory being truly left to rest in peace.
      Thanks for commenting.

      • “I believe that Carol is addicted to the attention she gets.”

        Boy, the fruit didn’t fall far from that tree there, did it? Now wondering if behaviors like this can go back generations.

  2. The more I read about Carol I am now starting to think it is more to due with Carol now and not Amanda.

    I also believe the parents could have tried more to help compared to what they did.

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