One moment, One decision, One mistake.

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In my previous posts I talk often of my complicated view on technology. I love the possibilities and the connections, but I fear the side effects such as cyber bullying and blackmail. The online world can be a loving community or a horrible depressive leach. When used for good, sharing can be beneficial for yourself and others, but when misused it can spread lies, or be used to cause harm. One example of how sharing information using technology allowed for the harm of another is with the Bill Clinton affair. Monica Lewinsky worked for the president, they had an affair and someone was recording them. Later on, over 20 hours of audio had been recorded and shared with the public. The media was booming with stories, photos and suspicions. During her Ted Talk she discusses what she went through and the effects it had on her life She also explains…

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One thought on “One moment, One decision, One mistake.

  1. holy crap. they cant even get the lewinsky/clinton thing right. she didnt work for clinton. she was a whitehouse intern. the only reason she was actually working, was because of the government shutdown. the only recordings were of her spilling her guts to linda tripp….an evil woman. lewinsky was an adult and she acted like a kid. and so much for feminism when a woman cant take responsibility for choosing to give the president of the united states a bj

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