Media madness


Not sure what is going on here, as most of the news about it is from Indonesia.

This article is also pretty much insane.

Surely the people involved have to be retarded?

Following the first Guardian article, it gets even crazier.

‘She persuaded the student to wear a blindfold whenever they met, and wore a large strap-on prosthetic penis in order to dupe the woman into having penetrative sex.

The jury heard that the complainant not only wore the blindfold during sex but also for at least 100 hours when the pair were just hanging out – going for drives, sunbathing and even “watching” films together.’






One thought on “Media madness

  1. i dont understand the conviction.even if one consents under false pretenses, its still consent
    this is a travesty of justice
    lets take it another way
    lets say a transexual female tells the guy she is dating that she has always been a woman because he would never fuck her if she had once been a man
    can she be prosecuted too?

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