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I have been tempted to edit this blog to make it more readable, but to be honest I can’t be bothered. There isn’t much serious interest in Amanda Todd any more – the myth has stood the test of time, and most people have moved on.

Although this blog set out to show the full story of Amanda Todd it has, in some ways, failed. It is easily established that Amanda was more involved online than the infamous ‘just one mistake’ would imply, it’s not been possible to fully explain what really happened as it’s all too confused.

I used to get 1000 views a day, now I get about 200. Of those 200, maybe one person is genuinely interested in the story – the others are just bored kids looking for info. Of the 30 people per month who are actually interested, only 1 bothers to read more than a handful of posts. So this blog appeals to about 12 people a year – hardly worth the effort.

The standard of the blog is pretty poor. If I wrote anything sensible or went into any lengthy explanation, people got bored. If I wrote some trashy rubbish, more people paid attention.

Anyway. The important parts of the blog are mentioned below.

As far as possible, I provided evidence to back up everything I wrote. However, some links may now be to empty sites or deleted videos.

If you want to study the events chronologically, and see how evidence was gathered over a period of time, then maybe start at Day One. The blog is interspersed with bits of nonsense and some rants., most of it put in to relieve the tedium.

For me, one of the most important revelations of this blog is the chatlog  that basically disproves any ‘stalker’ reports:


This is a guide to what I think are the more useful posts. I have left all my original posts in the blog, but some of them are closer to personal rants than informative insights, so I have left those out.

An introduction for those who are new to the Amanda Todd story:


Amanda Todd’s history prior to the September video:


A description of the Amanda Todd photos/videos:


An inspection of the September video:


Events after the video and the events following the video:


Carol Todd – bad parenting





Amanda Todd’s activities – drink, drugs, sex and online exhibitionism:


The Daily Capper video that proves Amanda Todd was a ‘celebrity of sorts’:


Kody Maxson and pedophiles:


Kody Maxson/Anonymous and bad reporting:


Latest update.

The introduction of Aydin Coban into the mix has been confusing. I’ve reviewed the information time and time again, and it’s almost impossible to comprehend. I’ve written a lot in the blog.

5 thoughts on “A guide to this blog

  1. A well organized blog, with troubling information if true. Reading your blog is the same as reading a newspaper story – can readers believe it as fact? How can we know anymore what is truth, unless it is verified with evidence. In the end it may be the truth is only what makes sense.

    • If you read the blog carefully, you will see that I have posted evidence as much as possible. I have actually tended to leave a lot out if it can’t be verified, such as vitriolic stuff that may have been written by trouble-makers.
      Note that a lot of things come directly from Carol Todd, such as references to a video, not a photo, and things that she has actually written in her blog, such as the weed smoking and drinking.
      The chatlogs – perhaps the most interesting feature – well, the chances that they are fake is slim, given all the information I know. If you know things from research, you can even recognise at least one name from the log, even though it’s been half-covered. And ask yourself – why would anyone bother to go to such an extent to fake any of this, and if they did, why not make a better job of it. Also – do you think that I would have contacted the police so many times, and all of the BC MLAs if I was making stuff up?
      Also look – Carol Todd says most of the stuff herself, and, by changing the story so often, betrays the fact that not all is well.
      As with most stories, it’s what’s missing that is odd, and difficult to understand. No inquest results published; no details of the funeral (not even a slight mention of where/how); no information from the police; no arrests; nothing. At this late date, surely something would be announced?
      We know that BlogTV is true. We know that the videos are true. We know quite a lot that is true.
      To a certain extent, the absolute truth is unnecessary. We don’t exactly need to know what Amanda ate for breakfast. But what we DO know, e.g. Amanda’s addiction to the Internet and her behavioural problems, are important. This story should have been about a lot more, and could have been used in a much more serious fashion to combat the plethora of problems that 21st century teens are encountering. Instead, it’s just become a mish-mash of bits of a story, concentrating on bullying only, and if anything, by causing vigilante activity and possibly suicide ideation, may well have caused more trouble than it should have.
      If you think I haven’t supplied proper evidence, please let me know, and I will rectify that. Also note – photoshopping photos is easy, but with videos it’s nigh on impossible. There is nothing faked nor photoshopped here.
      Regarding the Press – can you show me, apart from the words of Carol Todd, just what evidence they provided? Did they mention BlogTV?
      Also – note the use of counter-proof. She was miserable, yet I have shown quite a few pictures of her quite happy at a time when she was meant to be inconsolably depressed. Look for evidence of cutting – none, and mother says she was prevented from doing it. Look for evidence of social anxiety and agoraphobia, then see her performing at live events and on YouTube.
      It’s up to you to believe what you want – all I’m asking is that you apply some amount of reason and research.
      And again – if you don’t believe it, then just think of the Megan Meier case. Who would have believed that if her parents hadn’t persisted? Things are never as straightforward as we would like them to be.

  2. Hi,

    I was one of the victims, as the police have told me, of Aydin Coban.

    He did attack people, and he did do horrible things to them. I was one of his youngest victims.

    Most everything you have posted is factual, but some things don’t line up to what I’ve been told.

    Good blog by the way. Keep documenting.

  3. Hi,

    I`ve read now the last 3 days your blog. English language ist not my strongest but the case Amanda Todd is still for me actual. I don`t know why but for me is this “story” of the stalker not “to trust”. I think that her friends made a big part in this bullying, it`s just a feeling. and also i think that even when it is not good to speak about dead people Amanda did her part to this. there to many questions open. Keep up your good work thanks for your blog.

    But i suppose we will never find out the real truth

    • Willkommen. Wie geht’s?
      You are right. We will never really know the full truth. I hope you find most of this blog easy to understand (I have a tendency to use too much slang, I think).
      Auf wiedersehen.

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