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When I first started this blog some years ago, the whole Amanda Todd story was a confusing mass of speculation. To be honest, it still is, especially after the Aydin Coban stuff.

It was clear that the story that has become accepted – that Amanda was tricked into one instance of flashing and so on – was almost completely untrue and that there was far more to it.

It was a personal quest for me, really. I felt that the Amanda Todd story was the perfect example of so many problems facing teens, and that the only way for anyone to learn from it was to know the truth, and that they types of problems facing Amanda – such as the use of social media by naive young girls and the existence of exploitative websites – should be brought out into the open and discussed.

I wanted to draw attention to certain things that were not covered by the media and ask a few questions, of which these are just a few:

1. Is it not important to look at the problems of Amanda’s drinking and drug taking?

2. Whilst acknowledging the existence of predators, is it not important to investigate the fact that many young people are, from a very young age, exposing themselves online for fun and putting themselves in danger?

3. Surely it’s important to study the underlying factors – such as parental dysfunction, the sexualisation of children – that all contributed to the tragedy?

4. Was it really wise to set Amanda Todd up as a role model? Did that encourage copycat activity?

5. Should governments seek to control chatrooms and video websites much more?

The subheading of this blog puts it all more succinctly.

Unfortunately, it appears that nobody wanted to engage with any discussions about what really happened. People don’t really want to think that young girls might be exhibitionists, or that young girls might be sexually active, or bullies, or drug users. They want to maintain a fairy-tale view of life.

I came across the Amanda Todd video purely by chance. Like most people, I was struck by its poignancy. However, after seeking further news, I became firstly confused by all the criticism of her, and then became more perplexed by all the inconsistencies in the story. She talks of ‘one photo’, yet several videos of her were being published; she talks of being tricked by one lone man, then we find her flashing in chatrooms with more than 150 viewers; the cops arrive in December 2010, but we find the public complaining to the authorities in October/November 2011.

I decided to properly research, and soon found out that almost the entire Amanda Todd story, as told by her and then her mother, is essentially a pack of lies. Extraordinary.

I began this blog as a sort of online conversation with myself, as I could not quite understand how or why this myth remained so strong. Part of me wanted to believe that Amanda was an innocent led astray, or that her parents had done everything they could to protect her, but the story went further and further away from that premise.

Throughout the blog you will find references to Megan Meier, Hannah Smith, Daniel Perry and others. The main aim of this blog became not one of finding the Amanda Todd true story, but one of trying to get people to realise that there are far more problems concerning children’s online behaviour than just cyberbullying. Unfortunately, I think that only a very few readers are here to try to understand that – the vast majority are looking for salacious gossip.

Unfortunately, the blog became a mess. It still remains the only source of information that cannot be found elsewhere, and is the closest to being the true story. I have considered tidying it up, but to be honest it’s not worth the effort. Not that many people are interested enough any more.

Note: at one point I did consider that the final tragic end of Amanda may have been a lie. This was because I simply couldn’t believe that such a vulnerable child wasn’t put under close supervision, and that perhaps the only solution would have been to give her a new identity. This conspiracy theory sort of opinion weakened my portrayal of the story, but I have left it in as it remains part of the history of the blog.

Latest update:

The amount of conflicting information surrounding the Todd story is enormous. Though the ‘one photo’ legend still persists, most people now acknowledge that there was more to it. The most difficult part now revolves around Aydin Coban, and I really have no clue about how true that all is. It’s too much to explain here, so I guess you’ll have to read the blog posts.

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22 thoughts on “Reasons for this blog

  1. Hi, I agree to you in following things:

    1.) Amanda should be protectet by her parents (for such sides)
    2.) The “angel” story of her is not true..there is something that is unlogical..
    3.) It has never been explained who she was…I think a mix of: naive child, and a young girl that was looking for contacts (friends)
    4.) The story of the is possible..but hard to belivie (for me)

    Rest in peace Amanda but the story got`s for me an taste of “strange”..that the offical side is telling

    • Thanks for commenting. I think the story is now drawing to a close. Not many people are interested in it now. I think you are right in what you say, but I guess we will never find out the truth for certain.

  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. If you allow me I will write down a text about the “Amanda” Case and give you for your side. My interest comes from my (future) job..I`m social worker right now…and for my promotion to “offical” social worker I need to write a “homework” to 2nd January 2014. In Europe Amandas case is still often named..but also here the story got`s an big “?”…

    Also my interest comes from an other “event”: I haven´t travelled a lot in my life..but I was in Canada/BC/Vancouver.on my last day last year I`ve read in the newspaper: Girl hanged at home because of Cyber Mobbing..that is onliest I`ve known until yesterday before I found your side.

    • Guten Abend! Wie geht’s?
      If you want to write about this sort of thing, it’s a BIG task. Megan Meier is a strange story; Aurora Eller is even worse. If you want to just focus on Amanda Todd, it’s difficult.
      It has been suggested that Sigmund Freud was so flabbergasted by what went on in Viennese society that he couldn’t reveal the information in case he would cause too much trouble, therefore he wrote of ‘theories’ like Oedipus and Electra. Times haven’t changed.
      There is a very ingrained belief that all girls are innocent, and if they aren’t, then there is something wrong or it is someone else’s fault. And this is part of the problem. If you dare to suggest that young teen girls can act just as badly as adults, people bury their heads in the sand or deny it all and, worst of all, anyone who says this gets treated like some sort of pervert or potential pedophile.
      There is also a huge amount of animosity from women. Instead of thinking clearly, they race to blame fathers, ‘predators’ and so on, desperately trying to avoid the core issue – that young girls, especially nowadays, are sexually precocious and know what they are doing.
      Trying to find good data is very difficult. No academic will touch the Todd story because it is too complicated. And no serious person wants to be seen as the person who destroys the myth of the little angel. Also, especially in the UK, press standards dictate that a lot of the details are not mentioned for fear of copycat behaviour. Here, unlike in Canada, we seem to have learned that talking of suicide causes suicide ideation, and that talking of things like and Omegle only acts as publicity.
      What really blew my mind was when the new trend of ‘digital self harm’ was mentioned. I had noticed that some of these young girls actually provoke and invite negative attention – note that the Todd video says something like ‘I expect haters’, so she must have had an inkling that it would cause bother.
      If you are writing a paper about Amanda, then you have to be careful, as the story appears to be so full of contradictions. My theory is that the stalker never existed, and that she made it up, and I have found nothing to prove that this stalker was ever present. However, being able to state that as a fact is impossible. The house moves are another red herring, as is most of the story.
      AS for the bullying aspect, that is odd. Amanda was before days, but there was still an aspect of her asking for trouble. The bullying came not from anonymous sources, but through her own profile and, therefore, her ‘friends’. She left the remarks on her profile for some time, which is odd, as they could have been quickly deleted. It has also been rumoured that she had her own Facebook page adorned with flirtatious and provocative pictures of her as a ‘fan’ page (this page would be the one that she said her stalker made, possibly).
      The Amanda Todd story is more one of detective work than anything else.
      In the later part of her life, I can give you a theory of what happened:
      She went in to therapy, where she was encouraged to talk and write about drug abuse and cyber bullying (she has samples of work on Prezi). However, by this time, she had concocted the story of ‘I was tricked’ and her therapists believed it, not bothering to do the online research that everyone has done now. Remember – it would take a very hard-hearted therapist to question the statements of a pretty, innocent girl.
      I believe that she was encouraged to do the September video as a cathartic and explanatory exercise. She was still in therapy at the time, and it would have taken a lot of time and effort to construct this video – something that maybe she wasn’t capable of doing on her own.
      What the therapists didn’t realise was that it would only make things worse.
      I have an outlandish theory that she is still in care, but if she is dead, then it was because of being dumped by her boyfriend. I think we can say that for certain. Kids are pretty resilient, and there is a lot of evidence to show that Amanda was going out and enjoying herself and that most of the bully stuff had been forgotten, if not resolved.
      If you choose Amanda Todd as your homework, it will be difficult, simply due to the lack of facts. It’s impossible to make any recommendations based on the story, as we don’t know what really went on. For me, there are several points to examine:
      What was the influence of the parental split? In nearly all cases, there is family discord. It’s possibly the one constant factor.
      Was father a suspect? As in the Aurora Eller case, this has not been really examined. There is a huge likelihood that somewhere along the line, father knew what was going on.
      The cheerleader aspect. Was it really wise to essentially tell a girl to flaunt herself from an early age, in sexually provocative poses? Was it this urge to perform that led her to the Internet?
      What was mother’s impact? Was she living vicariously through Amanda?
      There are probably many more aspects to consider, like the influence of drugs and alcohol, and their ability not just to create mood swings, but to lower inhibitions regarding sex and exhibitionism.
      However, I would like to sort of sign off with this thought. Is it time we moved the age of adulthood down in some cases? In the Amanda Todd story, you can see a lot of confusion. When it suits them, Amanda is ‘a young woman’, capable of forming ‘relationships’, making the choice to indulge in drink, drugs and sex and so on. But when it comes to masturbating online she’s just an ‘innocent child’ who lacked the ability to make good choices. You can’t have it both ways.
      Adults don’t like the idea that their kids can be sexually active, taking drugs or drinking. They close their eyes tight when their kids go out, and keep their fingers crossed that nothing will happen, knowing full well that it is increasingly unlikely that their precious daughter is a virgin beyond 14. In all the shock-horror stories like Rehteah Parsons, Amanda, Aurora Eller and so on, the parents’ response has been one of incredulity – ‘Oh my God! Our teenage daughter went out, got drunk with a load of guys and got assaulted!’ – as if this sort of thing is a rarity, not almost an every day occurrence. With Carol Todd, Amanda’s sexual behaviour, her drinking and drug taking were seen as the norm – Carol never expressed any worry about it, even though her daughter was, literally, digging her own grave.
      Basically, what I am suggesting is that people wise up and start treating kids – once they hit puberty – as young adults, not some imagined bunch of innocent Garden of Eden inhabitants. As soon as people realise that even the youngest of kids (Jose Reyes in Nevada, for instance) are capable of the same crimes and behaviour as adults, we might get somewhere. Until then, every parent will imagine that little Johnny and little Jane still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy – even when John’s shot up the classroom and Jane’s pregnant!
      Marcel – if you want more help, let me know and I will contact you privately with any help I can give. Just remember to cite me in your research!

      • Except that we know Amanda IS dead. That the stalker DOES exist, and that she was not his first victim. Aside from all that, no matter what her behaviour was/may have been, that doesn’t give anyone the right to torment and blackmail her. THAT is the point YOU seem not to get. Imbecile.

      • OK. Just one question – who is the stalker? Please – just stop believing all this nonsense. You know that all the rest of the story is false, so what exactly do you choose to believe? And try not to be rude. It’s unnecessary.

  3. Hallo, danke es geht mir gut! How are you doing 😀

    I will start my homework around December 2012 so I got a little time to choose. My main problem is: I totally agree with your
    theory. I also found nothing about a stalker. In Germany I don`t find one File about the Stalker..I got with this one question:

    Without the first suspect (Anonymus Propaganda) has been there so far anyone arrested for this? Is the “man” found? In german wikipedia
    it`s told that someone different has been arrested for this. Is this true?

    You are absolutley right: The children grow up with so many possibilitys: Internet, Playstation… the way: do you ever
    thought maybe about an other possibilty: Maybe Amanda was addicted by Internet and Handy..or only Internet (so it seems to me). It is very
    easy to get this illness..I played for my own for years World of Warcraft (12h day). Little girls, or maybe I say better: “little Ladies”..have many
    dreams..and one of the most dreams is: Staying in the middle, beening beautiful, beeing important.

    I also must speak one point: The parents of Amanda…they have been divorced? If so…then I understand a lot of…a child`s reaction not having both
    parents at home can be very extremly, for a child it is the hell on earth to loose one of the parents and every child reacts on her own

    I saw all your movies (that has been avalible) and all the pics..I only can`t open the one on motherless..but to say true it sounds for me
    very strong about child pornography. I would like to see it, but then I`m judged at least to a pedophile. All your researches brings me to the following point:
    There was defintley not enough attention to this girl.

    And there is one more thing: On the “nXXX” pics you see one thing to 100%, she don`t let it..she did it more then
    1 time. This is to 100% sure and this is why I don`t belivie the offical story. I got two theroies:

    1.) Amanda was “the little princess” and wanted to have one thing that she don`t got from her parents: Attention. Then she went online and is getting
    famous in the internet..her girlfriends make with her this”fun”. Then really someone comes on the line and says: Show..or pics out. She don`t do it..and
    prefers to hide and lie (to her parents). Then comes the “big crash” when the police was at 4 am at her house (4 AM??? FOR A PIC????)..hard to belivie.
    She went in therapy..made this video..and then saw that no one forgives her. And then her boyfried leaves her…that was the “last” piece for Amanda.

    2.) Amanda was at the age of 8 or 9 when parents get she had no one to control/watch at her..her mother or father: then take the computer
    she did..and the rest is easy (for me): Making this pics…using at facebook…judged. Boyfriend leaves her..she wents into therapy..made this video..and saw no one
    forgets what she has done. Someone has tooked the photo during the chat..”the old story” (stalker, ect) made by Amanda herself (maybe helped by mother) and saw again
    no chance to quit out of it..and then she saw no way out.

    I would like to bring your attention on a video on Youtube: von “Blaulichtfilmer Rostock” AManda Todd…look at all the pics he tooked into the video: There is NOT ONE
    where she is hurt on her arms..only one pic where she is crying (it seems so). And some of the pics don`t seem to be very old..

    Amanda Todd seems to be a really hard detective work..I would like to research more. But I think without a really investigation by police or offical side this case never
    will be solved to 100%. Forgive me my bad english..haven`t written it for years.

  4. A long reply! I will get back to you with a longer answer, but for now:
    The stalker is hard to believe, and I have covered it here in the blog in more detail. No-one has been arrested. The accused was ready to appear in Court in Canada, and is not the best of people. It is likely that he knew Amanda (it looks like everyone within a 100 mile radius knew of her) and may even have encountered her online. But I think we can dismiss the stalker accusation as lies. The chatlogs make it very much clearer that the videos ‘escaped’ due to her friends finding out.
    I don’t think that Amanda was addicted to the Internet as such. I think she was addicted to getting attention from people – cheerleading, singing, partying, sex, anything to get attention. The Internet provided the perfect outlet for her. And it was an addiction – the more she showed, the more she had to show next time. A few likes were enough at the beginning, but she had to get more. Even the suicide attempts were attention seeking – ask yourself this: how did the kids know all about it, as she could have kept it quiet. Even the September video made sure that everyone knew she was Amanda Todd!!
    Parents got divorced. Always a problem. Especially when Amanda chose to live with father, which must have annoyed Carol tremendously. Then of course, you get the parental competition about who can be seen as the coolest parent, e.g. which parent allows most freedom.
    You write ‘for a child it is the hell on earth to loose one of the parents’. I’ll let you into a minor secret here – I lost both my parents at such a young age that I often say that I never had parents. So yes, I can confirm that.
    The term ‘child porn’ is too strong. There is a huge difference between flashing and child porn, and this sometimes clouds the issue. If it’s true, then half the kids on the planet are pornographers.
    You are correct with some of your observations, but I believe that no-one ever said ‘perform or pics out’. The chatlogs would confirm that. Amanda knew that this stuff went on, and was clever enough to use that as an excuse.
    I’ll get back to you later.

  5. Hi, the chatlogs I can only read hardly..the solution is so small so I can`t say many about it. I also saw only a few videos from her and the pics. Do you can tell me a little bit about it?

    the 1-2 logs that I could read say many to me 😉

    Beeing addicted for getting interest from people has mostly with self-complexes to do I think. The pics that I saw show mostly a happy young girl..oh! by the way: I totally agree that Amanda was clever! No Irony, she knowed how to get good pictures and getting more interesting (Crapper Awards!) I agree totally that she knowed what she did!

    I think this would be also a theroy:

    The attention, that she don`t got`s from her parents (in one interview the father sayed he needs to do a lot of work) she get`s from the one day she had trouble at school with a friend. Then the picture comes out..she realizes what she has done. Quits the shit, but is falling back. Taking drugs, Marijuhana i btw can I tell you a secret? it is no problem to get it in canada :P..even as tourist.

    However, taking drugs..and then she get`s psychosis..thinks no one likes her, but “want” more..more attention because the parents have no time don`t see the problem. And at one point the friends say: enough…this girl just wants to be always important. It makes no fun with her.. quit. With this video the doctors make more worst…she has enough.

    I think also it sounds for me a little bit like a illness..I only know the german at now: Aufmerksamkeitssyndrom…(Hyperactive?)..this can come out in many variations. This are only minds from me..but at the end there is one question..that is open for me..the friends..what they told
    about her? Is there anything that you can say to me about it?

    Bye for today!

    • If you click on the pics on the chatlogs, you can either see them a bit bigger or copy them to a file and expand them (Paint, perhaps).
      Try ‘Histrionic Personality Disorder’. Or simple narcissism. But don’t over-complicate things. Naughty kids are suddenly all ADHD; kids who are a bit slow are suddenly all victims of some new syndrome or other. Are so many kids REALLY dyslexic, autistic, psychotic? OK, there may be some, but why so many? Maybe, just maybe, it’s convenient to try to label kids’ behaviour, and not look at the causes, which may be a lot more simple. Is being naughty really an illness? Are parents trying to eradicate normality because it’s more convenient to have a kid on Ritalin than one who may need a bit more attention? You will know that I come down heavily on the side of bad parenting, not mental aberrations. She was just out of control.
      Regarding the reports from friends: many of them who may have been involved with the bullying suddenly said ‘I was her friend’ or ‘She was great’ – it’s amazing what death does for a reputation. However, there were several comments online, including quite a long letter, that said she was truly awful, a bully and a boaster. Due to the repetition of these types of phrases, I tend to believe them.
      It is almost impossible to give every view here, but I have looked at everything closely. It would be possible to argue that there was some bi-polar things – e.g. she could be happy one minute, then down the next. However, it simply does not bear investigation. She was partying, singing, dancing and so on. My guess is that when she was told off or prevented from doing what she wanted, she simply went into a sulk which people called ‘depression’ when it wasn’t. Therefore, she would retreat to her room until she got her own way. It’s called emotional blackmail, and teens are experts. But be careful. The trend in social care is to err on the side of the child. If you say anything like ‘She should have been punished’ or imply that she was, indeed, just a very clever twister of emotions, you run the risk of being seen as a cold-hearted devil. Social workers, I believe, love to see kids as victims, not as junior criminals. There comes a time when a simple answer – that Amanda simply just wasn’t a nice person – is usually the real answer. But society doesn’t like to think that young girls are simply not nice, and prefer to find long-winded explanations to make everything look different. If we have reached a point when a young girl (Hannah Smith) can be diagnosed with PTSD because she had her phone confiscated, it’s gone a bit too far, don’t you think?
      Note: the friends who were so eloquent about Amanda’s innocence were the ones who participated in the flashing – Shylah, Bianca and the rest of the crew.

  6. I think there are many questionmarks for me…the role of the friends..I saw now the Logs and also the facebook entry “how mean kids can be”…well I`m not sure at the moment…I think maybe she has been stalked…but not from a “secret” stalker..more on saturday from me

  7. Hi, I saw the last video (on Motherless). It was a woman that came in around 6:00. The style of the hair reminds me on carol todd, I`m pretty sure of this. She don`t looks sad and there are defintley no damages that she must have from cutting while she is “on air”. I expect she is 12 or 13 but so far I don`t see something that one more has been in the room with Amanda. The poses and so on reminds me very strong to a webcam girl, or I say better: The beginning of it. She seems to enjoy and I agree more and more to your theory..but my point is also that she don`t expected the consequences. Naive girl…

    • I’m not sure of the date of the videos. However, what we do know is that she was still online AFTER the police arrived in December 2010, so she must have been aware of something. That is why the story is so peculiar – just how or why did she continue, and still get complaints from the public in November 2011?
      The flashing on BlogTV took place November/December 2010 when she was 14, and I think the Motherless video was after that.
      What you also have to remember is that the flashing, although it figures strongly, was NOT really the main factor in her troubles. Most of the real enmity came AFTER the episode when she slept with the boy, which must be around early 2012. That’s what caused the physical attack and the following remarks. Her September video simply reactivated her whole past – something which had virtually been forgotten in the teen world, where memory is short. I can almost guarantee that if she had not done that video, everything would have been OK. And I think she was encouraged to do the video by other people – surely even she would have known to let things just fade, surely?

      • not for an attention getter like amanda todd. because i am not a cute girl, i blog.

        all the flak you got, that’s cos you “stalked” gei for 2013. the FBI has to confiscate her computers to see if they could bust Kody. The Child Protection Services lady got in her face, and nearly called her a liar. She shot back “The FBI has all my computers and phone. If I had what you accuse me of, the FBI would have gotten back to us.”

        but that 2013 Dec tell all ended abruptly cos EnigmaHood’s phone died. Like he has a computer with USB and doesn’t know how to set his phone not to turn on MTP mode but charge mode.

  8. Man, why do this? How could you say that her story isn’t true, that she wasn’t a likeable person? Have you ever stopped to think that she was only 11 years old when committed the error that led her to death?

    For me, Amanda was a person who liked to make friends, but was naive. The stalker existed, she wasn’t capable to fake that. In a conversation with her, ‘Tyler Boo’ made it clear he is not an amateur. After her death, the police investigated, I think they would discover that the accounts were hers, if was the case.

    Her parents made mistakes too, allowing a child to have so much access to the internet and to talk with strangers on webcam. She started to use drugs and drink alcohol only after the depression (that appeared because of the blackmail and the bullying).

    Well, I guess she wasn’t completely alone as she says in the video, but the few friends were just not enough. Amanda Todd was strong for years, but she lost the will of live, because she wasn’t able to do that photo disappear. And took her own life to make the pain go away.

    You’re free to believe what you want. I just wanted to register my opinion.

    • Bom dia! Thanks for commenting. It would be pointless to argue with you in any way, as you firmly believe that it was only one photo. The great thing about Amanda’s story is that it can be anything anyone wants it to be.

      • I didn’t said that I “firmly believe that it was only one photo”. It’s a fact that there’s more than one photo. But I’m curious on why you think that there wasn’t a stalker. Do you have any theories about that? The Facebook Security report states that he’s “high skilled in cover his tracks”. Couldn’t be Amanda.

      • A lenda ‘Stalker’ é algo como isto:
        Um homem enganado Amanda para piscar, então empurrado para mais e mais ao longo de vários meses.
        Minha versão é que Amanda certamente não foi enganado por ninguém (a maioria das pessoas sabe disso). Isso é uma certeza. Depois disso, ele se torna mais difícil saber o que aconteceu.
        A partir de uma série de pesquisas, parece que um capsulador pode muito bem ter colocado o vídeo de Amanda em um site pornô, mas a razão por que a notícia se espalhou tão rapidamente ao redor sua cidade natal era porque seus amigos / colegas descobriram, e passou todas as informações entre si mesmos. Lembre-se de que era pai de um miúdo que inicialmente disse à polícia em dezembro de 2010, após a descoberta das evidências no computador de seu filho.
        Uma vez que Amanda era famoso – tanto on-line no mundo da webcam e na vida real como o pisca-pisca de série online – qualquer pessoa, ou várias pessoas, poderia ter assediado ela.
        Porque Amanda era uma idiota, ninguém online saberia praticamente todos os detalhes de sua existência on-line através do Facebook, YouTube e BlogTV, de modo que qualquer indivíduo poderia persegui-la.
        O relatório de segurança Facebook é uma das peças mais duvidosos de evidência. Basta perguntar a si mesmo: os policiais estavam assistindo Amanda partir de 2010, que elevou sua vigilância em Maio de 2011, que elevou-lo novamente em novembro de 2011, eles tinham muitos policiais trabalhando nisso a partir de outubro 2012 em diante ainda de informações Facebook transformou-se até 2014? É que realmente credível?
        Para os policiais, todas as pessoas on-line é “altamente qualificado”.
        Além disso – Acho Austin Collins é o irmão de Amanda.

        The ‘stalker’ legend goes something like this:
        A man tricked Amanda into flashing, then pushed for more and more over several months.
        My version is that Amanda certainly wasn’t tricked by anybody (most people know that). That’s a certainty. After that,it becomes more difficult to know what happened.
        From a lot of research, it appears that a capper may well have put Amanda’s video on a porn site, but the reason why the news spread so quickly around her home town was because her friends/peers found out, and passed all the information between themselves. Remember that it was a kid’s parent who initially told the police in December 2010 after they discovered the evidence on their child’s computer.
        Once Amanda was famous – both online in the webcam world and in real life as the serial online flasher – any one person, or several people, could have harassed her.
        Because Amanda was such an idiot, anyone online would know virtually every detail of her online existence through Facebook, YouTube and BlogTV, so any individual could stalk her.
        The Facebook security report is one of the most dubious pieces of evidence. Simply ask yourself: the cops were watching Amanda from 2010, they upped their surveillance in May 2011, they upped it again in November 2011, they had many cops working on it from October 2012 onwards yet no Facebook information turned up until 2014? Is that really credible?
        For the cops, every person online is ‘highly skilled’.
        Besides – I think Austin Collins is Amanda’s brother.

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