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A mixed post today.

Aydin Coban’s story is getting worse and worse.

“Aydin C is in jan. 2012 veroordeeld in België voor onder meer fraude. Hij kreeg 1 jaar cel. Of hij gezeten heeft is onduidelijk.”

Aydin C is Jan. 2012 sentenced in Belgium to include fraud. He was given one year sentence. Whether he has been unclear.” (This looks like he had changed a job permit/construction license – nothing pervey).

I don’t know what to make of that. Has he been in prison before? If it’s true, it puts him out of circulation for most of 2012, but still leaves it feasible that he was around at the time of Tyler Boo, which was late 2011.

His house was bugged, and he was listening to music with lyrics ‘Let’s dominate her..’.

He has five male victims – four English, one Australian. Nobody will have much sympathy with them, as they were allegedly enticed by an underage boy.

Carol Todd has arrived, but sits away from the Press.

The men were blackmailed and made payments to accounts linked to where Aydin Coban lived.

Aydin insists that the accounts belonged to a guy called Murat. The mysterious Murat is the guy who Coban knew, and who is supposedly the owner of the computer. So we can guess that Coban will claim it was all Murat. Whatever the plea, it’s extremely odd that Coban and Murat just happen to be in the same place, but then again being guilty just because your friend is a pervert won’t see him go to jail. Just who is Murat?

31,500 euros of Western Union transactions traceable to Coban. Coban disputes the photos that were taken at the cash points. He has a certain arrogance about him.

There are telephone records of Coban speaking with a Western Union point.

One of the men lost his job (but like I said, there’ll not be much sympathy).

There’s an odd reference to a welfare agency (one of the men was told he was paying a welfare agency?).

Emails found from Mark Cameron (aka Coban) with instructions and links to victim’s Facebook account.

There seems to be a fuss because all of this is new evidence.

We get some personal details about Aydin. He has three siblings. Turkish parents, not a practicing Muslim. He only has contact with his mother.

Bought cars. Started a business. Lost money….. Played guitar on streets for money..

Later works with computers, fixing stuff and building websites.

Lost a load of money invested in Turkey.

C. borrowed from the Grey Wolves money. Murat. 8000 euros. He went anonymous life because he could not pay the money back and is afraid of Murat.

The mysterious Murat and the Grey Wolves again. This is quite some tale.

How is C. ‘life? He wants to be free and therefore lives as anonymously as possible. “The fewer people you know, the less trouble.”

Friends say that C is helpful. “He is very helpful and does not like to hurt others. He’s very quiet. “

Friends can not believe that C. is guilty. C. said to have been popular in school. He has had several relationships.

Follow the story:




I’m still looking for this to be picked up by anybody outside of Holland, but there is still surprisingly little reaction from the Press. I was hoping they would be more helpful and do some of the translating for me.

Anyways. We’re still stuck in the Aydin Coban mire. He sure matches the profile for weirdos online, and seems to be clearly linked to various crimes. But who is Murat?

Jeez, it would be great if he just owned up to most of the nonsense, or at least told us who Murat is or where he is. It’s difficult to know just how good the evidence is, e.g. is it convincing enough to deal with someone who simply says “It wasn’t me it was Murat” all the time?

I’m guessing he’s been told to take a “No comment” approach until the end, when he seems to imply that all will be revealed, but unless he has something extraordinary to offer, I can’t see him getting away with it.

I’m guessing that there will be another couple of days of evidence just to ram it all home, which will be boring. Nothing interesting will happen until the final day, which is supposed to be February 15th. I’m not getting excited. He’ll deny it all, blame Murat, get sentenced, then probably appeal. I’m not sure if he is meant to be found guilty of the whole shebang, or if each case will be treated as a separate entity, which will make it even more confusing.

Until then….




Round and round we go.

Sheesh this is all so confusing.

I’ve been going back over some of the content of this blog, and it looks so weird. But then, it really is all too weird. In context of all the conflicting information that was flying around, it wasn’t surprising that it looked all so crazy.

So I’ll just quickly show some parts of the jigsaw.


This was a warning from Alice McAlister way back at the end of 2010. Alice gets mentioned in Carol’s blog:


“I also wish that I had continued the conversation with ‘Alice McAlister’ instead of ‘ignoring and not responding’.  I wish that the person behind the name ‘Tyler Boo’ had never existed.  I wish Amanda were alive.  Sadly, none of the three things can be changed — EVER!!”.

So Alice McAlister gives a warning that Amanda is in trouble and runs the risk of being blackmailed, which is fair enough. Then it turns out that Alice McAlister is (allegedly) Aydin Coban.

Then we get Austin Collins and the infamous Facebook account. He’s meant to be Aydin Coban.

Then we get Tyler Boo who is friends with Amanda on Facebook. He’s also Aydin Coban.

Alice McAlister, Austin Collins, Tyler Boo. All the same person. All Aydin Coban.

These pics are, as far as I know, in order.





Note that the above story is contradicted in Amanda’s tragic video, which tells us she was flattered. From one press piece at the time: “The horror began when a predator took advantage of an overly trusting 12-year-old. A pedophile who stalked young girls with webcams called her “stunning, beautiful, perfect,”.

Followed by what now seems to be an appalling response from the RCMP.

full rcmp

Nothing new

Nothing happening today, so another lazy post.

A few references to the Cappers from way back in history.



From the Daily Dot:

“As the Daily Dot reported Monday, Amanda Todd’s oblique connection to the group can be found in two videos, dating from Dec. 19 2010 and Dec. 10 2010. Importantly, the capper crowd didn’t seem to know Todd very well. The first video, which announced her appearance on the scene, calls her a “mystery girl” and wonders if the video might have been recorded and set on a loop.

A mysterious BlogTV girl named Amanda is said to flash her tits randomly at low view counts when she “feels horny.” She flashed twice this Thursday, the second one when she had over 90 viewers. Her account, which is named b33 has lasted for over a year and according to the stats she has over 33 live shows under belt … After she got off BlogTV chatters voiced their suspicions that Amanda was actually a video loop. Her repetitive unvaried movements and lack of sound certainly seem to support that suspicion. As does the fact that she disconnected before the chat, as one would do when one was changing from one loop to another.”

Way back then, I left this out of the blog as it seemed unlikely that Amanda was actually b33, but who knows?

And of course people were certain of who the real criminal was:


There has been a surprising lack of any coverage by the media so far, but I guess that it will all be waiting until Carol Todd turns up in court next week. I must admit that I find that a bit dodgy, as it adds a whole different feeling to the procedures and runs the risk of turning it into an emotional drama centred on Amanda, particularly as she is not involved in the current case. On the other hand, maybe it will be welcomed by all the victims as it adds dramatic weight to what seems to be an inevitable guilty verdict.

Carol’s blog shows a translation of some of the stuff.


Unless there is a miracle, it really looks like case closed on Aydin Coban now. Though it will be extremely tough to trace him all the way back to the initial appearances of Amanda online, it looks like he played a definite role. The reason I seem so reticent in condemning him straight off is that it doesn’t all fit well. As we can see, the fact that he is meant to be Kody Maxson throws it all up in the air. Carol Todd seems to be aware that it’s not as straightforward as all that too, saying in her blog somewhere (and in the media, I think) that it wasn’t just one person who brought her down, it was many.

The Dutch Supreme Court is announcing the result of Coban’s appeal against extradition today. I’m hoping he will be extradited as that will truly open up a can of worms, not only because the whole gruesome story will come out but also because the RCMP will have a few questions to answer about how badly they tackled the whole thing from December 2010 onwards. One of the things that has been mentioned in the Dutch court is compensation, ranging from a few hundred euros up to a few thousand, so will the RCMP have to pay for their mistakes?

What I’m not understanding at the moment is the shortage of interest in the case. An English and a Scottish girl are involved, but that’s not been picked up by anyone here apart from a brief article in the Daily Mail. There’s also another Canadian girl involved and at least one from the USA. At some point, the Press reported that the case wasn’t going to be international, but it makes me wonder why Amanda has been omitted and it also makes me question why the Dutch allowed Aydin to publish his ‘I am innocent’ letter.

The other thing I’m not getting is the time scales. Victims are saying that they flashed or whatever in 2008 but weren’t contacted until 4 years later. I don’t know why that would happen, unless Coban simply went back and re-visited old Capper videos.

I leave you with an opinion from one of Aydin’s victims. It’s completely trustworthy as I have verified it with the files that are in the hands of the the Dutch court. In fact, I think she’s already been quoted in the proceedings.

“ There will be hundreds and hundreds of girls who got blackmailed in the last few years, and every one of them would like to be able to blame Aydin Coban.”
I’m sure that is true. I believe that many of the girls want closure, so they will be quick to pin the blame on anyone they can for a cathartic emotional release, though they don’t actually have all the facts.
Especially because, yes, blackmailing is common amongst 4chan users.
I don’t see myself as an innocent victim, truly.
I wasn’t “seduced” into doing any of the things that I did. He contacted me afterwards. It was simply illogical actions I made in my youth in the year of 2010 as well, actually. He contacted me in 2012.
I also believe he did the same with the majority of the others (contacted them afterwards). I doubt that he was able to court young girls on a solo basis, but I do not believe that makes his crimes any less severe.
I could be wrong, but wasn’t Amanda streaming on web chat sites like Stickam/YouStream which broadcasts her video to multiple viewers at a time?
More than likely, she was swept up by the attention from a variety of people and her information was released afterwards which was used for blackmail; that’s my theory. That seems to be extremely common.
They’re so young; they don’t have a solid grasp of the concept of repercussions of actions because they don’t have the past experience to know and learn from.
I do not think an extremely young person (especially if they are undisciplined as in Jessica Leonhardt’s case) understands the concept of if you do A, B and C will happen because of it.
They don’t look into the future to reason that something will happen to them afterwards because they haven’t really experienced anything significant yet to learn from.
It goes without saying, children shouldn’t have unmonitored internet access while communicating with much older strangers whom can adeptly manipulate an inferior mind.
Though, in Amanda’s case, I may be wrong. He may have had different ways of going about it which are each unique to the victim. I say that because something that confused me when reading your posts was that he allegedly blackmailed people so that he could extort money from them.
If that was true, why was he contacting very young girls? Unless, he only extorted money from a select amount of victims… or he lied to throw people off of his trail, or so that he did not look to be a pedophile in the eyes of other people, though I do agree he is the type of person who enjoys being imprisoned.
Yes; the images were sent, and I did contact the authorities. He sent them to the school board and a select amount of my Facebook friends list (he said that if I did not cave in to do the shows, he would send the photos to the remaining amount of my friends list) which got me into a hindrance with the police for producing child pornography.
The authorities took control of my online accounts, destroyed the computer I used to produce the material, and they notified me that the account he used to contact me was accessed via the Netherlands and that they found this out from Facebook (this was in 2012), but that it was unlikely that they would be able to locate/arrest him.
I don’t know if I’m remembering correctly, but I think it had to do with laws as well as a lack of capability.
I began homeschooling after the events.
The FBI contacted me in 2014 of January; they came to my home, told me the person behind the Facebook account in which he used to contact me was in police custody and proceeded to fill me in on the details of the case.
I too was skeptical that it was truly him until they showed me the mugshot. They offered to fly me out to the Netherlands free of charge, but I declined.
A quote from him,
“just 9 days ago i got one arrested and shes now forbiden to use internet during the entire proces, her dad got arrested too cos he happened to have weed in the house, lulz.”
And when googling his Skype name, I found this thread. Clearly, he was not lying about having multiple victims.
It seems to me to be an act of sexual deviance; he seems to derive arousal by the act of having control over somebody “dirty” or weak and extorting pleasure from the emotional pain it causes.
He even made a Skype account to contact me with my name in the blank: “___’s master”
I also think he is a legitimate sociopath. I believe he is masquerading as an unassuming, quiet man; the type of person you would not expect.
I too agree sending a photo of himself is extremely foolish; I genuinely begged and pried it out of him every day until he did. Initially, he only sent a photo with half of his face and a paper with my name written onto it.
He would always accuse me of manipulating him in order to gain information, and it was obvious that being identified was something that invoked fear.
I believe the reason for why he befriended me was for a power play. Half for control, half for loneliness.
It is ridiculous, but he made me a deal (due to the fact that I was not agreeing to do the shows?) that is that if I befriended him, he would “let me off the hook”. He is clearly mentally ill.
I theorize that it was his way of regaining control; to gain something, because I did not seem to distraught when he sent the images to my friends.
Yet, he got it into his head that I was prying for information and sent them to the entirety of my friends list under a different aliases.
He stopped talking to me when I confronted him.
Then, he would proceed to come back under different aliases and send them to my friends list every few months. It stopped abruptly in January of 2014.
He admits that he hacks the neighbors Wi-Fi in the messages he sent me, and in his open letter, did he not claim that the router belonged to one of his former neighbors that was used to contact Amanda? That “anyone could access it?” Also, he revealed to me that there are 30,000 houses in his vicinity.
I do understand the skepticism as it is not very convincing; it’s solely my word. It could have been any 4chan user that contacted me in your eyes. If I located the photos of himself, it would be a different story in that regard.
I never knew of his literal age until the police told me he was 35 the time in which he was arrested.
I will try to locate the photos he sent to me.”
Now please people, at least give me some applause for bringing you exclusive information again.

Aydin Coban trial continues

The Aydin Coban trial carries on. Tweets can be see here:



Aydin looks seriously doomed.

With all the evidence against him, it’s almost impossible for him not to be found guilty. It’s frustrating because he is asked to comment but remains silent, though he appears to criticise the court for accusing him of things he couldn’t have done. I can only guess that he is still trying to say that a) he wasn’t anywhere near the ip address at the time of the crimes and b) the hard drive is not his. At this point, I can only assume that he is going to go for total denial and leave it to the court to decide if he is guilty. When found guilty he will just claim innocence and serve the rest of his jail term. It would be interesting to see what a jury would make of it, but again my speculation is that it wouldn’t help matters.

So far he’s shown the absolute match for the capper/blackmailer community. BlogTV got its first mention today. So he follows the path that we all know about – some kid goes on BlogTV, various ‘shoe on head’ nonsense follows, they flash and then all Hell breaks loose.

I’m not so sure that all of the identities belong to Aydin. The victims say they were contacted by more than one person – Marc Cameron, Tyler, Zack, Cody, Kelsey and a new name – Randy K – that doesn’t appear in the files. I’m wondering if this is a group of cappers with whom Aydin was associated. As we’ve seen in the cutiielover history, if these kids were in BlogTV rooms in front of 150+ viewers, there was a definite pack behaviour at work. If Aydin downloaded any BlogTV shows, then these names are likely to show up on his hard drive and make it look as if he was a participant.

There’s a confusing point. It looks like some of the girls did whatever they did online and then got contacted much later.

So far there appears to be very close matches between the stories of the victims and Amanda Todd’s story. In my doubting mode, they are almost too close, and two points bother me. Did the blackmailers copy the Amanda Todd story (copycat behaviour would be easy enough given all the publicity) or have the girls embellished their own stories?

Readers will wonder why I still have doubts about how some of these things work, but it stems from all the anomalies in the entire Amanda Todd history. However, what I will say is that I feel vindicated in my ongoing belief that a truthful examination of the Amanda Todd tragedy would have been better. The presence of BlogTV, Omegle, Tinychat, UStream was, for the most part, all brushed under the carpet in the building of the ‘one mistake’ myth. Had the Todd story not been blighted by all the Kody Maxson tripe on one hand and all the denial on the other, perhaps things might have been resolved. Instead, it seems to me that the RCMP and most other people involved were so scared of admitting the existence of BlogTV and others and the dark world that Amanda was in, preferring to promote the ‘innocent angel’ myth, that they missed a trick.

I must admit that the RCMP don’t look good in all this. Here is their response to Amanda’s plight:

full rcmp

This was from late 2011 when Amanda was in trouble for the second time. The key words here are ‘new material Amanda has posted of herself since last year’ (which never got reported in the media) and ‘there is only so much we as the police can do’ (which got reported over and over again).

Constable Andrea Schadeck (who was looking after the investigation) doesn’t seem highly qualified.


Anyways. Back to Aydin. At this point he’s as guilty as fuck. The prosecution seems to be building up layer upon layer of inescapable accusations. But still…..there’s an element of doubt in my mind. I can’t quite pinpoint it, but it’s there.

How does Aydin slot into Amanda’s history? Again, because everyone is shilly-shallying around the actual events, it’s difficult. People want to think that Amanda was tricked and misled by one evil demon from the age of 11 onwards, but it’s not that straightforward as we all know.

Maybe I’ll get round to working out how everything fits in, but for now it’s just a matter of wait and see.




Kody1206 is Kody Maxson is Aydin Coban



Sorry. Another repeat.

These are my  3 guesses:

The Kody stuff was created as a new alias after all the hooha.

The Kody stuff is there because Facebook didn’t filter it out.

Aydin is kody1206 which makes no sense at all.

Although Omroep Brabant have tried to big this all up as world news, in reality there’s not much.

Anyway. Maybe something interesting will happen next week.

So….Kody Maxson is Aydin Coban? Things truly have gone full circle.

The top screen is yet more Aydin Coban info on Dutch TV. Note: kody1206@live.com

Who is Kody1206? Come along, pay attention.

Well – he could be https://twitter.com/kody1206

But he’s much more famous than that.

He’s here:


he’s there:


he’s everywhere:



He gets picked up at http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/tracing-kody-maxson-the-online-blackmailer-alleged-to-have-tormented-amanda-todd

And he fills the comments on Carol’s blog:


And blimey

“Peyton: no one else has gotten this much attention by doing so little, her drama with Kody1206 has become the talk of BlogTV, the cam site of the year”. It goes on to say that Kody1206 is “famous for his blackmail of Peyton, streaming her videos on BlogTV and TinyChat and threatening her in public.”

This is so crazy.

Al least we know now that marc4 is Marc Cameron.

Now for a very funny coincidence – is this me? (Brightonsbest).


I leave you with this for now.


Sensation! Aydin Coban’s blackmail victim speaks out

I’m getting really lazy. This is just a repeat of an old post (slightly amended) about which I had my doubts but now maybe I have to think again.

OK. Zero out of ten for the headline. I should have written ‘You’re not going to believe what happens next…’ or ‘This will shock you..’ like all the other dreadful clickbait titles.

Anyways. These are – allegedly – examples of Aydin Coban’s interaction online from early 2012. The first one is edited just so there’s no way of tracing the source. You can take these any way you want – with a pinch of salt because it could be anybody writing, or as a genuine example of his technique. As always, it’s all a bit weird.














The following is now seeming to be much more like a genuine connection to Aydin. I guess that Ida might be the Norwegian girl:


While I’m at it, I might as well provide a few more old pics of Aydin at work.


Marc aka Aydin





That last one is most peculiar. According to the court records, not only is Aydin Coban Alice McAlister (who contacted Carol Todd) he’s also listed as the infamous Kody Maxson, which brings everything full circle to:


And that, in turn, takes us to Viper2323, which takes us to the Daily Capper, which of course has to link us with r0r44 aka r0ra aka Oscar.


Then of course it’s on to Peyton.

No wonder I have a tough time trying to work out who’s who and what’s what.


Aydin Coban in trouble

aydin coban


Well, the second one looks a bit like Aydin on a bad hair day.

Anyways. Things are not looking good for him. I can only speculate that he will have to simply try hard to deny that the computer is his, go down the path of saying it’s all a police stitch-up, or claim insanity.

From Omroep Brabant.

A British undercover agent was used in the case against Aydin C. He posed as an English girl who had prolonged contact with the suspect. Two minutes after such an IM conversation was completed, a team of Dutch police raided the bungalow Aydin C. Oisterwijk where he was alone at the time.

So far there’s been an English girl, a Scottish girl (could this be Gemma?) and also an American girl (Julia Batterman?) brought forward in the evidence. (My only thought about this is that it’s odd that the story hasn’t got much coverage in Scotland, England or the USA). I’m not sure if the girls are actually there (I think not) but there is video evidence that has been blurred to show what went on. However, there’s no mention of whether or not these are BlogTV type captures or one-to-one, and there’s a slim chance that Aydin could claim that these were from Capper sites like stickamvids.net .


Above: Aydin Coban allegedly in action in 2011. Was she today’s American girl in court?

The latest news differs slightly from earlier information. Before, the information only suggested that all the contacts were made via the same router. Therefore it was feasible that anyone could have used the router. It was also suggested that the police could not gain access to the information on Coban’s computer because it was encrypted. Now the police are saying that loads of stuff has been located on the computer so it surely has to be game over for Aydin.

He seems to have employed most of the same tactics as the 4chan/Daily Capper types and to be honest he sounds like a match for our old friend r0ra.

So what more is there to say? At the moment Aydin is staying silent, saying that it will be all down to the summing up of his lawyer when, I guess, he’s questioned. Unless he has some sort of incredible defence strategy, I really can’t see that he can escape a guilty verdict. Apparently, his room was also bugged, which provided even more evidence. Maybe he’ll try some sort of invasion of rights plea, but I can’t see that working. It’s just odd that he seems quietly confident (his published letter showed a certain amount of ease) but that’s no guarantee of anything. In recent trials in the UK (Rolf Harris, for instance) the perpetrators remain completely unaware of their guilt.

I find it odd that a guy who is supposed to be some sort of online computer genius got found with so much stuff to incriminate him, but that, too, can be put down to an element of arrogance. The 204,000 pics is a stupendous amount to have, but then again who can account for obsessive nutcases? And the gay guys in Australia is a mystery. Blimey, add the Grey Wolves into the mix https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grijze_Wolven and there’s a load going on (Aydin owed money to them, I think). Will Aydin say he was forced to do stuff to pay them the money he owed?

So let’s have a guess at what will happen as it stands.

Aydin Coban must be found guilty unless there is a dramatic twist.

Given that he had a kilo and a half of drugs in his bedroom (even by Dutch standards that’s a lot), that he tried all sorts of other scams and that it’s likely that the known victims are just the tip of the iceberg, and that now we know that all the evidence is on his computer and not just from a central router, surely he must be looking at a good few years in prison? If he’s given 5-10 years, he’s served 2 and a half already, he could be out in two or three years with good behaviour, which would mean (I guess) that he would then go to Canada for the Amanda Todd trial. Or would he be escorted over to Canada for a trial when still in custody?

There’s much more to come if the original schedule is anything to go by.

Aydin charges

Addition Friday 27th:

No appearance in court today.  More news here:



The killer called himself Kelsey Rain or Tyler Boo, Mel Rain, Kody, Mark Cameron or any of the other chat aliases sound even more innocent, like “A Cat Lover” or “Meow Awesome. More than thirty minor teenage assumed that was hidden behind a peer name, and chat back. They were eventually encouraged or even blackmailed to ‘sex shows’ on webcam.

The man who previously according to the Public Prosecutor (OM) is responsible, the 38-year-old Dutchman Aydin C., is three years in custody. Wednesday began in the secured court in Amsterdam-Osdorp includes the merits of the case against him, now 72 offenses. Most of it is about a group of 34 teenagers from the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Norway.

vulnerable girls

With them always happened the same broadly. They were by Kelsey, or whatever his name was, urged to “join”, “play”. They pulled on webcam in good faith in their outerwear. They were often vulnerable girls who were not popular at school and find a girlfriend or just to have something older boy thought before him. “I thought, well, everybody does it, and I know that person is not,” one of them said to the police, it appeared at the hearing Thursday.

Later they were then confronted with a nude, a screenshot – which would be distributed among family, friends and acquaintances. Unless they undressed in front of the webcam, groped, brought in objects, time after time.

“Get a grip, I’m 13,” one of the girls responded yet. Since the blackmailer did not care. It had, or would their lives be “hell”. He was the “master”; He addressed them as “sexy little slut.”

Victims – sometimes only 11 years old when the contact began – were not present in court. The vehemence of the facts also led to caution in the courts, which refer to all girls with numbers. For that reason, it was OM another Argus: a video of the Thursday wanted to show the process of the perpetrator had to be adjusted to be less traceable to specific persons.

One of the victims of the accused would be Amanda Todd. The 15-year-old Canadian was so depressed by the blackmail that she committed suicide in October 2012. A few weeks before she became famous with a YouTube video in which she told her story.

But not dealt with the case of Todd is in Amsterdam – which should, at the request of Canada, held later in that country. Her name is or more times, as quoted in a threat: “You know what happened to Amanda Todd?”

Last word

Thus, there appear in the whole business lines intertwined: aliases that pop up in countless records, Facebook accounts that are linked to each other, e-mail and Internet accounts that have been used more frequently. They all seem to lead to Aydin C. They listened impassively two days to the statement of facts. He denies “all allegations” and invoked his right to remain silent. Answers will be implicit in the argument of his lawyer, he promised. He himself will speak only after the ‘last word’ get – at a time in the process when no backwards or research possible.

Two years ago, in early 2015, showed C. hear from him: when he wrote an open letter in which he pleaded his innocence and accused the police and judiciary tunnel vision. That is probably also part of his defense: in police statements he spoke about one Murat and loans to Turkish far-right Grey Wolves group.

C. would not be behind all aliases but are tricked, then that happened extremely refined – or he put himself this extensive network of smoke curtains, with great knowledge of encryption and digital technological shortcuts. On a partially encrypted hard drive, found his detention in a Brabant bungalow were 204,000 images and videos, of which 137 are classified as child pornography. Also found the detective on the disc 5.800 bookmarks with names, a database of victims and the people around them – names that correspond to those of the victims. The process will continue until early March.

Also read: CyberWolf in Oisterwijk , the city where C. was arrested in early 2014.