Holey moley! Danielle Bregoli


Oh well. I thought I had done well to avoid all this kind of crap, then up pops Danielle Bregoli in the Guardian this week.

What can I say? She’s a role model. She’ll make a few bucks, have her fame, then disappear into the pantheon of Internet heroes.

It says a lot about where we currently are at regarding idiot girls online – up shit creek, basically. I always get that surprised-but-not-surprised feeling. YouTube, Snapchat and the rest allow her to display highly sexualised images of herself with no attempt at control, then that sensationalist Dr. Phil gives her major publicity (in his defence, I think he expected her to be ashamed, but it kind of backfired, but it didn’t stop a second episode).


It’s frustrating for all those social activists out there. Warning after warning, meeting after meeting, then along comes another kid to set it all back about 10 years. She’s got fame, she’s got fans, she’s even got her own range of clothing, and she’s been in a dumbass music video. The aspirations shared by a ton of young girls.

As usual, there’s a plethora of thoughts about this. Do we blame ma and pa? Looking at developments in the last few months, it looks like the mother has caught the same attention-seeking bug, and I’m guessing that there is some form of ‘management’ in the background, as Danielle has had what the media call a make-under.

I think we can blame media outlets. As usual, most of the media has jumped upon the story to create clickbait in that hypocritical way of theirs. Let’s face it, Dr Phil and the others know it provides good viewing figures for all the wrong reasons. Knowing her age, Youtube should drop all the videos there are, and the Press should keep well away from what is essentially exploitation of a 14-year-old, even if it is masquerading as some sort of do-gooder intention. As for Snapchat, it was really founded as the place to go for sexting, boasting that its time limit on photos would make sure it was all safe. Yeah, good luck with that, as that went out of the window ages ago.

I notice that, especially in the UK, people are saying that social services would have piled in to stop this. However, what can they do? Can they prove that all this is harmful? Danielle must be getting adult help here, whether that’s from parents of some sort of Svengali type assistance, but she isn’t breaking any law. Danielle’s shenanigans fall short of child porn regulations (on the Wild Child scale of Internet naughtiness, she’s about 5 out of 10 for shock value), so maybe they need re-thinking? When people are getting jollies out of watching a kid twerking on YouTube, there is definitely something wrong.

There’s also the progressive dichotomy. I have read dumbass articles stating that kids should be allowed to choose their gender whenever they like (to the point of being able to demand gender reassignment), yet when kids like Danielle do what they do, it’s all about being too young to be able to make a decision. I’m kind of expecting some dumbass Radical Feminist to suggest that it’s all empowering, that Danielle has the right to do what she wants, and it’s all because Patriarchy.

So here I am, giving even more publicity to this girl. Well, how about that? Catch me outside.


Bad Press

Outside of certain circles, this guy is hardly known. He is, in fact, Accordion George.

But enough of that. People may wonder why I keep on about the Press writing drivel about the Amanda Todd story, so here’s an example:


‘Amanda Todd was 11 when he was said to have put her topless picture on a porn site and told her Facebook pals.’

‘Amanda had flashed her breasts for a couple of seconds during a jokey webcam session in a chat room with around 200 other users.

Coban was one of them and he took a screen shot of her lifting her top and used it to blackmail her.’

Well, we know that Amanda wasn’t 11 when it all kicked off. But they kind of get it right about the webcam session, but to call it jokey is very odd.

The Sun is a major British newspaper, so I would expect better, but it just shows how lazy it’s all become.

Compare this to the BBC account:


They’ve gone for ‘Todd said she was lured by a stranger to show her breasts on a webcam’ lifted straight from the video.

Interest in the story has waned again. The blog got a peak in visits a few days ago but it’s tailed off rapidly. As far as I know, there’s an appeal against the Aydin Coban sentence being launched, which could delay things for ages, and I think there is also an appeal against the extradition. It looks as if Aydin will be flown to Canada as soon as everything is cleared up, but there was a rumour that if he wasn’t extradited then the Canadians would go to Holland to pursue the case.

The case really hasn’t got much traction in the UK, and I don’t quite get why that is, as it involved UK girls. I think people just can’t be bothered with it now.

From what I can see, cyberbullying and all these types of story have dropped off the radar to a certain extent. We’ve had a couple of cases recently in the UK. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but there’s just not that much interest in these stories any more. The lesser newspapers still carry the stories, but it’s all sort of become low-level clickbait stuff. I’m not sure if that’s come from the sensible guidelines that the Press follow to avoid suicide sensationalism, but my gut feeling is that the grief value has become so much smaller. People watch the telly or look at Facebook, see a story, have about five minutes of ‘OMG! How tragic!’ and then move on to a picture of a fluffy cat, what the Kardashians have done, some gossip. Suicide stories don’t attract likes, and people don’t want to share doom and gloom too much. Teen suicides have just become part of the vacuous online flotsam and jetsam now.

In the UK, we had a similar response to the refugee crisis. A few months ago it was all a terrible tragedy, pictures of a dead child, the works. Now? Things got worse, but nobody gives a shit as we’re all panicked by Brexit or gawping at Trump now.

Oh well. That’s life.





What happens next….Part 2

OK, so it’s a bit of a poor choice of video.

Aydin Coban has been sentenced, which is no surprise. There’s news of an appeal, but that’s no surprise either, as appeals can be a gravy train for lawyers. The appeal also looks a bit feeble, going for the inadmissible evidence approach (the keylogger) rather than some sort of miscarriage of justice.

The reporting has been drivel as usual, with most media just doing a lazy cut and paste job.

What really interests me is how the extradition to Canada (if it ever happens) will pan out, and how Aydin Coban will be placed in the chronology. The trouble is that the scenarios are just too great to predict.

Will the courts go for the story that Aydin was the prime mover of the whole thing, that it was him who either approached Amanda when she was 11, or flattered her when she was 12, or caught her on BlogTV?

Will the courts insist that Amanda was online simply due to threats from Aydin?

The 11 year old story is too outrageous to be true, and the BlogTV events disprove all the flattery thing, so they will go for a history far closer to the truth and almost exactly the same as the story from the Scottish girl in the prior post. So Aydin will have appeared on the scene post-BlogTV as AliceMcalister and then again as Tyler Boo after the ‘new material’ that the RCMP reported in 2011.

I was going to write a longer post as now there are a few latecomers to the blog. However, explaining everything for them is too tedious.

My only question now is: where does this leave Carol Todd? Will she try to persist with all the variations or finally admit that things aren’t quite as clear as she lets on? I would guess that it’s a quandary for her.

Anyways. We’ll have to wait and see.

What happens next?

Aydin Coban is due for sentencing this week (either tomorrow or the day after). My guess is that he will be found guilty, but it may be a tough call. Who knows? I would also guess that there will be an immediate appeal.

The story still remains curious. It remains almost completely ignored by the UK press and hasn’t really had much impact elsewhere. There has been an interesting article here:


It’s interesting because the girl is just so typical of all the victims, saying:

She said: “I was not getting a lot of attention from family and friends so I found it was a way for me to get attention elsewhere.

“I would go online and do loads of pictures of myself. Nude pictures of myself when I was underage.

“They were from the span of maybe 11 years old to 14 years old. I was posting them on online forums like 4chan. I would also do live streams where people would watch me get naked and stuff.

“They gave me a lot of affection and compliments. It made me want to keep doing it because I felt good.”

This is in keeping with the Amanda Todd story, and, of course, is way off from all the tales of Coban being some sort of silver-tongued tempter. Indeed, the words of the Scottish girl (who I guess is Gemma) would be identical to a testimony from Amanda and all the rest of the victims.

However, what is more confusing is that Carol Todd is still in some sort of crazy denial. There’s another new article here:

‘The more skin you show, the more likes you get’: The virtual lives of Canadian teen girls

From that:

“We talked about Amanda in grade seven and eight, but something wild would have to happen for us to talk about her again,” Becky said. “My parents are concerned, but they’re not that concerned, and most parents don’t check into what their kids are posting online.”

When the topic of online predators and cyberbullying is discussed during a grade 10 English class at Central Toronto, one female student falls asleep; you get the impression they’ve heard it all too many times before.

but Carol Todd seems to have missed the whole thing:

“Amanda loved to sing and posted videos on YouTube and someone found her account, pretended he was close to her age, paid her a compliment and kids being kids, girls — she fell for it,” says Todd, who has now returned from Amsterdam to Port Coquitlam.

Carol Todd still appears to want the story to be the old myth of ‘she was tricked’, which by now everyone knows is a load of baloney. In another Carol Todd version, Amanda was approached by someone who promised her a career in music. In yet another version, it was all the people from BlogTV. In yet another version, some lunatic turned up and threatened to visit Amanda in real life unless she flashed.

If Coban does get extradited to Canada, I’m not sure how Mrs Todd will cope with what will surely be an in depth investigation of the history. There’s always that ‘careful what you wish for’ element, but maybe we will get the full truth eventually. Then, perhaps, people might concentrate on more important issues – not just why kids like the Scottish girl go online and flash the flesh for likes, but why nobody seems bothered  about tackling the sites that exist to allow it all.

However, there is a scenario which I think may be not far from what will actually happen. I’m predicting that Aydin Coban will end up in prison and that the Canadian authorities will say that that’s the end of it – he’s guilty, it’s all his fault, end of story. I say that because I think that the RCMP and others won’t want to be shown up as incompetent idiots who handled the case badly, and there will be a huge desire to keep the Amanda Todd myth intact. Nobody, not even Carol Todd, will want to acknowledge the extent to which they fucked up.

Aydin Coban is innocent


I was caught out. I expected the court case to continue tomorrow, not yesterday.

As I haven’t had time to check it all out – there were a ton of tweets – it does seem intriguing, but I can only give brief details for now.

We still have the mysterious Murat. Coban still says the incriminating hard drive belongs to Murat.

One of the main sets of identities – Kelsey  – isn’t to be found on the computer.

Some of the IP addresses can’t be linked.

The surveillance gadgets were faulty, leading to stuff that was out of context.

More odd is that some of the online conversations took place when Aydin was in clink. That could be a game changer.

The connections were supplied by Facebook. From the Amanda Todd list, it looks like they might have been lazy and just listed every single contact Amanda had as being from Coban.

I’ll try to get more detail soon.

Carol Todd mentioned me. Well, she said I was a blogger from the UK. She also issued an invitation to meet her in Amsterdam.

Just for info – people in huge countries like the USA or Canada treat driving 100 miles to the shops as no big deal. In tiny England anything further than a mile is a big effort. So although Amsterdam is only 250 miles away, it may as well be on another planet. Bear in mind that 10% of kids on an estate in Brighton haven’t been to the beach (walking distance). Mind you, Amsterdam appeals to Englanders because it has drugs and prostitution. Carol should feel at home there – it’s just like Maple Ridge, or Norm’s holiday home.

Aydin Coban supervillain


Aydin Coban is back in court today, but nothing new is added apart from the threat of a 10 year prison sentence. What impact that would have on his extradition I don’t know. My initial thoughts are that Coban will do his time in Holland and it will be seen that extraditing someone to be found guilty of what is essentially the same crime is pointless. Or perhaps he’ll be taken to Canada for some sort of show trial and the sentence will run concurrently. What has confused me here is that none of the other countries involved have asked for similar actions.

The sheer breadth of his actions is astonishing, but then these crimes were spread over a period of time.

The evidence seems complete and really it looks like case closed. If we assume that all the evidence is correct, a guilty verdict is inevitable. I’m guessing that the eventual defence (due on February 15th I think) will split into two: complete denial, blaming the mysterious Murat, with a possible plea that the evidence was gained illegally.

My own feelings are mixed. Part of me doubts that it is Coban because his ability to con people seems great. I can quite imagine the dumbass blackmail threats, but then his ability to take on a myriad of characters seems too clever by half. But then, of course, we’re missing the absolute stupidity of people online. If dumbass blokes from England and Australia get conned into stuff with minors without thinking there might be consequences, what chance do even dumber kids have?

It will be interesting to see the post-sentence rewriting of history. From my point of view, it’s a big task to work out where Coban fits into the chronology. I’m guessing that the Press will come up with something like this:

Way back when Amanda Todd was 11, 12 or 13, Amanda was approached online by the supervillain Aydin Coban, tricked into flashing, and blackmailed from then on. Each of her appearances online – BlogTV and so on – were down to Aydin Coban and it’s all his fault.

That version of the story will protect the Angel image and people won’t have to deal with the messier aspects of it all.

However, it’s never that simple. There are too many variables. Just pinning down the early history is a nightmare. Here’s a brief overview of the complications:

In one account, Amanda was threatened with death when she was 11 by some online predator. In her video account, she was flattered by a stranger in a one-to-one encounter when she was in 7th grade (close to being 12 years old). Then the BlogTV incident was when she was 13.

After the BlogTV and the cops palaver, the next puzzling thing is that Amanda was straight back online via Ustream, and we have Norm telling us that Amanda thought it was all ‘no big deal’. (Just where is Norm? He’s kind of non-existent these days).

If that’s not enough, we then have the RCMP no less telling us that Amanda produced ‘new material’ and warning the Todds to get her offline, and reference to this material occurring in the Tyler Boo conversations.

All quite a mess to untangle.

The Dutch procedures seem to be a fait accompli. Coban would have to be some sort of criminal Houdini to get out of this. If the case ever comes to Canada it will be interesting to see just what skeletons will be brought out of the cupboard.

Anyways. Usually, when I think I’ve got this tale pinned down, something comes in out of the blue. After February 15th maybe everything will be clearer.


Aydin Coban Latest


A mixed post today.

Aydin Coban’s story is getting worse and worse.

“Aydin C is in jan. 2012 veroordeeld in België voor onder meer fraude. Hij kreeg 1 jaar cel. Of hij gezeten heeft is onduidelijk.”

Aydin C is Jan. 2012 sentenced in Belgium to include fraud. He was given one year sentence. Whether he has been unclear.” (This looks like he had changed a job permit/construction license – nothing pervey).

I don’t know what to make of that. Has he been in prison before? If it’s true, it puts him out of circulation for most of 2012, but still leaves it feasible that he was around at the time of Tyler Boo, which was late 2011.

His house was bugged, and he was listening to music with lyrics ‘Let’s dominate her..’.

He has five male victims – four English, one Australian. Nobody will have much sympathy with them, as they were allegedly enticed by an underage boy.

Carol Todd has arrived, but sits away from the Press.

The men were blackmailed and made payments to accounts linked to where Aydin Coban lived.

Aydin insists that the accounts belonged to a guy called Murat. The mysterious Murat is the guy who Coban knew, and who is supposedly the owner of the computer. So we can guess that Coban will claim it was all Murat. Whatever the plea, it’s extremely odd that Coban and Murat just happen to be in the same place, but then again being guilty just because your friend is a pervert won’t see him go to jail. Just who is Murat?

31,500 euros of Western Union transactions traceable to Coban. Coban disputes the photos that were taken at the cash points. He has a certain arrogance about him.

There are telephone records of Coban speaking with a Western Union point.

One of the men lost his job (but like I said, there’ll not be much sympathy).

There’s an odd reference to a welfare agency (one of the men was told he was paying a welfare agency?).

Emails found from Mark Cameron (aka Coban) with instructions and links to victim’s Facebook account.

There seems to be a fuss because all of this is new evidence.

We get some personal details about Aydin. He has three siblings. Turkish parents, not a practicing Muslim. He only has contact with his mother.

Bought cars. Started a business. Lost money….. Played guitar on streets for money..

Later works with computers, fixing stuff and building websites.

Lost a load of money invested in Turkey.

C. borrowed from the Grey Wolves money. Murat. 8000 euros. He went anonymous life because he could not pay the money back and is afraid of Murat.

The mysterious Murat and the Grey Wolves again. This is quite some tale.

How is C. ‘life? He wants to be free and therefore lives as anonymously as possible. “The fewer people you know, the less trouble.”

Friends say that C is helpful. “He is very helpful and does not like to hurt others. He’s very quiet. “

Friends can not believe that C. is guilty. C. said to have been popular in school. He has had several relationships.

Follow the story:




I’m still looking for this to be picked up by anybody outside of Holland, but there is still surprisingly little reaction from the Press. I was hoping they would be more helpful and do some of the translating for me.

Anyways. We’re still stuck in the Aydin Coban mire. He sure matches the profile for weirdos online, and seems to be clearly linked to various crimes. But who is Murat?

Jeez, it would be great if he just owned up to most of the nonsense, or at least told us who Murat is or where he is. It’s difficult to know just how good the evidence is, e.g. is it convincing enough to deal with someone who simply says “It wasn’t me it was Murat” all the time?

I’m guessing he’s been told to take a “No comment” approach until the end, when he seems to imply that all will be revealed, but unless he has something extraordinary to offer, I can’t see him getting away with it.

I’m guessing that there will be another couple of days of evidence just to ram it all home, which will be boring. Nothing interesting will happen until the final day, which is supposed to be February 15th. I’m not getting excited. He’ll deny it all, blame Murat, get sentenced, then probably appeal. I’m not sure if he is meant to be found guilty of the whole shebang, or if each case will be treated as a separate entity, which will make it even more confusing.

Until then….