The blog that never dies

Oh well. It looks like this blog may get a slight new lease of life this month as the trial of Aydin Coban starts on January 25th.

Carol Todd will be there, but she might miss all the action, which is weird. The trial is set for a length of eight days and Carol is going over in the first week of February. She’s raised quite a bit of money on her crowdfunding which I must admit I was surprised by. She must have more fans than I thought. Still, it’s not without at least one criticiser who objects to paying for Carol’s other half. One has to ask where Norm is, though. It’s like he never existed.

As usual, I always doubt Carol Todd’s motives. She’s always ready to hijack every possible moment to make it all about Amanda and I wonder sometimes if the parents of other victims are sick and tired of it as they don’t want their own children to be seen as being in the same league as our dear Cutieelover.

It’s strange that Aydin Coban has already been pre-judged by everyone, even when it is highly unlikely that he has anything to do with Amanda. The trial doesn’t feature her, and it’s a really big stretch to bring him in to the history. So far, Carol has managed to avoid any real questions from the media, but as time goes on there’s much more of a risk that someone may at least raise the BlogTV incidents. I believe that Carol is so blinded by the myth that she thinks that nobody will ever dig a bit deeper. That would explain why she doesn’t seem worried by the extradition, but she should know that a court case won’t be like an interview with the Vancouver Sun – it will look into every detail and rake up a huge amount of stuff that may not look good.

If Aydin is released (which is a possibility) extradition might be tough. I’m not sure that the Dutch officials will find someone innocent or deem that they have been in prison long enough already then just hand him over to what is essentially a lynch mob. But I have a feeling that if he’s not released and is found guilty of various crimes then the RCMP and others may say that’s enough. It would be hugely convenient to accept a guilty verdict in Holland, and then just close the case with an assumption that he was involved with Amanda. I’m also guessing that the Canadians would accept that. They would dismiss the Dutch as being too lenient, say it’s all a terrible miscarriage of justice, rave and rage for a few weeks and then move on. Seriously, it would be better to go that way than to bring out all the details in a Canadian court.

I might restructure this blog. To be honest, I’m a bit too lazy to bother but I expect that viewing figures will rise at the end of the month. For me, it depends on whether or not the trial gets much publicity.

So we’ll see. This could be the biggest anticlimax ever. In a way I sort of hope that Aydin will confess to being the killer predator villain that everyone wants him to be. At least that would be an end to it. Yet something tells me this won’t happen, and the story will drag on and on and on………


Not waving but drowning

Oh good grief.

I should pay more attention. Thanks to some help from an expert, I was directed to this site. But of course, it’s never that simple. Rumour says this site was made by the Daily Capper but not for the purposes of help – more for gaining access to information. The Rules of the Raid are interesting.

I am getting too perplexed by this (hence the ‘drowning not waving’) but one thing really gets to me here. I assume that ‘raids’ are continuing, yet the Amanda Todd story never got round to focussing on all this crap – opting for the soft route of cyberbullying. And all the government bullshit about invading privacy to protect children completely avoided dealing with legislation to control sites like BlogTV. Anyway. I may deal with my thoughts about this at a later date.


Shoe on head?


“Put Shoe on Head” is an online prank/raid coordinated by a group of YTMND users and /b/ tards in 2006. Using Ventrilo as their ground of communication, participants targeted individual chatrooms on, a webcam/porn site featuring live chat with girls, many of whom apparently do not speak fluent English. The raids consisted of flooding the chatrooms and making strange requests like “do a barrel roll” and “show me your keyboard.”

Soon enough, a YTMND user known asFlyingLaserJesus told one of the performers to place her shoe on her head, using the fractured English command of ‘Put Shoe On Head’, and soon enough, the phrase became the one line glory of the Live Jasmin Raids.


The first performer to put her shoe on her head was a girl who went by the username Sharissa. The event was screencapped and quickly made into a YTMND. Since then, many other copycat sites have been made.

Other notable performers who participated in the meme were SexyLexyforU, who put not only a shoe on her head, but a table, a book, and numerous bottles on her head, among other things (YTMND here), and 1Lilith, who chatted with raiders and even sung for viewers on multiple occasions.

A trip down memory lane


Going way back in time for the new audience. This seems so long ago now. This is the proof that Amanda was up to mischief before that special photo from December 18th, and that all her friends found the picture, not some cockamamie imaginary stalker.

Sorry about the jpg. Just click on it.

Well, I have to admit that I have put this off as long as I can. Last night I hardly slept, and regular readers will know that I find all of this emotionally and mentally draining.

I am tangled and confused. As soon as one thing seems to get resolved, something else crops up that turns a lot of the story upside down again. There is a lot of grief in this – not just for the main participants, but for those other, more innocent victims of the witch hunts, the hatred, the suspicions. And for all those people from all across the world, all those genuine people, all those kids who have cried about this, it’s a terrible shame.

We have – and it saddens me to say this – been severely tricked.  I thought that  I would be jumping for joy as I learned that more and more of what I was saying was coming true, but instead I’m simply becoming more disheartened.

The details I have posted today are true. I will seek to evaluate them as clinically and as precisely as I possibly can. At first, I was just tempted to post the screen cap and leave it up to readers to make up their own minds. But, as usual, I will try to analyse what is behind all of this.

As you will see, the capture is from December 5th, 2010. That’s ten days after ‘cutieelover’ aka Amanda Todd joined BlogTV. What she did, or where she was prior to that, I don’t know at the moment. This is eighteen days before the police arrived on her doorstep on December 23rd.

Note that the BlogTV rules are absolutely clear. I have criticised BlogTV (now YouNow) for allowing things, but to give them credit, they were quite clear about the rules, and very quick to ban people who broke them. There is no real excuse for not knowing that nudity was frowned upon. As we know, cutiielover was banned twelve days later.

Amanda is quite well-known. It is possible that, from the commencement of her membership of BlogTV on November 26th, she could have received quite a following – reputations grow fast online.

Note: this may not be the full online conversation for December 5th. I originally thought that this might be the beginning of it all, but it is possible that there were earlier comments.

The first comment available is a cordial ‘sexy’. The second comment from cutieelover is – well, what? – poignant? Could that be the word? I don’t know. Or it could just be straightforward. Who can tell?

‘im not like that anymore’

What can anyone read into this? It sounds quite forlorn, like she’s realised something, and has decided to stop. On it’s own, it sounds like it’s a finality, but, sadly, we know that just a few days later she was flashing again, and that this behaviour continued on for quite some time. Can we deduce any period of time from this? Like I said – and I hope – her reputation might have simply grown in the previous two weeks, but I retain a slight idea that these are the words of someone who has been quite known for some time. But that is irrelevant, really.

It looks like one of her fans issues a ‘sigh’ of disappointment. Or of shared sadness?

I guess that the next comment is from someone new to the room: ‘what were u like’.  The answer is horrible.

‘a slut’

What in God’s name would make a girl say this? Here are some attempts to explain, but first let me say that it is significant and important. It points strongly towards why so many people used the word ‘slut’ to describe her – it’s the term she has applied to herself. It is actually Amanda herself who first uses the term to describe her own behaviour. People would have read these comments, and no doubt her friends would have heard her say it.

(God, this is difficult!) There are two reasons why she should have said this. The first is quite a cold-hearted suggestion; the second is gut-wrenchingly sad. I would prefer to choose the first. It kills me more to choose the second.

The first reason: Amanda is relatively proud of being seen as a slut. It’s a sort of show-off, attention-seeking phrase – ‘Look at me! I’m a slut! I’m not a mundane nobody, I’m someone who boys queue up to see! I’m the centre of attention, and that makes me feel important!’

Look at the news. We live in a society where sluttish behaviour makes you rich and famous. You know the names, I have no need to make a list. Reality TV praises the slut, denigrates the nice people. Look at the magazines aimed at later teens, read by 12-year-olds. In the UK, it’s ‘Nuts’ and ‘Zoo’. And those idiotic cretins who invented ‘slut walks’ – be proud that you look like a slut! Have they ANY idea what they are doing? (OK, reader, I’ll get down off my soap box)

Like so many words these days, slut has lost its meaning. It’s tossed around school playgrounds as easily as the old words like ‘fatty’ and ‘foureyes’. There is a distinct possibility that Amanda uses the term ‘slut’ as a badge of distinction.

The second reason: (this is appallingly sad) Amanda might have had such low self-esteem that she had become used to calling herself a slut. Why she would do this, I don’t know. From family background, I would guess the origin lay elsewhere. There are plenty of vile parents who will destroy their kids’ self-worth, but I don’t see that here. If anything, it might have been the opposite from her parents – they might have built her ego up to massive  proportions.

So why would she tag herself a slut? Did she go online, get naked, expect to get praise but get called a slut? Did she find that the only way to get the BlogTV viewers interested was to behave like a slut? It is extraordinary how dependent kids are on online feedback, and we know that Amanda was addicted to it.

Another, less probable but viable view is this: we know that Amanda possibly suffered from learning difficulties. She may well have had a huge sense that she was, in some way, a disappointment and failure. She had tried desperately to publicise herself online and elsewhere – singing, cheerleading – but it looks like the only thing she, as a person, felt that she truly excelled at, and that got her the attention, was to be a slut.

I must move on. The newbie answers a plaintive and shocked ‘oh’. Someone posts a picture.

‘lol….i kinda like sluts’ – seen as positive feedback?

The newbie asks her what made her change her mind.

‘idk why’ is Kon*** basically answering his own statement two lines above.

Another person enters the room.

Dun*** writes: ‘she is a slut she still is 1’. How is that meant? How is that taken? A joke? An insult? Horrifyingly aggressive male words? Or teen nonsense?

And then we have it:

‘all my friends found my pic’

Not ‘I’ve been stalked’. Not ‘I’ve been blackmailed’. All her friends found her pic. To me, this proves that the blackmail case is now closed. She said this to cover herself. There WAS a lot of stuff going on a la Peyton Ramsey, and it’s all very convoluted. But you can strike ‘blackmail’ and ‘stalker’ from the notebook for now.

I will leave it there for now. I’ve said enough for today. God only knows what the flak from this will be. Tomorrow, there will be more about what really happened. It might take me time.

So – return to this blog – same Philip time, same Philip channel (that’s old skool Batman, just in case no-one knew).

By the way. I gave Carol Todd as much time as possible to contribute, and I said I would not do this if she contacted me. There was no response, except from one of her supporters, so I know she received the communication. It’s up to them to tell the truth, not me.

Sextortion of Amanda Todd

Note to Todd supporters: I know that most of you come here on a regular basis, and that none of you have the nerve to comment. However, even the most sceptical of you will see that this blog is pretty accurate – more accurate than a lot of you once thought. Some of the points I have raised in this review of the documentary are said – to a certain extent – to play Devil’s Advocate. One thing that all this has taught us – surely? – is to question everything.

To some degree, the quest for truth is over. The documentary supplied enough material to fill in a lot of gaps in people’s understanding, and we now know a rough, but much truer, storyline:

Amanda went online and got involved in unwise behaviour. Despite warnings, she continued. She was out of control, and perhaps the parents could have made a better job of looking after her. It could easily be argued that she was addicted to the Internet. Unfortunately, due to whatever circumstances (ADHD, mental illness, whatever), Amanda seemed to attract trouble by her own actions. To make things worse, the people she was involved with, both online and in the real world, made her life even more complicated. She became more unbalanced, more confused, and eventually caved in – not to the attentions of bullies, nor predators, but to a whole collection of problems.

End of story.

If you keep looking for revenge, or people to blame, you will never rest. Teachers? Parents? Bullies? Predators? Police? Amanda herself?  Society? Portions of blame can be attached to them all, but excuses can also be attached – the teachers probably did what they could, the parents (teeth grinding) made efforts, the bullies were just dumb kids, we’re not even certain that any ‘predators’ existed, the police didn’t know what to do with yet another case of online shenanigans, Amanda could have exerted a bit more common sense, society is all of us . The arguing could go on forever.

It really is time to move on. Forget all the Amanda Todd this and Amanda Todd that nonsense. She isn’t an angel, and she’s not a devil. Support anti-bullying campaigns, scream out loud about the perils of the online world, for God’s sake educate parents. But just take it from me – it’s time to let Amanda rest.

I will provide my opinion of the Fifth Estate documentary. This might be the last proper entry in this blog. I know I’ve said it a hundred times before, but it finally looks like it’s over.

So – what can I say about the documentary?

I’m torn. Part of me thinks that it wasn’t bad. It certainly added a lot of detail, but most of that was already known to people who have read this blog. I have a mixture of pride and relief – pride in that I got most of the information correct, and relief that things that I stuck to right from the beginning, such as the lack of truth in the Kody Maxson story, seem to be justified. However, I did appear to miss out on the ‘Austin Collins’ page and the existence of Tyler Boo. I will say a bit more about that later. And I have to admit to some surprise in seeing Shylah Watson.

Let’s look a bit more closely.

Finally, we have the first overt reference to the BlogTV activities. At least now, any of those people who still believed that it was just a photo, or something done on a one-to-one basis will, perhaps, now acknowledge that it was what it was – a show for 150+ viewers. However, the story still sticks with the erroneous opinion that it was a photo posted to a porn site when, in fact, it was actually a video. I can only guess that this is designed to stop people looking for it.

However, the program didn’t mention any activity prior to the BlogTV event. I’m not sure why. Again, I can only guess they didn’t want to involve Bianca Nitoi. But this means that the reaction of Amanda’s peers seems to be over the top – words like ‘camwhore’ and ‘pornstar’ being applied, as portrayed in the program, for one photo, rather than for the entire amount of Amanda’s exposure.

Carol’s reaction to the blackmail warning on Christmas Eve is odd. This was obviously sent by someone who was worried. They are not going to reveal who they are, as it is likely to have been someone known to the capping community, and she seems to take it as some sort of threat – not advice. It’s surely at this point that Carol should have gone into total lockdown webcam-wise, yet we know that Amanda had no interruptions whatsoever, able to re-emerge as ‘Announcing Amanda’ within three weeks.

Now we need to piece together some more things. We can now see that there was no effort at all to even slightly control Amanda’s access to webcams. I must admit, I find this REALLY difficult to comprehend. Had it been a case of teenage secrecy, I would have made allowances for surreptitious goings on. As Carol Todd says at one point – she didn’t want webcam activity but Amanda ‘won’. Couldn’t there have been some sort of compromise? But we’ve done all that to death.

So let’s look at the other two new things. ‘Austin Collins’ and ‘Tyler Boo’. What is their relevance?

I must admit I doubted the fake Facebook profile story, and it is one thing that I got wrong, suspecting that Amanda might have made her own Facebook page. But what was it all about?

OK. It wasn’t part of a blackmail set-up. This was someone who wanted to start a ‘shitfest’. As always, it’s best to take a simplistic view. We can, I think, discount any mention of digital self-harm here. This was, I believe, just set up by someone who hated Amanda. Not a pervert, not a predator, just a shitty little trouble-maker doing it for the lulz. Old geezers seem to think that this sort of sting takes time and effort – it doesn’t. It takes a kid less than five minutes to make a profile or a page, and no time at all to contact people to become friends (much in the same way it took me about ten minutes to locate Tara Murphy and work out who she was and who her friends were). If Carol had been as computer savvy as she reckons, it would have taken not long at all to trace this person. If anything, this just highlights how absolutely useless the cops are. But I guess it’s too late now (and yes, I have been tempted to find out for myself, and it would be possible if I could be bothered, but after the treatment by the Todd supporters, well….no).

However, what good would it do to pursue Austin Collins? Chances are that it is yet another 14 year old; almost 100% sure to be a minor. Chances are that they are fully aware of the story – whether or not they lose sleep is another question. And really – at what point do all the people in this story need to move on? Austin Collins is found – then what? Vilified, punished, slapped on the wrist, for what is just a stupid prank? Stigmatised forever? Is it worth it? Some people will say yes – those who believe that revenge is good. It would send a message out to future idiots.  But it never works. People get the electric chair – it doesn’t stop murders. Yes – there will be some kid wandering around maybe feeling guilty, maybe not. Maybe the child has his/her own problems. But it’s time to move forward. There’s been enough hatred emanating from this story already.

And to the Todd supporters. Think – if you have the desire to track down Austin Collins, then why not track down the people who made the anti-Kody Maxson pages? Why not track down and punish all those amongst you who threatened me with death, or threatened others with violence? Remember this – whatever I might say, it took a toll on me, yet never once did I report anyone. Take a good long look at yourselves before you embark on your next vigilante adventure.

But we need to pause. Is it not odd that the Todds seemed to have so much access to all this? Was Carol guilty of stupidity yet again? Should she, instead of becoming obsessed with collecting screen-shots and what have you, simply have concentrated on keeping Amanda safe and secure?

And another oddity. The Fifth Estate seem to have manfactured the Tyler Boo and Austin Collins profiles. Look closely – they are not screen-shots, they are reconstructed profiles. Not a wise thing to do for suspicious onlookers like me.

Tyler Boo. Much of what I have said above about Austin Collins can apply here. Not a predator, not some old guy – just a teen idiot. But here again there is an oddity, which I have mentioned in an earlier post. Tyler Boo knew a lot about Amanda, which means that either he/she was very close to the story or that Amanda gave out all her details. How would Tyler Boo know that she moved school, or that the police arrived? And it’s odd that he/she asks for three shows.

What else? Well, rather briefly we see what has become known as the ‘twerking’ video. The program presenter admits that Amanda just couldn’t keep away from webcams, but doesn’t say much more – like it was the public who complained in late 2011. There is still talk of blackmail, yet he acknowledges that the ‘twerking’ video was done by Amanda for attention.

OK – now a bit of observation. The September video done in Amanda’s bedroom? I will stick my neck out here and say ‘No it wasn’t’. But that’s just a gut thing. I could be wrong. It’s just that it doesn’t look like Amanda’s room.

So overall, what can I say?

This documentary proves that I was right. In some of my descriptions of what happened, I was spot on – BlogTV, her age, her problems, her continuation through to November 2011, the fact that she resorted to the Internet voluntarily and without coercion. All the people who said I lied – well, you were wrong.

The documentary was jumbled – it couldn’t decide if it was an anti-blackmail story, or a ‘keep your daughter off the Internet’ one. It conveniently left out the weed smoking, the drinking, and Amanda’s partying, rather overdoing the idea that she was almost a recluse.

We saw both Norm’s stupidity – even after the cops came, he still saw the webcam as harmless – yet we saw genuine grief from him.

What was noticeable, of course, was Carol’s rather weird approach to protecting her daughter. The role of the police has been questioned here, but they did all they could. Remember – there was no trace of any predator/blackmailer malarkey when they first turned up, and I guess that they must have thought that their presence was enough to ensure that the child would at least be supervised and controlled. If the cops go round on December 23rd 2010, then find out that Amanda and Shylah were back online three weeks later, what were they meant to do?

The ‘Austin Collins’ event was meaningless.  It wasn’t blackmail/predator activity, it was some idiot using the Amanda picture to create a ‘shitfest’. And in reality, it wouldn’t have done so. Unfortunately for Amanda, her reputation was out there. And it is sad. Any solution? Maybe change Amanda’s name; move her to another area of Canada; but hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

What is still surprising is the ongoing nature of it all – BlogTV end of 2010, blackmail possibilities; still online three weeks later; still exposing herself and performing on Dialogoo; ‘Austin Collins’; it still goes on.

Then we get ‘Tyler Boo’ – really? Almost inevitable. But it’s all confusing. From what some commentators and Carol Todd say, it’s totally acceptable for Amanda to go on BlogTV, Dialogoo, Omegle and so on and expose herself for likes, but when people actually watch, that’s all bad. ‘Tyler Boo’ was a chancer, but Amanda and her family already knew that all this stuff was going on. It’s like leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition in the worst part of town, and then complaining when it gets stolen.

Of course ‘Tyler Boo’ and ‘Austin Collins’ were little shits, but it goes back to what I said ages ago: where there’s prey, there’s predators. Amanda not only made herself that prey, she was allowed to do so.

And let’s not forget. These events tailed off around November 2011. To a certain extent, it was a closed book. Within a few months, it was mostly forgotten. Amanda just made a new rod for her back in the sex episode, kicking off yet another round of trouble. Then what do we get? The (I believe) fatal September video.

The Amanda Todd story, as I seem to have said a million times, is incredibly complex. I am reminded of the ‘For Want of a Nail’ rhyme – there were many opportunities, many forks in the road, many mistakes, but I still point my finger at those who should have been more protective. My rhyme might be ‘For want of a jot of parental discipline’. Carol says that Amanda ‘won’ when it came to the question of a webcam. It would appear that Amanda won when it came to more and more web access, to smoking marijuana, to drinking – to just about everything. She was out of control.

For Amanda, it’s all too late. So (maybe) I finish with my last piece of advice:

Parents. Look after your children. Love them and protect them.  Get wise. Get educated.

Ta ta! And if I don’t get round to another post – Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyful Eid, May the Force be With You!

Enjoy the video. All proceeds for the song go to the NSPCC.

Amanda Todd flashing – the conclusive evidence

I suggest that readers make themselves a cup of tea or a stiff drink – or both. Settle down and get comfortable – this will probably be a long entry, and at the end of it I guess people may well be stunned. This is the end, my friend. Forget the predator stories completely. Forget the bullying. From this video, we can now fully ascertain just what was going on. And it’s not nice. The story is finished. And so is any pretence that it wasn’t down to bad parenting.

Amendment: When I first wrote this, I thought it was impossible for Amanda’s parents not to know what was going on. With news of Jessi Slaughter (her dad in the background) and Aurora Eller (her dad accused of supplying booze and being quite involved) it was not so difficult. However, in the 5th Estate documentary Amanda writes about going to bed, logging off, and then going back on again. Therefore I conclude that she might have been interrupted in this video. This post has been slightly edited to reflect that. Note: the video I refer to is featured in the 5th Estate documentary.

Original text:

Yes – you read it right. Norm was there, in the same room as Amanda. How could I have been so slow? After getting a huge amount of tips and hints, I have finally seen what I should have seen a long time ago. My readers will know that I purposefully steered clear of the worst of Amanda’s videos. Most people have seen them, and I felt that they added nothing to the blog.

But this video ‘escaped’ just recently. It was seen by someone called DeeJay Bewy, and she almost immediately denied its existence. And it prompted me to take a second look. The video can be found if you look for it. I will provide details at the end of today’s entry but be warned – it’s on a horrendous site.

I’ve seen the evidence before, hundreds of times, but I just wasn’t looking closely enough. Way back at the beginning of the story, I had a ‘eureka’ moment when it sunk in that, on paying really close attention, it was quite obvious that Amanda had never self-harmed – there were absolutely no wounds or scars in any of the pictures, and people will know that she liked to show off her legs and arms a lot. Later on in the story, I was so bogged down with looking for evidence, writing these posts and trying to work things out, that I took my eye off the ball and wasn’t reading Carol Todd’s blog, in which a lot of the lazy parenting is shown. And I simply didn’t look at the video that I describe here today – in which we see Norman Todd and his daughter together for the first time, when Amanda is preparing for what is termed a ‘bate’ session – one featuring genital touching and more.

So here it is. The conclusive evidence – not only that Amanda was addicted to showing off on webcam, but that Norman Todd knew. Without further ado, here is the final condemnation.

The video is 8 minutes and 18 seconds long. However, it has, in fact, been edited and cut down, as there are several parts missing. But it’s enough to show what is going on. Regarding Norm’s appearance, I will be giving two opinions – one that maybe let’s him off the hook a bit, and another in which he is totally and utterly condemned. You can choose which one to believe.

In case anyone raves about this being unfair, I have contacted the police and warned them about what I will be saying. I have also tried to notify close family.

So on with the video.

First off, I have no idea where this is filmed. It looks like a large untidy bedroom, and I would suggest it’s at Missezula Lake (it might be one of the famous ‘Missezula Lake’ events), but I’m not sure. Amanda has the webcam completely set up at the end of the bed, with what looks like a microphone stand on the left hand side, and she is sitting on a chair. There is no sound available, which is a shame, and I won’t even try to guess what is being said. She is in ‘show’ mode, fully clothed.

At 0:42 she gets on the bed in a sort of pose – one like you might see in a provocative movie. She waves her rear in the air. More provocative moves follow – it’s obvious that she is responding to things being said via webcam, as she pulls up her knickers to show them off.

At 1:47 she rather jokingly puts her hand down the front of her jeans, then laughs. She is quite enjoying this. Is it just an individual on the other end of the webcam? I doubt it, as this encounter has been capped. But for sure – Amanda is certainly not 12, this is certainly not the first time she’s done this, and as we know, there is no coercion or threat involved. It could possibly be just for a friend.

She continues looking at the webcam, so I’m guessing she’s getting some written feedback, which would suggest that she is in a chatroom. She is quite happy. Maybe she’s waiting for a few more viewers.

At 3:21 she gets back on the bed to pose some more. It’s pretty harmless. At 3:37 she pulls her jeans down to reveal her knickers – in response to a webcam request, I guess. There is a jump – whether this is an edit or not, I don’t know, but this is where the scene gets strange.

At 5:09 she’s out of her jeans, and seems to be getting in to bed. At 5:22 she puts the light out, and it looks like she covers herself up to go to sleep.

At 6:00 another person can be seen entering the frame at top right. Who is this? This is crucial.

This is what I think has happened: Amanda has gone to bed, but someone – Norm? Laura? perhaps even Carol? – has heard her talking, and has come up to check. Amanda has raced back into bed, in comes the mystery figure to check that she is asleep and to say goodnight. I think it is Norm.

But could it be something more sinister? Surely, no-one could have missed the light that was coming from the webcam? Wouldn’t a parent figure have told Amanda to switch it off? Or did Amanda disguise the webcam behind a table lamp? That is the big question. Just who was the mysterious figure?

I was first tempted to think that there was an observer in the room. There are, as far as I can recall, pictures of Amanda from the side of the bed in this performance. But she could have just moved the webcam. And this video is, I think, cut short, with a few more incriminating acts to come. However, it could be possible that the other pictures were from ANOTHER video in the same room at a different time. It’s difficult to tell. But I can’t figure out if it is an observer, as Amanda seems to be oblivious to anyone else in the room

I think it’s a man. I think that the glint on the person’s arm is either a wristwatch or some kind or arm bracelet thing. But what does he do? Does he pick up some sort of jacket or something from next to Amanda’s bed? Or does he strike in in some way? I think he’s picking up a jacket. Could it be a boyfriend? Or even her brother? But then why did she rush into bed and put the light out? At this point, I offer it up to readers to make their minds up, but I think it is a parent figure who has come in to check on what’s going on.

Nothing much happens until 7:39 when Amanda’s arm appears from nowhere, then at 7:58 she’s back again. At 8:08 we can see that she is now naked below the waist, and I think that it is at this point that the show gets worse, as other pics would testify.

So there it is. The video can easily be found – just Google ‘Amanda Todd motherless’ and it’s there. HIGH WARNING: THE MOTHERLESS SITE IS A LOT LOT WORSE THAN CAMERACAPTURES AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED BY ANYONE UNDER 18.

So I’m done for a while. It’s time for some time off. We all now know that Amanda was a webcam addict, that she enjoyed it, that there was no coercion, no predator – that it was all a pack of lies. She wasn’t twelve when a ‘one-off’ photo was taken; she wasn’t followed around by a stalker; none of it is true. She wasn’t depressed, she wasn’t agoraphobic, she wasn’t a friendless isolated soul. Just look at all the pictures.

Amanda was just a wayward child, allowed to run riot by useless parents, who eventually came to grief through her own actions and the terrible inaction of all those round her. A tragedy? No more than a kid starving to death, beaten up regularly, or without access to clean water. What is tragic is that Carol Todd has managed to achieve sainthood through stupidity. And that Canada seems to accept it all.

But what truly disgusts me is that Carol Todd continues to reap the benefits of her daughter’s infamy, knowing full well what she did, and knowing full well why her daughter attracted such adverse attention. All the time, she has concocted a story to make her appear blameless, whilst encouraging everyone to believe a mythological tale of poor old Amanda and fantastic mother.

By now, people know what to do. Complain to the IWF or CEOP about these videos. Here are the links again:

Mrs Todd may not care about these disgusting videos, but at least someone does. Complain, complain, complain! My evidence might be destroyed like it was last time, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Amanda MUST be allowed to finally rest in peace, and getting rid of these things is a small part of it. People will know that I get angry, so it’s time to sign off.

Thanks to all my supporters. Love to all – and remember – be kind, be nice, but above all be happy!


Just in case you’re wondering: the selfie in underwear is rumoured to be Amanda’s Facebook profile picture. Personally, I think it’s photoshopped.

And in the collage of photos, the top two on the left are from this video. The pictures below them (rather vague) are, I believe, from later on in the same video, but they could be from another show. All the other pictures on the right are from earlier flashing videos – the one where she is with Bianca, and the one as cutiielover on BlogTV.


Where’s my head at?

I’m not in full blogging mode today. The weather in the UK has been grim, but now Spring/Summer is arriving the outdoors is a much better place to be. Blogging is a Winter activity, I think.

Nothing is happening much on the Amanda Todd story. I’ve said this a load of times before, but it definitely is dying out. And maybe that’s a good thing. Her mother should realise that her memory is becoming more tarnished each day, but I think she doesn’t believe that. It’s a terrible shame that more people know now about what she got up to than ever before.

Here is where we are at. We now know with certainty that she was naked online many times, flashing and much worse. But loads of people knew that right from the beginning. We know that the myth of it all starting when she was 12 and in 7th grade is just a fallacy – interpreted that way by the public and the media to make it sound even more scandalous.

We know that she was late 13, early 14 when she really got active on BlogTV. We have her join date as ‘cutiielover’ as being in November 2010. We know that, by December 5th, very soon afterwards, her photo had been spread.

And we know, without shadow of a doubt, that the photos were spread by her friends. There was no stalker, no predator, no pedophile, no older man. Sure, these types exist in these circles, and they may have seen Amanda’s videos. But the stalker myth was created by her as an excuse for her behaviour. Here’s a much truer – perhaps 100% true – version of what happened. And remember, this is backed up by FACTS!

Amanda went online from 2008 onwards. We know that from her activities as mandy_kinz.

In late 2010, she joined BlogTV – around about September/October 2010. Unfortunately, she got into the habit of flashing. She was, at least once, accompanied by a friend.

On December 5th, 2010, we know that her pictures were in the public eye. She told people that her friends had found them.

So this is what happened: she joined BlogTV in November 2010, and soon found out that flashing brought her popularity. She just loved the attention. So she continued. There are hints about just how far she went, and pictures that show her doing a lot worse than just a quick flash.

At some point, either her friend or Amanda boast about what they get up to. Word gets out, and the kids in her school find the evidence. The links are sent around, and pretty quickly half of Vancouver are aware. By December 5th, she knows this.

But this doesn’t put her off. After all, notoriety can be quite attractive. She still flashes again on December 17th, 2010.

Then, on December 23rd, the cops arrive. Just what is going on? A pornography scandal? Child abuse? Amanda is questioned, and quite rapidly tells the story of a blackmailer/predator/stalker.

This was the start of so many lies. There was never a predator/older man/stalker or whatever. She simply made it up. Of course, they existed. In the Capper community, in which Amanda had become infamous, there are plenty of them. So Amanda knew that if she just pointed at someone to blame, she would sound credible. After all, you would trust a naive 14 year old pretty girl, wouldn’t you?

If you don’t believe me, fair enough. But ask yourselves some questions. If Amanda had been so stalked, why did she stay online for so long afterwards? Why did she have such a strong Facebook and YouTube presence if she thought there was some monster out there to get her? Why did she continue getting naked throughout 2011? Poor stalked girl – or narcissistic attention-seeker?

And how come this stalker was never caught? All the messaging that would have been going to and fro, all the spreading of the video by this ONE guy – there would have been a trail a mile wide. The police have had since December 23rd, 2010, to come up with something. But you know why they can’t? Because it’s not true.

So just get this straight. No predator, no stalker. Just lies.

PS: for some reason, WordPress didn’t show all of my first post. Perhaps now it makes more sense.

The Amanda Todd story – a fraud and a scandal


Good morning. Or good afternoon, depending on where you are in the world. The saga continues. I apologise if today’s post rambles. My mind is full of conflicting thoughts, so I have just gone into a free flow mode.

For the first time in a long time,  I really confess to not having a clue as to where to go with this blog. I think I am in some sort of delayed shock. I have always known that there was something strange about this story. Part of me actually wanted it to be true; I actually wanted to be mistaken. No-one wants to believe that a young girl, on her own or aided by her mother, has lied to such an extent, let alone done all the things mentioned in this blog. But now it’s clear – it’s all a fraud.

A few months ago, I never knew about the existence of things like BlogTV, TinyChat, Omegle or even worse sites like cameracaptures. I had never heard of the Capper community. It’s all come as quite a surprise. And not a nice one.

To be honest, my mind is in a whirl. There are so many unanswered questions.

Is this a part of a greater fraud? I have now chosen that word – fraud – because that’s what it is. The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund and the Vancouver Foundation have maliciously used this story for publicity and financial gain, knowing full well that is based on lies. Just how great those lies are, we have yet to find out.

The police have said very little. They have stood by and watched shocking online vigilante behaviour almost in silence. They have let real life and online threats of violence proliferate.

The media – the Vancouver Sun, mostly, and the Canadian TV broadcasters – have shamelessly profited from this story, continuing to use the ‘Amanda Todd’ tag to gain readers and viewers, and I dread to think of the income gained from YouTube videos and the R.I.P. pages, most of which are now being used to promote anything from life-revived (a suspicious online website set up to gain advertising revenue) to free give-aways encouraging people to give their details away. It is truly disgraceful. And it needs to be stopped.

I have lost sleep over whether or not I am doing the right thing here. Sure, there has been a lot of attention brought towards bullying, but we now know that this was not at the core of Amanda’s problems. But, in fact, there has been a huge amount of bullying CAUSED by this fiasco. The Amanda Todd Reporting Team (on Facebook) along with Amanda Todd’s Safe Haven have wrongly persecuted people simply for voicing their opinion. And various new groups – like Bikers Against Bullies – are simply uneducated and uninformed hooligans out to ‘expose’ pedophiles. This is a dangerous move in society – lynch mobs out to get people who, without any evidence, they might choose to victimise.

Attention has been brought to suicide. But even that has been misused. By implying that Amanda is ‘in a better place’, that she had a one-way ticket to Paradise, that she is in Heaven, loads of kids, maybe on the verge of making a fatal decision, will think they are doing the right thing. After all, Heaven will be seen as a much better option from the imagined Hell they are living in. And kids who are lonely, isolated, unloved, will see that maybe, just maybe, it’s better to die and get all the attention post-mortem.

Attention has been brought to mental health. But not much. The Amanda Todd supporters film of choice – ‘Bully’ – never mentions the fact that the person at the centre of the story was mentally ill. And people don’t see Amanda’s choices as being based on poor mental health – they seek to blame an imaginary predator.

But what is missing?

Does any of the story concentrate on the dreadful parental neglect? No. The fact that Amanda got away with so much – flaunting herself online, stripping and masturbating, drinking, taking drugs and having sex – all this seems to have been air-brushed out of the picture.

And for me, perhaps the worse thing. Apart from a few references to BlogTV in the gutter-press reporting of Patrick McGuire and Cooper Fleishman, no-one has sought to tackle the major problem of the webcam sites that encourage young girls and boys to do dreadful things online. I shake my head in despair. By avoiding the truth about what Amanda did, important issues are not being dealt with.

Regarding my blog. People say it’s all lies. That is ridiculous. Many of those who complain don’t even bother to read one post, let alone all the rest. I have tried to provide as much information as possible. The lunatics suggest that I have photo-shopped evidence. I can barely get used to using ‘Paint’. The marijuana? A quote from Carol Todd. The drinking? Another quote from Carol Todd. The online nudity? Most of the pictures have been supplied. I have held back from providing the worse ones here.

In the last few days, I am proud of a couple of things.

I tracked down the cameracaptures site a long time ago. I held back. The last thing I wanted to do was to trawl through the terribly upsetting pictures of hundreds of young kids doing foolish things online. It’s heart-breaking. I can tell you now – it damages the soul.

But, after so many people denied the existence of the video, and so many people who did know of it felt powerless, I decide to act. I looked for the actual video – thank God I didn’t have to look too far – and published it here, with links to how to complain. After two or three days, it went. For the first time, I felt like I had achieved something. Even the ensuing online harassment can’t take that away from me. I have left the connection there. After all, it’s not just Amanda. There are hundreds of pictures. Please keep complaining. Hiding away from these things does not solve the problem. Actions do.

Secondly, I think that the stalker story has now been completely destroyed. I still have investigation to do (when will it ever end?) but I think that I can firmly say that the stalker/predator/pedophile story as reported in the video is complete nonsense. In future posts, I will explain EXACTLY what happened. But know this – the Amanda Todd story is almost entirely false. There is barely a shred of truth in it – if any at all.

I should mention my source. I have paced up and down about this. Internet paranoia dictates that I shouldn’t trust him (or her, for that matter). My source knows a Hell of a lot. It’s taken me by surprise. I originally thought that it was just someone piecing together bits of stuff found online to make up a story, but as I’ve said before, liars tend to give themselves away. Although I hold some doubt in my mind, I have 100% trust that the screen caps supplied by my source are true. I trust my source, and thank the person greatly.

The revelations from the screen caps are good. We have specific dates to work on – even the actual time. Amanda has admitted that she already knew about the photos being spread, yet she still continued.

But it’s turned this blog into an entirely different ball game. I have to take things seriously now – that’s why this post rambles a bit. Regular readers will know that  I have interspersed some of the seriousness with humour and nonsense. If I hadn’t, I think I might have gone mad (too late, I hear you say!).

I have written – twice this week – to the police. I have written to the Vancouver Foundation again. Will they respond? I don’t think so. I have found out more information as to how people can block the torrent of danger from the Internet – I need to supply that information in the best way I can.

But it’s not all bad. For every 100 haters, I gain one new online supporter. I now have a handful (including me, it makes five!). But you know what they say – quality beats quantity.