Amanda Todd wasn’t on her own



As the Coban trial continues, it gets more shocking. Apparently he had 204,000 porn pics on his hard drive, he was in trouble with the Grijze Wolven. As most of it is in Dutch it’s a pain to work out the details. Add in the thing about 7 gay Australians and it starts getting too weird.

Meanwhile I’ve reissued these pics from the catalogue. The clip is actually far worse than this can show and makes the BlogTV episode look mild. It’s really this clip that puzzles me most as it’s so far away from the ‘it was a brief flash’ storyline and involves another kid who was very much part of Amanda’s scene but never gets a mention.

Because of this clip, Amanda’s BlogTV shows and so on, it’s tough to match the current narrative of one action followed by years of torment.

Just in case anyone thinks this isn’t Amanda, then OK, you’re entitled to that. Just ask Carol Todd though – she’ll remember that Amanda had a pair of trousers (or ‘pants’ as they are called in the USA) with ‘CHEER’ written on the bottom. And she’ll recognise the soft toy. And Amanda’s old bedrooom.

It looks as if there are a few latecomers to the blog, so rather tediously I have to re-visit old news.

Amanda Todd wasn’t on her own



As the Coban trial continues, it gets more shocking. Apparently he had 204,000 porn pics on his hard drive, he was in trouble with the Grijze Wolven. As most of it is in Dutch it’s a pain to work out the details. Add in the thing about 7 gay Australians and it starts getting too weird.

Meanwhile I’ve reissued these pics from the catalogue. The clip is actually far worse than this can show and makes the BlogTV episode look mild. It’s really this clip that puzzles me most as it’s so far away from the ‘it was a brief flash’ storyline and involves another kid who was very much part of Amanda’s scene but never gets a mention.

Because of this clip, Amanda’s BlogTV shows and so on, it’s tough to match the current narrative of one action followed by years of torment.

Just in case anyone thinks this isn’t Amanda, then OK, you’re entitled to that. Just ask Carol Todd though – she’ll remember that Amanda had a pair of trousers (or ‘pants’ as they are called in the USA) with ‘CHEER’ written on the bottom. And she’ll recognise the soft toy. And Amanda’s old bedrooom.

It looks as if there are a few latecomers to the blog, so rather tediously I have to re-visit old news.

So here it is……

This is it. The final true story of Amanda Todd. I’m not going to cross-reference with evidence too much, because all my regular readers will know how thoroughly I do my research, and most of the proof is already contained within this blog. And I want this post to be as short as possible.

Some things to understand:

Shylah, Amanda, Bianca and all the rest could have walked out of the scene of a brutal mass murder, covered in blood and holding knives, and the British Columbia police would have immediately announced that the prime suspects were young males with a bit of a record, preferably black, and would have arrested people who were 300 miles away at the time. We are conditioned to believe that young girls, especially if they are pretty, are innocent.

Amanda was what could be termed a ‘drama queen’, like a ton of teenage girls. She lived in a fantasy world where her online encounters were love affairs, all her viewers were adoring fans, and fame and fortune were just around the corner. She was capable, as seen in her September video, of making up an entirely fake story. She was an endless attention-seeker.

Amanda was way, way out of her depth. She knew all about capping, and she was fully aware of the risks. She could deal with whatever the online world threw at her, because it meant that she was getting that craved-for attention, yet the amount of it all would eventually overwhelm her.

Teenage girls are like a vicious pack of wild dogs. Boys are too thick, too emotionally unaware to know how to totally destroy someone. Boys think that a few well-aimed fists will hurt someone; girls know that a few well-aimed words will kill them.

Amanda went online, as she said, very early on – from 2008. She encountered all the other kids who swarmed to sites like BlogTV, and it was great fun. There were no rules, no parents, a realm ruled by children. She would, at that time, have no idea of the ‘other’ types of people who she might have met.

Around 2010, she met ‘Tommy’. I will not name names. She was becoming more outgoing. She began to realise that people were interested in her boobs and that, even though she sang and danced, a flash would see the attention rocket. Other kids might have backed off, but Amanda made the most of it.

Then came the first major error. Amanda’s antics were getting slightly worse. But she was not alone. Her little coterie of associates were at it big time. Amanda was at the level where she had her own show – regularly, at 7 pm British Columbia time, every Friday. The Amazing Amanda. With guest stars Shylah, Celine, Celia, Tessa and Bianca.

By the end of 2010, Amanda was known throughout the Vancouver school circuit and, of course, further afield. Then came the first big storm.

A prime rule. When you are a member of the Mean Girl team, whatever you do, keep on the right side of them. There was a falling out with Blabbermouth Bianca. People will know that Amanda and Bianca appeared together. Not many will know that this was for ‘Tommy’. Bianca wanted Tommy. Amanda wanted Tommy. Hullabaloo! Bianca unleashes the first wave of hate, and the school kids spread news of her videos.

There was no release of a video by a predator. Amanda displayed to hundreds and hundreds of people. Her displays – judging by the plethora of copies online – were everywhere. The spread of the video was purely down to her popularity and the fact that so many people knew what she was doing.

Evidence of Amanda’s activities spread like wildfire amongst the kids, egged on not by some mystery predator, but by all those who knew her. She already had a fair share of haters, and when her ex-friends joined in, she was doomed. Amanda’s actions had gone beyond playground joke material. At the same time, her fame was spreading amongst the Cappers.

Shylah and company still hung around after the December ‘photo’ revelation, but it was all going downhill. Being a friend of Amanda was not a good thing, and the final straw was the Glowsticks episode (around March/April 2011).

Meanwhile, in the background, we had the parental split. In so many stories like this, there is always something crucial going on in the family. Carol and Norm had long been aware of their daughter’s activities, but in Harper Valley no one really cares unless it all goes public, which it did in December 2010. Norm’s reaction was one of ‘what the Hell can I do?’; Carol’s reaction was to ostracise and shun her daughter.

Amanda had nowhere to run, except to the wide-open arms of the Internet. It truly is tragic. One minute, she’s swimming in the waters of the web, next minute she’s drowning – and there’s no one around to help.

By now, not only is Amanda a semi-pariah amongst her peers, she is a pariah to her own mom. Absolutely classic destruction scenario.

If you are virtually an outcast, there are only certain types of people who will accept you – and they are not the best. And if you truly want to be accepted in this environment, then you have to be the worst amongst the worst. You have to put out more, you have to drink more, you have to smoke more weed, you have to fight for that attention. And each step along the way brings more disapproval, more hatred, more trouble and worse – more self-loathing, manifesting itself as a mixture of extreme bravado on occasion, and self-harm the next.

Amanda was locked in to the self destruct path. Instead of backing off, she got worse. By this time, she would have been encountering the mad world of online heroes and villains, running through the whole gamut of chancer-pedophiles, haters from amongst her own circles, and the type of blackmailer that no one seems to have understood – the ones who were using threats of exposure to get her offline. However – she didn’t care. Amanda was by now a professional webcam user. She knew exactly what she was doing.  Every threat she received, be it from the cops, her parents, blackmailers, predators, would have been met with ‘Bring it on’. Indeed, there is proof of this from Amanda’s timeline around March 2011:

The threat: its me again bitch, you didn’t answer my hate message again, your going to be in for something tomorrow.’

Reaction from Amanda: ‘OMG IM SO SCAREDD 😉 SMD’

So we’re roughly at April 2011. Amanda is increasingly isolated, and increasingly arrogant – an arrogance born from complete despair. When someone is low, there’s not much anyone can do to make them lower. Her responses (like the one above) to any threat would only make things worse.

By now, a whole lot of people know about Amanda, and she revels in it. She’s not that fussed that she’s called Glowsticks. On the surface, she’s thriving on it. Inside, she’s emotionally distraught. She is well and truly hooked to the Internet. Her not going out is interpreted as self-imposed isolation, whereas it’s just more and more an opportunity to go online.

It doesn’t matter how many times she moves school, or where she goes. Her legend is pervasive. Over and over again I hear names of schools – Glen, Kway, Pitt, Fox. She was known throughout Vancouver. The Austin Collins attempt to create a ‘shitfest’ would have been pointless – pathetic mischief-making – because everyone knew. Even Tyler Boo’s dim-witted hero attempt is met with disdain – if the whole world is calling you ‘Glowsticks’, it’s all so empty.

With her regular Friday night online show, the perves and the chancers didn’t even have to hunt for her. One of them writes to her to complain, and she promises to be back next Friday (an interruption caused by the cops on the snoop). Tyler Boo warns her about the risk of producing child porn but remember – Amanda doesn’t care.

Apart from being in a complex psychological turmoil, all of Amanda’s actions would have had one real aim. All acts of self-harm, suicide threats, dangerous attention-seeking are essentially a cry for love – in this case, the love of a mother. Here’s the cycle: Amanda is a bit lost and gets in trouble. Carol Todd is emotionally disconnected. Amanda wants mom’s attention, so she creates a ruckus. Carol Todd cuts her off completely. Amanda begs for forgiveness and is ignored. Result? A double whammy: Amanda feels she might as well go the whole hog now, as she has nothing left to lose, but I suspect that she also felt that if she went totally over the top, mom would eventually be forced to show some care. How wrong could she be?

From April to October 2011, I lose track of Amanda. The next occurrence is the second police intervention which we know is October/November. It’s the second time that the public contact Cybertip due to Amanda’s actions, and the RCMP send the ‘get Amanda offline’ email to Carol and Norm. What is astonishing at this point is that it’s not enough. There is a major clampdown. Amanda loses all of her accounts, all her Facebook pages (that people know about), and her twitter account.

But blow me! Within a matter of days, Amanda is back online on twitter, desperately trying to regain all the followers that she had so carefully acquired. There simply is no stopping her. She isn’t locked in to porn displays, she is addictively locked in to the quest for fame. Her popularity is measured in followers and likes. Without them, she is nothing.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Amanda’s world is out of control. Indeed, she was out of control. I imagine her as the ball in a pinball machine. She is caught. Every time she tries to be positive, she gets knocked back. Every time she responds by going further, the knock backs get greater. She would not have understood that a one-night stand was not the prelude to a long-term relationship full of love and romance, and every time she felt rejected, so her need for love grew, and as her need for love grew, so did the amount of rejection. Teen Hell, basically.

But she is tough and resilient, far more than people think. She wouldn’t have been worried by the showdown fight – it wouldn’t have been the first time. Remember – when someone feels as emotionally beaten up a she does, a physical beating is just another event in a world that is against you. And remember, Amanda had verbally dished out as much abuse as she received, if not more. Not only would the kids have thought that Amanda had it coming, Amanda herself may well have thought that way.

I strongly suspect that the ditch and bleach reports may have been more fantasy, but for now we’ll assume that these events are partly real.

Amanda was drama queen supreme. Every single thing she did was mined for its attention value. But this wasn’t so much look-at-me attention, it goes far deeper than that, and I will not enter into cod-psychology talk. Suffice to say that very often, the biggest attention-seeker is the weakest soul. The toughest exterior masks the saddest interior.

So Amanda, as usual, milks the bleach episode. Deep down, she wants people to feel sorry for her, but she knows, as does everyone else, that it will be seen as attention-seeking on a massive scale. Remember – Amanda is known as an unbearable show-off, a terrible online exhibitionist, a serial sleep-around. And she still has those enemies – Bianca and the rest of the tribe. Who else would write, in amongst the hatred, that she would never be like Amanda Todd because:

I will never lie to and backstab my friend.

Surely only an old pal would write that, some close friend who she betrayed? For anyone wondering what that was all about, when Amanda was caught by the cops she named names. And let’s not forget Tommy.

Holey moley, let’s try and wrap this up.

Amanda was beginning to fall apart. Jesus, she was completely lost.

Imagine Scenario Number One: Amanda goes for therapy and medical help. How does she maintain her innocence? Think. Do you seriously imagine that she will sit down with a therapist and say ‘My nickname is Glowsticks, I have my own channel supplying child porn, I take drugs, drink and have sex regularly’?

Scenario Number Two: Amanda wakes up one morning with that ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’ positivity. But it’s too late. People might forget about what you did in real life, they might even forget all the ins and outs of past indiscretions, but all that Internet stuff is there forever. Her past would have been inescapable. Today would have been just another day of a future in which you would be perpetually known as ‘Glowsticks’.

Scenario Number Three: Amanda desperately needs/wants friends, or more specifically, love. She won’t find that from parents, so a boy would be the answer. She needs to heal. Sure, she can find a few girlfriends to go down the Mall with, to take selfies with, to blaze with, but she desperately wants to be loved. But she has that dreadful reputation. For some, it might have been attractive – a good-looking sexually active girl is a dream  For some, they might have liked the idea of being a knight in shining armour for an incredibly needy girl. But it would have failed in the end. No guy wants to have to deal with sniggers behind the back regarding his girlfriend’s past; not many guys can handle extreme and problematical neediness for very long.

So Amanda hits upon what, at first glance, looks like a brilliant answer – the September video. Note that, at the back of my mind, I can’t help but think that she was aided in this masterpiece. The September video would have fulfilled Amanda’s desperate needs – on one hand, it guaranteed the attention that she just couldn’t live without, but most of all it would have made her look like an innocent victim. It wasn’t BlogTV appearance after BlogTV appearance, it was ‘one photo’. It wasn’t insane narcissistic exhibitionism, it was all forced upon her by an evil predator. It wasn’t masturbation with glowsticks, it was one little flash.

But it failed drastically. She would have received a tsunami of hatred and indignation from all those who knew her. The lies would have caused a ton of trouble, and she would have been attacked almost immediately. And she overloooked one crucial aspect. Most kids have short memories. Her flashing would fade into obscurity. Kids get bored quickly, and there would have been plenty more things to talk about than Amanda. Perhaps she knew this.

But the September video simply revitalised her reputation. Even her friends would have been dismayed – why remind everyone of what happened? Even those whose patience was almost infinite would have been angry. It should never have been allowed, to be honest.

She followed up with a song. Oh Lord! All her peers would simply be thinking ‘Why can’t you just get offline and stop the incessant attention-seeking?’. But Amanda was Amanda. Instead of moving forward, growing up, listening to warnings, she remained the 13-14 year old centre-of-attention fame-craver.

The video, in Amanda’s circle, would have failed miserably. Any boyfriend, burdened not just by his own problems, but by Amanda’s, and potentially becoming an object of ridicule, would have had all the strains doubled after the September event.

Time was running out. She had alienated her parents. She had alienated just about everyone else. And now, really, she had alienated a whole new group of people.

She pleaded and pleaded for that last drop of attention, but she had exhausted everyone around her. She spent the last night on her phone, trying to keep her hope alive. She sent one last text. It was ignored.

The end.

Note: the temptation to go back and add to this account was huge, but it would have grown out of all proportion had I tried to explain everything in detail. Later on this week I might attempt to cover events from October 2012 to the present.

The game draws to a close

There comes a point at which things have to stop.

I want this game to be over, if ‘game’ could ever be the right word for it all. It’s time for the truth to be told – by the Todds, by the police, and by everyone else who has been complicit with this tawdry myth-making.

There are extraordinary moral dilemmas, and I am completely aware of how much I am involved with perpetuating them. The revelation that Amanda’s nickname was ‘Glowsticks’ is horrible. Of course I am aware of how distasteful it is, but then again I simply look at Carol Todd’s fine example. She was prepared to see Kody Maxson and his family destroyed. She never once spoke out about it. While lapping up the fame and fortune that came from being a failed parent, she never once stepped back to think about how she was only creating more and more prurient interest in her daughter’s activities.

I have the names in the frame. Shylah Watson, Celia Hutikka, Bianca Nitoi, Celine Haire, Tessa Elizabeth Ross Anderson. My oh my, what a wonderful bunch they are.

So I am torn. I could shake my head, close the book, and get on with other things. But there remains the open story of the real super-criminals in all this.

Carol Todd continues her search for fame and glory. There is something vomit-inducing about a woman who proclaims herself a loving mom, yet wholly cut herself away from daughter during the worst time of her life; who refers to herself as a ‘rock-star’ mom; who talks more about going to the slots in Las Vegas than she does about attending an important conference; who greets an opportunity to appear on TV with an infantile ‘woohoo’.

Norm has made some good moves, remaining out of the story, only appearing once or twice to look gormless and/or sad. And yet he was the prime parent from 2010-2011, when Amanda was at the zenith of her online exhibitionism.

And what about the cops? They MUST have known what was going on. Their email to Carol and Norm made it clear that they would have known about Glowsticks – they simply preferred to call it ‘new material’. And if they didn’t know what was going on – they certainly do now. I have done my best to keep them informed. And as for all this phoney-baloney Aydin Coban bullshit (which I might explain in full soon), they should be ashamed of themselves. It’s a total disgrace.

The Press? Don’t get me started. The Vancouver Sun (Gillian Shaw and her cronies) were taken in by the whole thing, but by the time they realised what the truth was, they were stuck like everyone else – who in their right mind would reveal that the Virgin Amanda and Saint Mother Carol are as fake as fuck? (Of course, I couldn’t slip ‘except me’ in that last sentence. I haven’t been in my right mind since about 1976).


So where does that leave us? Ages and ages ago, someone who knew Amanda posted a comment that finished with words like ‘I will not rest until the truth is told’. (The letter still exists online – I just can’t find it at the moment). As you can see from the image above, the people who were close to Amanda knew what was going on. They must have been astonished by the sudden sanctification of good old Glowsticks.

How do I finish the game? How do I force it to finish? That’s a doozy. I have tried approaching the police; I have tried approaching the Press; I have tried a lot over the last months. Carol and the Todd Squad have tried every weapon they have – Facebook harassment, death threats, the tried and trusted pedophile accusations, the ridiculous online petition to have me investigated (being totally oblivious to the fact that my juvenile response is ‘come at me, brah’). Indeed, this post will be delivered to the police once again, just so they don’t forget me.

If the game doesn’t finish, I will up the ante. Quite how that will be done remains only known to me. And yes, I will feel morally ambiguous about it all, but that’s par for the course. But in the childish fashion that seems to pervade everything from the playground to global conflict, all I can say is ‘You started it!’

I will be taking a break for a couple of days (holey moley, I need it) – mainly to give certain people a chance to respond to emails I’ve sent – but I will be back to finish the story, and to commence the last act of provocation to get an end to this farce.

Have a good Sunday!

Who the Hell is Tommy?

I’m sort of inundated with information at the moment, and the process of trying to decide what to publish and how much to publish takes up time.

I am reminded of a story from German literature. The main character refers to a process used to find where underground water supplies flow. A strong dye is poured into the source, and then they sit back and wait to see where that dye hits the surface. Some time ago, I poured a ton of bright dye into the this story, and now I can see the people who are coloured by it.

I promised some quotes for today. Crikey, there are so many, so I might as well just start at random.

I was pondering how deeply Amanda and her peers were involved in the cesspit of BlogTV and the rest of the online hellholes. I had always imagined that the chat rooms were like the online playgrounds, but I had thought that 4Chan and anonib might have remained off-limits, or purely the domain of the boys. I had run with the idea that Amanda and her pals were fully aware of the perils of Omegle and Stickam, but that they had never stopped to think about where their shows and pictures were ending up. Well, of course, it never entered into my mind that they might be using those boards themselves. How naïve can I be?

‘hahahaha you’re such a dirty whore! why would you make a thread of yourself on 4chan and post nudes and your number there? no one would want to see that, you’re fucking nasty!’

These 13-year-olds use such charming language.

As far as the gang of Celia Hutikka, Tess Anderson, Shylah Watson, Bianca Nitoi, Celine Haire, Samantha Hemphill and, of course, Amanda went, there was never much to link them all together in one place. I found the bong hit escapades on Kik, but that was pretty harmless. Poor old-fashioned me had yet to realise that the majority of 13 and 14 year old kids in Canada are out of their heads on weed most of the time. Then I found one discussion that mentioned  them all, and then a second. It would appear that this little tribe were quite proud of their, you know, ‘illegal things’. We have already seen this quote:

‘name one of your friends that do the most fucked up things! (Illegal things)’

‘DEFFINITELY TESSA. LOL but there’s more people. like celia and shylah and celine :)’

Not enough to go on? So let’s look at another response:

‘ummmm I think it would have to be these ones Celina, Celia, shylah, Amanda&&Bianca <3’

I still have to apply a lot more thought to other comments. Trying to set it all up chronologically takes an age, and making sure that it’s not all a pile of misleading crap takes concentration. At some points, it is obvious that someone else (usually a friend) has used the person’s identity to make dumb remarks (this is usually followed by ‘that wasn’t me, that was xxx’). But then we have the horrible words that are then followed by ‘I was hacked’ – the well-used excuse to try and cover comments that are badly received.

As I have said, there was a pivotal point at which Amanda went from matey to hatey. But to be honest, I do wonder if she was mental.

These are quotes from her best (male) friend. Note: I have only quoted parts, and there is some seriously weird shit going on. Tommy. I really need to know who Tommy is. I will analyse this more tomorrow. It was Tommy who brought about the Bianca/Amanda warfare. I have highlighted some of the odd stuff.

Wow, Amanda…is pathetic..’…….’TRUEEE’

‘stfu amanada before i jump yo bitch asss’……'<33333’

‘haha i never dated tommy :/ hehe EW i would never date him’…’amanda, leave me alone’

heey. dont let that fuckin amanda tell u of.’

just tell her “i ain’t the one fucking with a glowstick bitch!”(:’

(from Amanda) ‘LMFAO, hold on tight bitch ? wtf. ? speak real language. and how do i need to change, this is my life, and im happy for what i have .’ (response) ‘lol coool, then stop ruining my life, k thanks’.

you suck at bullying, you know that right amanda?

(from Amanda) ‘’…(response) ‘no?’

(response to Amanda): ‘lmfao no. i deleted them, becuz how the fuck r you supposed to answer to tht? those r dumb questions. tht arnt even questions. stop creeping my fucking comments n just get the fuck off. leave it alone. and stop texting me saying i love you. k thanks bye’

(from Amanda): ‘im just doing what u did to me, in return back to you 😀 so maybe grow up and change and u will get ur FUCKEN LIFE BACK ! (:’

Tommy, not SARAH, dont delete comments just because of that bitch Amanda todd, youre giving her exactly what she wants. stay ..’

‘yeah i hate her’

Awh I’m sorry. Damn Amanda Todd ruining your fun. fuck her.

I’m not friends with you but i was just wondering why are you deleting everything like i was friends with you on fb but now you’re gone. why? if you don’t mind me askinn[:’

‘becuz. this fuccking bitch called amanda todd is pissing the shit outa me.

i thought you were fake?… and amanada todd is a fucking weirdo..

‘ikr isnt she !!!!!!!!! and no’

(from Amanda): ‘how do i kill you peanut ?‘…..response: ‘wowww’

(to Amanda): ‘wtf. r you dumb. you told every fucking person i was. you started it. dont make up shit.’

(to Amanda): ‘lmfao. amanda r you dumb. you told everyone im fake. and now your coming back ? no.. good bye.’

(from Amanda): ‘i wait for you, and i just cant stop loving you, but now i just have to understand…’

(from Amanda): ‘I love you’ (response): ‘amanda. you know you kill me right. look at your fucking comments bitch.’

(from Amanda): ‘i miss you…… whenever i have rouph times, & like. hard times and when im crying your all i think about, your the one i need your the one i want.’

Amanda Todd Is A BITCH . Like , BIG TIME.’…..’I FUCKING KNOW’

who r those girls amanda, ciara and jazzmyn?’….’amanda: i really dont know ciara: my secret admiriorr 😉 jazzmyn: my BFF’

(OK that was a bit weird. Right in the middle of all this, Tommy says ‘amanda: i really dont know’. Holey moley, help me out here. Good grief, I have a suspicion that all of this Tommy/Amanda stuff was a figment of her online imagination, Yet they were dating??!!).

‘oh hi amanda. i fucking told you. im not sarah. im tommy. i told you the story so stop doing this.’

(from Amanda): ‘go die’….(response): ‘fuck you’

yet before:

(from Amanda): ‘love youuuu sooo much <3333′

(response): ‘love you soo much too <33333’

but the fatal connection? The competition that was to lead to revenge?

(from Bianca Nitoi): ‘go on skypeeeeeeeeee :)’

U stil datin amanda ??????’…….’ya’

(from Amanda): ‘lol can you text me babbbby i have to tell you how school was and i wanna hear about your day :DDD.’…..’HELLO GO ON MSN BIGGGGGGG LOVER!’…..’xxxooo ❤ (:’

(rather bizarrely, Amanda forgets to go anonymous with these comments)

your girfriend is really pretty <3′

‘Who are you dating ??? ;D’ (response: ‘you’)

‘do oyu think you and amandatodd will last a long time (:’ (response: ‘xD your dumb’)

back to someone else: ‘Tommehh[: omg you and Amanda Todd are dating? Thats so adorable. I saw it coming like forever ago. You like hated her ishh and then became friends and im like yup there gonna date. haha. anyway cute couple. [:’

(from Amanda): ‘babe im sorry for being so protective, i just care about you alot ):’

YUR DATING AMANDA TODD?!?!??!!!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?’….’why does it matter’.

(from Amanda): ‘i love you (: k thanks bye !’…(response): ‘i love you to. k bye’


….how weird is it? Well, did Tommy actually exist? Good grief, it’s not entirely possible to rule out that Tommy was a man; that Tommy was a girl; or both; that Tommy wasn’t just a figment of everyone’s imagination; that Tommy wasn’t Amanda. Holey moley, these kids were insane. When Amanda speaks of dating Tommy I thought that was straightforward, but hey, nothing’s straightforward in this story. One of the permutations of this nightmare is this: ‘Tommy’ only existed online, but he had in some way become real to Bianca and Amanda.

Well, I definitely need a cup of tea and a lie down. More stories from the strange world of Amanda Todd tomorrow. And really – I am trying to get this concluded as fast as I can.





Invincible Amanda


Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!

amanda todd?

DONT EVEN SAY THAT NAME. shes nasty greassy and she has no life so she stays on the computer all day finding fake guys to date in toronto ! 🙂

wow it looks like amanda todd likes hate! She knows lots of people hate her so first of all why would she get online? obviously to get attention second of all if she likes being online i suggest to her to make it private. *cough* attention seeker 😉

The above quotes don’t come from enemies of Amanda. They come from her best friends. In 201o and 2011.

Occasionally there comes a moment when things fall into place, and I kick myself for not seeing what was so obvious.

All through this story, it has played on my mind. Why didn’t Amanda stop? Why did every threat just seem to roll over her? Why did she seem to be invincible? Why did all the ‘get off or else we will tell people’ fail so miserably? It just didn’t make sense.

So here it is. Amanda was untouchable. She simply could not be threatened or blackmailed. That was why she was so brazen. When she first encountered Tyler Boo she was all ‘so what’. She was solid as a rock. Cast iron.

I now know that all of Amanda’s friends knew what she was up to long before everyone else did. Amanda did all she did openly and freely. She publicised it on Facebook and on BlogTV and everywhere else you could think of. She simply didn’t care, and nobody in her peer group cared much either. The only people raising a hullaballoo were the adults, and when the cops came, in her own words it was ‘no big deal’.

She was in control of the whole shebang. Up until lately, I couldn’t work out why she continued to go online after the cops came if she was so worried  about stalkers, predators, pedophiles or keeping her reputation intact. It’s simple – she wasn’t.

The cops arrive December 2010, she’s still at it three weeks later. No worries. Weeks later, and she’s being called ‘glowsticks’ by all the people who know her – her best friends included. This is all over Facebook, all over Amanda’s social media.

So we have this situation. The knowledge of her video has escaped but only the adults, as usual, are getting their knickers in a twist. It’s made virtually no impact on Amanda’s personal world whatsoever. If anything, it’s made her able to provide even more drama, to be even more the centre of attention. She’s not been grounded, she’s not had her laptop or phone confiscated.

Full of confidence, she continues on to the ‘glowsticks’ event. It wasn’t the revelation of the ‘photo’ that did her in – it was the fact that she went too far and became a social pariah.

However, it’s the fact that everyone knows that makes her so invulnerable – quite the opposite of what I first thought. She can be arrogant. How can anyone tell her to stop, using the threat of telling everybody, when everybody already knows?

It’s a fantastic situation to be in. ‘I’ll tell on you!’ ‘Go ahead’. If the dumb cops can’t stop her, if the even dumber parents aren’t going to stop her, she can flash her minge with glowsticks until the cows come home. It truly is incredible.

Not until the complaints arrive in November of 2011 does she eventually cave in. But what is extraordinary is that even then, when she has to cut off all her old accounts and close everything down, she is back within a week trying to get her twitter following back up again.

So what about these predators, stalkers and pedophiles?

Take if from me. They never existed. They never existed.

We’ve already established that all of Amanda’s friends knew. We know that Bianca Nitoi initiated the campaign to spread the news, aided and abetted by the all-too-eager sponsorship of Shylah and the rest.

Amanda would have had a big fan base. We now know that Bianca Nitoi, Tess Anderson, Celia Hutikka, Celine Haire, Shylah Watson, Amanda and others were on BlogTV. By late December 2010, Amanda was an old hand at online exhibitionism. From 2010 to 2011 there wouldn’t have been a teen in the whole of the Vancouver area who didn’t know. And she would have been famous in the Capper community – not quite as famous as Lauren or Charmander, Verica or even Peyton, but famous enough.

In December, things reached a peak. With so many people knowing about it, and with Bianca and company blabbing so much about it, and not forgetting the mention in the Daily Capper, things became inevitable. Parents contacted the police, someone contacted the Todds, that was it. It wasn’t the act of some evildoer – far from it.

Think about it. Amanda said it was no big deal. She and Shylah were back planning another display three weeks later. Why would a blackmailing predator release the video link to everyone and then have nothing left to blackmail with? The note about blackmail – sent to Carol Todd shortly after the cops arrive – was a warning about Amanda being at risk. Why would a young girl, petrified by a blackmailer, be back in business three weeks later?

Amanda, Shylah, Celia, Celine, Tess and Bianca would have encountered all manner of perverts and predators – no doubt about it. You can’t display to a room of 150+ people without some of them being the worst types. And it is more than possible that one of these – heck, even several – would have capped it all. But Amanda was at home in this environment. You can tell that from her chatlogs. She knows she’s being watched by a ton of guys. Good grief, some of them even tell her not to flash because she will get a ban. There’s no coercion, threat, flattery – she does it all of her own free will.

All of Amanda’s friends knew their way around social media. Holey moley, you can see from the quote at the beginning that one of her school friends says she’s mad not to keep all her actions private. They would all have evidence of Amanda’s shenanigans on their phones or laptops. That’s why the parents eventually found out and reported it to the police.

And also think. If this predator shit was true, e.g. the ‘photo’ was sent out by one person to everybody, there would be one name, one ip address, one easily traceable identity. It’s simply not true.

So where does that leave us after December 2010? Any traces of a predator? Nope.

Let’s get this straight. Amanda was not in the miracle world of Moshlings and My Little Pony. She was not in Unicorn-Fairy-Dairy land. She was in Cesspit Central. And she knew it. Get this absolutely into your head – she was in control of what she did. She was getting negative feedback from some of her peers; she was getting negative feedback from her parents; she was even getting negative feedback from the police. But she fed off it. ‘wow it looks like amanda todd likes hate!’.

Yet three weeks later we see her and Shylah as the dreadful duo ‘Mandaa&Shyy’, several weeks later she’s known as Glowsticks and several months later the RCMP are sending emails to Norm and Carol desperately warning them to get Amanda offline and telling them Amanda has produced new material.

Yes, she will have encountered all of the characters that inhabit the Hell that is Teen Chatroom World. But none of them would have bothered her. She might have encountered blackmailers a ton of times. She would have been aware that she was getting capped, as the police visit in 2010 would have made that quite clear. But get this – she was broadcasting HERSELF, hence the fact she ended up with the Glowsticks nickname. So it wouldn’t mean anything. ‘If you don’t give me a show, I’ll release that video of you wanking’. ‘Oh, you mean the one I put on my Facebook page last week?’. Tyler Boo? No threat at all. She had encountered it all before, that’s why she is so cool when she encounters him. Austin Collins? Releasing a tit pic that everyone else had already seen, and that most of her peers would have been bored with. What a joke.

I will say this one last time: there never was the one person who coerced and flattered Amanda to get her kit off; there never was one person who sent her picture out to half the teens in British Columbia. She would have had a ton of potential stalkers, a ton of potential blackmailers, a ton of pedophile encounters. But this idea that it got to her in any way whatsoever is completely false. Just stop to think for one minute. The cops were supposedly on the case from December 2010 onwards. If they had found the slightest hint of a planned blackmail campaign, they certainly wouldn’t have sent the email in the way they did. Don’t you think it extraordinary that the email to the Todds was all about trying to get Amanda offline? If they had suspected pedophile grooming activity, they would have dealt with it.

OK. Now take another pause to think. All my doubters out there will be saying ‘But what about Kody Maxson?’. Those that get past the Kody Maxson insanity will then say ‘But what about Aydin Coban?’.

I will be as brief as possible. The Kody Maxson story was pure and unadulterated 4Chan/Anonymous bullshit. I really don’t need to say any more about that.

As for the Aydin Coban debacle? The police are screwed. They would desperately, desperately like to have the case closed, but how can they write a report that says, basically, that Amanda was an out-of-control camwhore? How can they write a report that says Amanda built up a massive amount of hatred, and that eventually the chickens came home to roost? The myth of a stalker/blackmailer/predator so quickly became rooted in the mind of the public that they could not possibly contradict it. Amanda’s September video was a masterpiece of misguidance.

So…..some idiot in Holland gets arrested, the even more idiotic Dutch Press says that this guy is linked to Amanda and there you have it. The perfect solution. The RCMP know that the guy will never be extradited, so they might as well charge him with every unsolved crime they have on the books. If he gets away with it, they can just blame the Dutch for incompetence. If he gets done for whatever it is he is meant to have done, the RCMP can say that justice has been done, and that even if there was no mention of Amanda Todd, we all know he did it, don’t we?

Well, it’s been another long post. Tomorrow I’ll pick some decent quotes from the annals of Amanda (including the ‘you’re going to get done tomorrow’ threat that I guess came before the fight). Will I bother to show the glow stick pics? Can I be bothered to show the glow stick pics? We’ll see.

I leave you with a quote from Invincible Amanda:

“I am Amanda Todd, haters make me stronger. They can waste there time on hating, but I really don’t care, I care about the good things. Im a good person inside, but if people don’t have the guts to give me a chance, then there not worth it. God Bless:) <3”

We’ve seen the begging letter from Amanda to her mom. This might have been addressed specifically to her. Good old Carol!

By the way. Cross-referencing more than 10,ooo pieces of information is kind of exhausting. But reader, you’re worth it!


Taylor Gresham

It’s been a strenuous few days as I have been mining the latest data that I have.

This blog will only now appeal to a tiny minority of readers. The reason I have chosen to display the Taylor Gresham video is to show to those in Canada just how deeply I have researched. The Taylor Gresham story was virtually unknown outside of the Pitt Meadows region and therefore only a handful of people will know about it. The fact that I have brought it into the story will serve to show the minute details I discover.

Does it have any relevance? Look at the dates of the video. December 2010. And the age.

I am currently trying to work out what was going on, and just how much was known at the time. The ‘glowsticks’ episode completely threw me. I have racked my brain about what it refers to, and I have come to the temporary conclusion that it was at the end of the infamous ‘twerking’ video. What shocks me is that all of Amanda’s friends were aware of it, and I can’t quite get my head round that. However, the pieces of this enormous jigsaw are gradually beginning to fit. I need to work on finding a specific date for the ‘glowsticks’ video, but I suspect that it was in the early part of 2011.

The next question I have to ask myself is just how much was known outside of the school circles. On one hand, it is easy to understand that parents might have been totally oblivious. The kids aren’t going to go home and say ‘Hey, do you know what Amanda Todd is up to now?’. But on the other hand, it is almost impossible to believe that Norm and Carol didn’t have some inkling, especially when the police had arrived at the end of the previous year, and especially when Amanda’s activities seem to have spanned such a long time.

From the data I have, it would appear that Amanda was in a total mess, so much so that I find it difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to try to describe. A lot of people will go through their lives and experience moments of utter confusion and panic. We all know stories of people who get into debt, or drink too much, or whatever. Things are under control, then suddenly it gets all out of hand. If people are lucky, they can either get themselves out of the mess or friends and family come to the rescue. Amanda was in a hole that, to a certain extent, she had dug herself into. When she called for help – remember the begging letter to mom, asking for forgiveness? – all she got was more rejection.

Amanda seemed to absolutely manifest trouble wherever she went. She was addicted to the webcam. Part of the definition of an addiction is that you keep on needing more and more to get the same result. Amanda went on webcam from maybe as early as 2009, started off innocently enough, made the juvenile error of deciding to expose herself, but didn’t know when to stop. She received a certain amount of disapproval from her peers, but everyone knows – if one set of people disapproves, there will always be another who will back you up, like the Tessa Andersons, the Biancas, the Celias and the Shylahs.

The warning from the police in December 2010 wasn’t enough. We know that Amanda considered it no big deal and, to a certain extent, none of her friends were particularly bothered. Life on BlogTV, Stickam, Skype, YouTube and Facebook was like that. So Amanda simply continued.

However, she didn’t realise that there were two crucial factors at work.

At school, she was simply getting on people’s nerves. There had always been a few who disapproved, but mostly Amanda was just a good source of playground gossip. If she had stopped doing what she was doing around December 2010, it would have all blown over. Or even if she had continued with the occasional flash, the novelty would have worn off and she would have disappeared into obscurity. But, Amanda being Amanda, she just pushed it too far. It’s like this. Do whatever you do, and a certain percentage of your peers will disapprove, and another percentage will think you’re cool. Think smoking weed, drinking. Let’s say that at the beginning, Amanda was maybe in a 50/50 position – for every person who thought she was cool, there was another who thought she was not. For every person who loved her, there was one who hated her. A decent balance.

But when she pushed it too far, the balance swung against her. BlogTV appearances that were once considered no big deal became a huge deal. The ‘glowsticks’ episode was one step beyond. Amanda’s approval ratings vanished. Amongst those who at one time supported her, she was a liability. Cool kids want to be with cool kids, not social pariahs.

And the second crucial factor? Amanda didn’t fall out with her haters. That is what is a revelation to me (OK, it should have been obvious, but everything is obvious with hindsight) . I had assumed that there was a prolonged campaign against Amanda from people who hated her, yet I was wrong in so many ways.

The people who attacked Amanda were her old friends. A story as old as time. Nothing can be as venomous as the feelings that ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends have for their old partners in an acrimonious split. Nothing can be as vindictive and spiteful as the break between people who were once friends, and the closer the friendship was, the deeper the animosity.

There was no flipping stalker, predator, pervert pedophile involved in all of this. The Capper world had a part to play, but it was small compared to the part played by those closest to Amanda. Just think for a minute.

Those people who got to Amanda knew every intimate detail. They were posting on her Facebook pages, messaging her. They knew all of her friends, her every movement. They even knew what she got up to at ‘Value Village’. Sure, a hardened stalker might make the huge efforts to find out everything, but the extent to which people knew Amanda is too great, even given Amanda’s propensity to blab it all out online. It was her friends.

I’m not sure in what order to publish the next posts, but three are in the pipeline. These will be an explanation of the complete ABSENCE of any sinister predator; a series of ‘before and after’ quotes from Amanda’s best friends (before the glowsticks video ‘xxx <3333’, after the glowsticks video ‘greasy whore’ and threats); and comparisons with the Aurora Eller story (that will go down a treat with Norm!).

And you will notice that I’ve changed the blog title. That is done for two reasons. Firstly, I think I have got as close to the true story as I am ever going to get. Secondly, it’s a provocative, attention-seeking act designed purely to evoke some sort of response.

The Todd Squad have watched as I have wound myself up into knots trying to get to the bottom of all this. From time to time I’ve got dates, sequences and locations wrong, and they have revelled in it. But they have also torn their hair out when I find chatlogs, RCMP emails and Tyler Boo comments. Not for nothing did they come up with the petition – that was a desperate measure. But this new goldmine has opened up a new stream of information. And it’s not nice.