Aydin Coban has written a book



On the whole, Ik Spreek takes a spiteful tone toward police, justice officials, the media and the public – virtually every sector of society involved in Mr. Coban’s case that doesn’t include him or his lawyers.

Justice authorities are all “charlatans,” prison managers are “cowardly,” Amsterdam judges are “losers,” the news media is “a pimp.” He compares Canada’s attempts to have him extradited to “an episode of South Park in which the Canadian authorities are always portrayed as a bunch of ignorants who cannot get anything done.”

He argues that a fair trial is impossible in Canada, where “nobody really adheres to the rules making a fair trial possible,” he writes. “The rigid public opinion has already been formed by extensively propagated inaccuracies through a public debate led by a sensationalist press who does not follow the guidelines of a properly functioning constitutional state.”

Jack Maynard implicated in Amanda Todd sextortion

Jack Maynard. Not a name in the frame until now. But wait. In 2011 he was roving Facebook getting young girls to expose themselves.

How does this link to Amanda Todd? Well, it answers the puzzling presence of communication with Amanda from Brighton as seen in the extensive list here.

For a clearer view of the references to Brighton (Maynard’s hometown) see:


For more info:






Today, a video from Thorn.

After the news about a guy called Matthew Calder, it would seem that this type of video is an unfortunate necessity.



I find it frustrating that this is being termed a ‘fall’. She took her own life, but it would appear that nobody wants to admit that. I am really not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson would have told her off for being selfish.


Whatever. With the likes of Falder  around, and the Harvey Weinsteins, and oafs like Clarkson, there is a long way to go.

Amy Bleuel and the Semicolon

This story doesn’t really have a happy ending.


This raises another question about suicide prevention, yet another complication in how to deal with it. Amy Bleuel’s initiative was positive and inspiring. Her death, though, wipes out that positivity, bringing attention to the inner hopelessness that exists for some people.

Things like lighting up purple or getting a tattoo may be well-intentioned, but they are only a small part of any solution. The Amy Bleuel tragedy shows that there is no simple answer, that not every intent has a happy ending.



Cheerleaders likely to make better porn stars


From the article:

But the women found that this wasn’t a type that necessarily translated into the world of porn. The majority of the women they spoke to were “cheerleader types” at school. “Most of them were very comfortable with sex and loved having sex so they just thought that porn was the natural next step,” Gradus says. “They had all seen porn very young and porn was very normalized to them so it didn’t seem like a big deal.”

Media madness


Not sure what is going on here, as most of the news about it is from Indonesia.

This article is also pretty much insane.


Surely the people involved have to be retarded?

Following the first Guardian article, it gets even crazier.


‘She persuaded the student to wear a blindfold whenever they met, and wore a large strap-on prosthetic penis in order to dupe the woman into having penetrative sex.

The jury heard that the complainant not only wore the blindfold during sex but also for at least 100 hours when the pair were just hanging out – going for drives, sunbathing and even “watching” films together.’